Here is an overview of the topics and activities that will be offered during the course:

  • The Unique Healing Qualities of the Alaskan Environment
  • Understanding how the Alaskan Flower, Gem, and Environmental Essences work
  • Seeing into the Heart of Nature-The Attunement Process
  • In-depth Profiles of the Alaskan Flower, Gem, and Environmental Essences
  • How to Developing Confidence, Clarity, and Trust in the Selection Process
  • Care of the Soul-Understanding Flower Essence Therapy and True Healing 
  • The Art & Science of Essence Application & Use 
  • The Client/Practitioner Relationship-Cultivating Compassionate Presence 
  • How to Heal Environments and Space Clear with the Alaskan Essences 
  • Plant Identification and Attunement Walks 
  • How to Use the Alaskan Combination Formulas and Sprays 
  • Field Trips to Prepare a Flower Essence and a Gem Elixirs
  • How to Use the 'Heart of Nature - Flower Energy Cards'
  • A Special Section on Working with Animals
  • Special Approaches for Working with Children
  • Research Skills and Case Study Development


"My understanding of vibrational healing has been greatly enhanced. Instead of just trusting that the essences will work, now I really understand what they are, and I know why they work and how they work."

"This experience has increased my understanding of working at the Soul level, and from the attunements, making the essences, and seeing the flowers in their native environments, I was able to deepen my relationship to the Alaskan essences and the devas and elemental beings that work with them."

"Making a flower essence and a gem elixir were magical times for me. These experiences helped me walk through a door that I had felt just slightly ajar. There is now a difference in my life which I am not yet able to fully explain, except to say, the world around me feels fuller, rounder, and much more delicious."

"This time in Alaska with you and the group was so rejuvenating! It gave me more courage to do this work and spread the word to those who need it and want it. This experience will always be with me. Thank you."