Features and Tips

Here is a list of features and tips for accessing our new site. Starting from the top left of the page:

  • Find A Retailer - We now have a Store Locator that incorporates Google Maps to help you find the nearest store, clinic, or distributor that stocks our products.
  • Newsletter Archive - This page displays all of our previous Online Newsletters, which contain a wealth of information on the Alaskan Essences and how they are being used in the world. Clicking on a title allows you to view or download it in PDF format. New issues will be added as they are made available.
  • For Retailers - If you have a store, clinic, or center and would like to offer our products to your customers or clients, you will find links on this page to access our online Wholesale Application, as well as some of our point of sale materials in PDF format.
  • Customer Service - go here for information about how we process orders and returns, and the various shipping methods we offer. Please read this information before placing your first order!
  • Search Tool - this is located above the Contact Us link. Use it to find any essence on the site. Simply type in the product name or keywords indicating the kind of essence you are looking for. Your results will be shown on a Search page, where you can either click on a product link or search again.
  • Store Navigation - All of our products are organized in Collections which are revealed in the drop down menu under the main Store link. If you click on the Store link itself, you will see a page displaying all of the Collections. Click on a picture to see all of the products in that collection. On each Collections page, you will also see a grouping of links to all of the other Collections in the store. Click on a product picture to see information about its healing qualities. From any product page you can also click on Next Product or Previous Product to scroll through the collection without using the "bread crumbs" (located on the left under the main links menu) or the back button on your browser. You will also see a tag icon indicating the collection or kit the product you are viewing belongs to. This is for information only and is not a navigation link.
  • Using Your Practitioner or Certified Practitioner Discount - Once you have applied and been approved for one of these discounts, we will tag your account accordingly. You will then need to enter the appropriate discount code on the checkout page before submitting your order, and your discount will be automatically entered. If you are a Certified Practitioner enter Certified. If you are a Practitioner, enter Practitioner. if you would like to read more about these discounts, go to the Research Programs and Education pages.
  • Responsive Design - This site was constructed using Responsive Design, which means it can be viewed on tablets and smart phones.