Gem Elixirs


Moldavite Moldavite
Connectedness; an energetic window into universal perspective; helps us stay present in the moment while accessing what we need to express our earthly potential.
MT Rhodochrosite Montana Rhodochrosite
Brings strength and solidity to the 4th chakra; clears confusion and chaos from the heart; clarifies intent and promotes courageous, heart centered action.
Moonstone Moonstone
Cleanses and circulates energy in the emotional body; increases feminine energy aspects of receptivity and intuition in women and men; balances and focuses the psychic forces during menses.
Opal Opal
Feeds the etheric and subtle bodies with a full spectrum of luminous colors; rejuvenates spent emotional and mental forces and counteracts the depletion of color frequencies in the aura; replenishes our creative energies.
Orange Calcite Orange Calcite
Amplifies the body's ability to assimilate light at the cellular level; uplifting, energizing and warming; dispels darkness and grief.
Pearl Pearl
Promotes the release of layers of irritation in the mental and emotional bodies which are seen in the physical body as hardness and inflexibility; helps one turn antagonism for oneself or one's illness into awareness and acceptance.
Peridot Peridot
The stone of new beginnings; stabilizes the subtle bodies during the incubation period of new ideas and creative projects; helps us initiate new cycles of learning and experience.
Pyrite Pyrite
Helps one build an energetic foundation in life based on one's highest personal truth; strengthens one's sense of self, especially with regard to group dynamics and peer pressure; helps one solidify and honor one's values.
Rhodochrosite Rhodochrosite
Increases energy, balance, and stability in the heart chakra and in the physical body; brings a balance of nurturing earth energy to the heart chakra after an experience of healing and transformation.
Rhodolite Garnet Rhodolite Garnet
Increases our ability to inhabit the physical body; helps us reconnect energetically with parts of the body that have been injured or traumatized; rebuilds the web of etheric energy in areas disrupted by surgery.
Rose Quartz Rose Quartz
Opens, softens and soothes the heart; helps one connect to and nurture the inner child; harmonizes the heart forces so one is able to maintain intimacy with oneself and others.
Ruby Ruby
Energizes and balances the 1st chakra and supports the ability to ground spiritual energy into the physical body; works with the lower chakras to awaken higher impersonal love.
Rutilated Quartz Rutilated Quartz
Promotes precision alignment with higher sources of energy and inspiration; helps us physically anchor the ability to access, synthesize, and communicate information from other dimensions.
Sapphire Sapphire
Devotion to divine purpose; helps synchronize our energy system with our higher purpose; intensifies the qualities of loyalty and responsibility to our true work on the planet.
Sapphire-Ruby Sapphire/Ruby
For balancing spirituality with physical ability; enables one to gently integrate higher purpose into physical reality and receive physical nurturing through the fulfillment of divine responsibilities.
Scepter Amethyst Scepter Amethyst
Opens and prepares the 7th chakra to receive energy from the higher chakras; helps us activate our highest potential through the embodiment of a new core of spiritual identity, authority and leadership.
Smoky-Quartz Smoky Quartz
Grounding and calming; synchronizes body energy with earth energy; regulates and stabilizes the detoxification of unwanted energies from the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.
Spectrolite Spectrolite
Bathes and nourishes the entire energy system with full spectrum light; renews and refreshes our perspective; helps us again see the magnificent in the mundane, and the divine in the ordinary.
Star Sapphire Star Sapphire
Promotes trust in the universe; helps us focus our awareness on what is necessary for the soul's progression in life; supports the formation of energetic connections that support the realization of our life goals.
sugalite Sugalite
Brings depth and a physical richness to our spiritual lives; helps us physically manifest a warmer, more feminine quality of spirituality; promotes an easy acceptance of-rather than a hard striving for-the spiritual realm.
Tiger's Eye Tiger's Eye
Self-empowerment; strengthens the energetic boundary between our true natures and our emotional experiences; helps us maintain a strong sense of self-identity when dealing with powerful emotions such as anger, fear and jealousy.
Topaz Topaz
Clears energy blockages in the solar plexus; helps us tap into appropriate sources of universal energy; strengthens the ability to act decisively from a clear sense of personal identity.
Turquoise Turquoise
Attunes the energy field to the ancient wisdom and sacredness inherent in all of life; cleanses and deepens our connection to the Soul of the earth; helps us live a life of simplicity with gratitude and reverence for All.
Watermelon Tourmaline Watermelon Tourmaline
Balances the universal polarities of yin and yang; helps us establish equality between the magnetic and dynamic (giving and receiving) qualities of love; brings the green, physical, Earth frequency into harmony with the pink, spiritual, angelic qualities of love.


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