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  • February 2012 Online Newsletter
    The Heart of Nature™ Flower Energy Cards: This is the first of several newsletters dedicated to the Flower Energy Cards and how they are being used by various therapists and flower essence enthusiasts from around the world. If you would like to share your own experience of working with the Flower Energy Cards, please send it to us for inclusion in a future newsletter.
  • April 2011 Online Newsletter
    Special Edition:
    Trauma Release/Life Support Set - Essences for the Challenges of Today's World
    In response to the recent and ongoing catastrophic events in Japan, we have updated the contents of the Trauma Release/Life Support Set and are making it available to everyone. This newsletter contains expanded definitions for the essences in this kit.

  • March 2011 Online Newsletter
    Customer Testimonials: White Fireweed, Dandelion, Amber, Easy Learning and Soul Support
    Featured Retailer: Awakenings, Center for Conscious Living

  • January 2011 Online Newsletter
    Announcing what's NEW in 2011
    • New Website and Online Store
    • New Products: Alpine Arnica, Club Moss and Rutile

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