Bob Dylan sang “The Times They Are A-Changing” in 1963 for the first time, reflecting the revolutionary social change happening around the world. This was a time when the Vietnam War was escalating, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, and the civil rights and women’s rights movements were in the forefront of our nation’s collective mind. Today, we are experiencing similar challenges both individually and collectively. Division and extreme polarization of values and worldviews have become magnified and chaotic. Recent social unrest and political chaos, combined with wild fires, drought, and flooding from Hurricane Harvey have occupied the news and our thoughts. It is wonderful to see people uniting in support of our highest common good in these challenging times. 

Every time we are faced with a challenge we have an opportunity to consciously decide who we want to be and how we want to respond. Each moment is an opportunity to make real change! Reflecting on what is happening in the world we may wonder why certain behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs keep repeating. It may seem difficult to break free of these patterns to make real change. However, with awareness, we can shift outdated belief systems and old conditioned approaches to our lives. Instead of reacting from ingrained patterns of survival and sub-conscious fear, we can respond to life’s challenges by reassessing and moving forward from a place of balance and wisdom.

On a Soul level, we ‘signed up’ to be on this planet in these times, but we have forgotten about the agreements we made. Whatever is happening around us, whether in our personal lives or on a global level, is all part of our evolution, healing, and growth. The best thing we can do is stay grounded and connected to our inner source of wisdom with compassion for our journey.

The following essences have asked to come forward to help us reconnect with this vertical alignment, and to provide spiritual understanding, grounding, strength, and grace as our lives unfold. They are 25% off for the month of September.

Black Spruce - Pearl - Opium Poppy - Sitka Spruce Pollen - Black Tourmaline / Master Quartz - Polar Ice

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Black Spruce essence is helpful when we have the tendency to forget the lessons and information learned from past experiences, and when we have difficulty applying this knowledge and wisdom to our present circumstances. Black Spruce essence helps open our perceptions to the wisdom present within each of us, our ancestral heritage, and the collective consciousness of the planet. It helps us connect with the eternal aspects of who we are, in particular, with the knowledge gained from past lessons essential to reactivate in the context of our current life situations.  “The eternal wisdom of the ages is alive within every cell of my body. I apply all knowledge gained from the past to my present learning.”

Pearl essence is helpful when problems and difficulties we are facing irritate us. When irritated, we may have a tendency to assign blame to something or someone outside of ourselves, instead of noticing our reaction to stimuli and taking responsibility. Pearl will show us our sharp edges and connect our irritation to the mental and emotional patterns that are maintaining its presence. Pearl helps turn antagonism toward oneself and criticism or judgment of one’s healing process into understanding and acceptance. Acceptance is expansive and opens the way for the whole process of life to flow.

Opium Poppy essence helps us create a peaceful and neutral space within where we truthfully and consistently acknowledge and integrate the steps we are taking on our evolutionary journey. Sometimes we may experience difficulty understanding and integrating certain lessons and experiences we had, or be unaware of past accomplishments. If this level of integration is not operating in our lives we will create an accumulation of unacknowledged experience and information. This backlog can motivate us to achieve more and more because we do not have a clear understanding of what it is we have already accomplished. This over-achieving will often result in deep levels of exhaustion. Opium Poppy helps us process this backlog, allowing us to live in a more balanced and restful way, with motivations based on a clear and full understanding of our previous life experience. “In the midst of intense activity, I am at rest. I go forward into this day in perfect balance.“

Sitka Spruce Pollen essence is a catalyst, an expression of life force. It is like manna from heaven–a perfect, all nourishing soul food that travels great distances by wind dispersal. This essence reminds us that a perfect dynamic silence and stillness occurs when male and female energies merge into balance. This powerful pollen essence is a ‘grandfather’ essence, catalyzing right-action in the present moment through a correct relationship with one’s personal power. It is helpful for those who are reluctant to open up and allow their power to be present, for those who fear their power will in some way harm others if they allow it to come forth into full expression. This essence facilitates the blending of power and gentleness in an individual, whether male or female. 

Steve Johnson, the founder of Alaskan Essences Inc, shared these insights about Sitka Spruce Pollen, “When you go into an ancient Spruce forest, everything stops and is silent with infinite dynamism, like a meditative trance. Still and yet a powerfully strong life force. Peaceful, comforting, protective, silent. The big trees are regal. They block the sun. They create a special place. Few things can deter their strength and determination. Their nature is to be strong and true. These trees are supreme and sovereign beings. They help us see how far removed from nature we have become. They are our elders. We must not forget what they know as times change.” 

Black Tourmaline/Master Quartz is perfect for these intense times when it is difficult to stay connected to the Earth and Source at the same time. The essence of Black Tourmaline/Master Quartz moves into our energy field in a powerful way, releasing blockages that are constricting energy flow and grounding to the earth. It works with the chakras and subtle bodies, and with the vertical flow of energy between the bottoms of the feet and the top of the head. It balances the relationship between the 1st and 7th chakras. It is helpful when you feel unable to integrate spiritual energy with existing survival programming.

Polar Ice essence addresses our relationship to time and transition. It supports us when we are impatient with a cycle of change and want it to be a different time than it is in our lives. Our challenge is to remain present with ourselves and our process and accept where we are in each moment. Polar Ice represents the energy of pure time, of pure waiting, without any goal other than to wait for the transition to complete its cycle. The unusual strength and purity of this environmental essence empower us to stay present in a place that appears suspended in time, a place where we are able to wait, with no ties to the past and no anticipation of what is to come. With this added clarity, we are able to start new cycles of experience that are not influenced by our attachments to the past or our worries about the future.

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