All twelve in one kit - April 2022 special

All twelve in one kit - April 2022 special

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Twelve essential flower essences:

Yarrow - Protective energy

Shooting Star - Understanding your life purpose

Foxglove - Transforming thoughts that cause fear

Bog Rosemary - Developing trust

Cassandra - Peaceful mind

Bunchberry - From distraction to focus

Twinflower - Presence in communication

Blueberry Pollen - Abundant mindset

Mountain Wormwood - From resentment to forgiveness

River Beauty - Recovering from loss

Dandelion - Letting go of tension

Cotton Grass - Recovery from shock and trauma

Note: picture is an illustration of a 12ct kit.

Directions for use: put 2 drops of each chosen essence in some water and take 4 times daily for 3-4 weeks.