Gifts from Nature ~ Timely Essences - Recording

Gifts from Nature ~ Timely Essences - Recording

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Join us on this journey through the healing qualities of the plant, mineral, and elemental kingdom. We will dive deeply into the world of flower, gem, and environmental essences and learn how they can support us on our journey to more presence, understanding, wellbeing, and resilience.
Every challenge we encounter points out the areas where we can grow and find more peace and wellbeing. Let’s talk about how the essences can help us move to a deeper place in ourselves, where we can respond to situations instead of reacting, and where we have energy instead of feeling depleted.
In this class, you will learn about flower essences that help us align more with the Earth and our Higher Self, help us understand ourselves, and become less reactive and more present. We’ll briefly explain how gem elixirs differ from flower essences and their unique benefits. All living beings on this earth evolved because of the presence of the mineral kingdom! Learn about essential gem elixirs that offer stability, balance our energy field, and improve our well-being. We will also talk about the healing qualities of environmental essences and how they nourish and energize us on our journey. You’ll meet some important essences made from Nature’s unique places and natural events.

Recorded Wednesday, June 29th, 2022
Duration: 2hrs 15 min.
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