All six in one kit - February 2020 special


$ 60.00

Mountain Wormwood Flower Essence

Blue Elf Viola Flower Essence

Bloodstone Gem Elixir

Sweetgale Flower Essence

Alpine Arnica Flower Essence

Augustine Volcano Environmental Essence

The essences we are featuring this month help us explore our anger so we can begin to understand what is beneath the feelings. Am I in pain? Am I afraid? Am I disappointed or embarrassed with myself? Am I uncomfortable with the way I am being treated or the way I am treating others? These essences can help us find the balance between our mind and heart so we can forgive ourselves and others. They help us see things differently so we can process the anger and let it go.

Directions for use: put 2 drops of each chosen essence in some water and take 4 times daily for 3-4 weeks. 

Note: picture is an illustration of our 'all-six-in-one-kit'