For our June Special, we are offering six Combination Formulas and four sprays discounted by 25%. Our combination formulas are unique blends of our flower, gem and environmental essences. Our sprays include very rich, high-quality essential oils carefully chosen to enhance the energetic effect of the essences. Each formula focuses on a specific challenge of daily living. The combination formulas and sprays are easy to use for people of all ages.

Beyond Words • Fireweed Combo • Easy Learning • Soul Support • Animal Care • Travel Ease

1/4-oz stock regular: $9.95 - Special $7.46

1-oz stock regular: $14.95 - Special $11.21

Easy Learning Spray • Soul Support Spray • Animal Care Spray

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4-oz Spray: Regular $24.45 - Special $18.34

Travel Ease Spray

2-oz Spray: Regular $16.95 - Special $12.71

Combination Spray Gift Set 2-oz  (Animal Care, Easy Learning, Soul Support, Travel Ease)

2-oz Spray: Regular $65.00 - Special $48.75

**Purchase all six of these specially discounted essences in stock size and receive them in a sturdy and attractive kit box. 

This discount may NOT be combined with any other customer discounts.

Our Communication Formula, Beyond Words (drops), helps to develop and improve our skills in dialogue and expression, and our ability to receive and translate information from the physical realms and beyond. Do you sometimes feel it is unsafe to express what is in your heart while engaged in crucial conversations with loved ones or partners? Do you have a story you want to share but lack confidence in your communication skills?  Beyond Words will help you keep your heart open, with your boundaries firm yet inviting. When the going gets tough it will help you remain engaged instead of shutting down. Adding some drops to your water when you anticipate a difficult conversation or need to give a presentation will enhance your ability to express yourself, both verbally and non-verbally.

Our Transformation Formula, Fireweed Combo (drops), encompasses the four varieties of Fireweed we have in our repertory. These flowers promote deep renewal in areas that have undergone tremendous change caused by extreme disturbance such as fire and flood. Are you experiencing a deep inner change or healing process? Do you find it difficult to release resistance and face your fears? Fireweed Combo will support your process of transformation, transition, and change with stability and joy, by rebuilding the energetic web connecting you to the earth and sky! Add some drops to your bath or body cream whenever you need additional support to persevere in difficult times.

Our Focus and Integration Formula, Easy Learning (drops and spray), was originally created to facilitate all aspects of the learning process in children and adults. It is now clear that the scope and use of this formula are much broader. Are you overloaded by the information bombarding you through email, social media, television, radio and personal conversations? When listening to the moment-by-moment reporting of crises around the world do you feel a sense of disintegration? Easy Learning helps you filter through the constant input of our modern lives to sort out what is truly important! The Easy Learning SPRAY is ideal for use in your home, office, study area, studio, classroom and pre-school. Use it a few times a day to clear, ground, and focus your heart and mind. The organic essential oils of Basil, Coriander, Fresh Ginger, Laurel, Lemon, Rosemary, and Spearmint enhance memory and mental focus, while relieving mental fatigue and promoting inspiration.

Our Emergency Formula, Soul Support (drops and spray), is well-known to help maintain strength, balance, and stability during any kind of stressful activity or traumatic situation. Are you experiencing stress or anxiety? Do you find it challenging to stay present when faced with demanding situations? Is it difficult to settle down after an upsetting episode or event? Soul Support helps you stay grounded and present in the midst of life’s challenging moments. The Soul Support stock bottle is a wonderful companion for your handbag, briefcase, or carry-on, preparing you for every situation. The Soul Support SPRAY is invaluable to have in your home, office, or clinic. The spray incorporates the soothing and clarifying properties of the highest quality organic Lavender oil from Kashmir. Both products have been best sellers for years and make great gifts for everyone!

Our Rescue Formula, Animal Care (drops and spray), was originally created for use with wild or domestic animals in need, whether they were abandoned, abused, re-homed or living in unnatural conditions. Animal Care is our ultimate comforting and nurturing formula. We have noticed in our consultations that adults and children also benefit from this remedy! The Animal Care SPRAY contains a small amount of two organic essential oils: Lemon Grass and Roman Chamomile. These oils enhance the calming effects of the formula. Do not spray directly onto the animal, but use it to spray the living environment, crate or kennel, bedding, and the vehicle they travel in.

Our Journey Formula, Travel Ease (drops and spray), is specifically designed to ease the negative effects of travel, especially air travel. Do you feel disoriented, fatigued, or jet-lagged after traveling? Travel Ease helps you stay grounded while maintaining the integrity of your energy field and promoting the release of toxic and unwanted energies during your travel. A special use we discovered for Travel Ease applies when working in cramped offices. The spray encourages a feeling of spaciousness while helping to protect from the energy pollution of computers and electronics. The oils in the Travel Ease SPRAY, Black Spruce, Lavender and Pink Grapefruit, support the cleansing, grounding and uplifting qualities of this formula. Use it whenever you feel the need to refresh your energy field.