All six in one kit - November 2020 special

All six in one kit - November 2020 special

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Aquamarine Gem Elixir ~ for mental overstimulation and difficulty letting go of thoughts

Polar Ice Environmental Essence ~ for impatience and wanting it to be a different time

Smoky Quartz Gem Elixir ~ for feeling ungrounded, agitated, or when we dissociate from the body 

Goatsbeard Flower Essence ~ for when life is no fun and we have a pessimistic outlook

Lighten Up 'Energy Flow Formula' ~ for when it is difficult to maintain a positive mood during winter

Fireweed Combo 'Transformation Formula' ~ for when we feel overwhelmed during an intense time of healing

Directions for use: put 2 drops of each chosen essence in some water and take 4 times daily for 3-4 weeks. 

Note: picture is an illustration of our 'all-six-in-one-kit'