African Wild Sage Oil


$ 19.00

This special essential oil is from Kenya. It has an amazing capacity to clear old, stagnant predecessor energy from any environment. It is also particularly effective in clearing residual odors that are 'stuck' in a space, such as cigarette smoke and those that remain after cooking certain foods. 

The undiluted oil is so powerful that usually all you need to do is take the cap off the bottle and leave it in the room for an hour or so, which is a perfect way to clear hotel rooms when you travel. When working in extremely toxic environments, anoint a tissue or cloth liberally with the undiluted oil and leave in the space. You can also prepare the oil as a spray by adding 5-10 drops, depending on the strength you want, to a spray bottle filled with water. African Wild Sage can also be used during the invocation process to bring in increased clarity and energy flow, and to support the creation of new boundaries in the space.

NOTE:  the 0.2oz/6ml comes in an oversized bottle, so it will seem half full, but it does contain the 0.2oz/6 ml African Wild Sage oil.

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