We care for ourselves in a multitude of ways, but many of us aren’t aware that the spaces where we live and work can powerfully influence our emotional and mental state. Everyone has experienced entering a room and felt uncomfortable without knowing why. We want the spaces we inhabit to nurture and support us. Regularly clearing stagnant energies from the spaces we occupy will invoke a vibrancy that aligns with our intention and purpose, inviting enthusiasm, vitality, and clarity into our lives. Sacred Space Sprays and Hydrosols will cleanse, harmonize, energize, and protect the Sacred Space you inhabit. For the month of August, we are discounting our individual Sacred Space Sprays, our Sacred Space Spray Gift Sets, plus the Frankincense and Jasmine Hydrosols by 25%.

As a special offer, we are also discounting our Flower Energy Cards by 25%

Calling All Angels • Guardian • Lighten Up • Purification: 2-oz Spray: $12.71 (regular $16.95) /// 4-oz Spray: $18.34 (regular $24.45)

Sacred Space Spray Gift Sets: 2-oz Spray Gift Set: $48.75 (regular $65) /// 4-oz Spray Gift Set: $70.50 (regular $94) 

Frankincense Hydrosol - 2-oz Spray: $12.00 (regular $16) /// 4-oz Spray: $22.50 (regular $30)

Jasmine Hydrosol - 1-oz Spray: $19.50 (regular $26) /// 2-oz Spray: $39 (regular $52)

Heart of Nature—Flower Energy Cards - 72 Card Deck: $22.46 (regular $29.95)

This discount may NOT be combined with any other customer discounts.

Use the Sacred Space Sprays and Hydrosols in three simple steps: 

Start with setting a clear intention, for example “I want to clear stagnant, inharmonious energies from this room and replace them with fresh, uplifting forces from Nature.”

Step 1: The Purification process: Use the Purification Spray or the Frankincense hydrosol to move out any unwanted or non-serving energies. 

Step 2: The Invocation process: Use the Calling All Angels Spray, Lighten Up Spray, or the Jasmine hydrosol to invite positive energy into your space. Using the Flower Energy Cards can also help invoke the energies you intend for each room. Choose a card and place it on an alter for a while to invite that specific energy into the space.

Step 3: The Preservation process: Use the Guardian Spray or the Frankincense hydrosol to seal and protect the space and your intentions.

Purification Spray evokes a feeling of cool winds blowing off glaciers. It carries an invigorating blast of ionic energy that washes away dull energy and fatigue, evoking a sense of vital aliveness. Use it to purify and recharge any environment that has stagnant or stuck energy. The addition of essential oils in the spray enhance the purifying function of the formula and add clarifying, sanctifying, and refreshing qualities. Click here for 2 oz or 4 oz.

Calling All Angels Spray helps you to attract the nurturing, uplifting and joyful qualities of the angelic kingdom. It invites sacred and peaceful energy into the space. Children love to spray their rooms before sleeping to create a feeling of protection and to insure a deep, restful slumber. The joyful and calming essential oils in this spray promote the release of tension and help us open our hearts to the love and peace of the angels. Click here for 2 oz or 4 oz.

Lighten Up Spray brings in light and energy, especially during the long winter months. Spray your surroundings to enhance and increase the circulation of energy in your living and working environments, especially when you are tired and overwhelmed with working and life’s daily challenges. The essential oils in the formula add refreshing, sparkling and uplifting energy. Click here for 2 oz or 4 oz.

Guardian Spray helps to invoke the energies of calmness, stability, and security. Use the spray in your aura and your immediate surroundings to feel strong and safe while maintaining your openness and sensitivity. The essential oils in this pray enhance the protective and grounding qualities of the essence blend and add uplifting notes of joy and playfulness. Click here for 2 oz or 4 oz.

Frankincense hydrosol is a versatile space clearing tool that has the power to cut through very old predecessor energy, as well as energy blockages affecting any of the elements (air, earth, fire, and water). It can also be used for the preservation step of the clearing process. This hydrosol is very powerful. Try using just five sprays for an entire room—once in each corner and once in the center. The effect is gradual, expansive, and at the same time very grounding. Click here for 2 oz or 4 oz.

Jasmine hydrosol is hydrodistilled in southern India from fresh Jasminum Sambac flowers. It has a honeyed floral note with a fresh green sparkling accent. Jasmine Hydrosol is known to encourage self-esteem and optimism. Jasmine is a eu­phoric, in India it is considered as both a sensual and spiritual perfume of love. It can be used during the invocation step in Space Clearing to create a sense of sacredness, sensuality, beauty, tranquility and a personal sense of connection to one’s own divinity. This hydrosol is our favorite! Click here for 1 oz or 2 oz.

Flower Energy Cards

Using the Flower Energy Cards will help invoke the energies you intend for each room. Choose a card and place it on an alter for a while to invite that specific energy into the space. You can also choose a card at random while asking how to best assist the process of clearing and invocation.


Use the Sacred Space Sprays and Hydrosols to cleanse, energize, and protect your environment. Here are some examples: 

  • Before moving into a new home, apartment or office

  • Before and after remodeling

  • When you feel stuck and unable to move forward in life

  • When you sense heaviness in your home—or it doesn’t feel quite right

  • When your home is for sale and buyers don’t seem interested

  • When you enter your home or office and unexplainably feel tired, tense, anxious or depressed

  • When traumatic events such as death, violence, and abuse have occurred in the house or on the land it occupies

  • When there is ongoing illness, addiction, depression, conflicts, arguments or power struggles

  • When your pets behave strangely for no apparent reason

  • To help energize profits and increase efficiency of the employees in your business

  • To clear energy in hotel rooms, rental cars, hospital rooms, treatment rooms, offices of counselors, lawyers, and therapists.