Video series 'Learning to use Flower Essences'

Video series 'Learning to use Flower Essences'

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Please read all this information carefully as we want you to know exactly what this product is and isn't. By purchasing this product you agree that you have read all this information.

This series of four classes is intended for anyone who’d like to learn how to use flower essences for themselves

This purchase will give you access to four video recordings of Level 1 ‘Learning how to use Flower Essences’, held online in fall 2020. Each video is around 1hr 45 min. Some(*) of the Q&A/discussion has been removed to protect people's privacy, and therefore we are offering FREE Q&A sessions that you can attend to ask all your questions about the material. These Q&A sessions will not be recorded. They are planned for April, May, July, August and September 2021 (details below). You can attend all of them, just join the meeting by clicking the Zoom link. We will send out reminders to everyone who purchased this product.

(*) the most important questions are left in and those questions are put on a slide to protect privacy of the asker.

The links to the Level 1 videos and Q&A zoom meetings are in the PDF that you will receive immediately after purchase. The PDF has all the information you need to do the class by yourself. Plus, it has a discount code that gives you 25% off our essence kits!

These educational videos will be available online until September 15th 2021. 


Any filming, recording, copying, distributing, posting, transmitting, linking or showing to audiences without the written permission of Alaskan Essences, Inc. is prohibited.

Please note that you are not buying lifetime access, nor will you be able to download the videos to your own computer. You will have the opportunity to watch these videos as many times as you like until September 15th 2021. 

Content four classes  – Learning to use Flower Essences

Learn the basics of flower essence therapy and how you can use these empowering remedies to enhance your life-journey; 
Discover Alaska's beautiful and wild environment, and learn how its elemental energies contribute to the uniqueness of the essences;
Gain the confidence to choose and use essences for yourself, and learn how to make an effective essence blend; 
Acquire a clear understanding of the energetic differences between flower, gem and environmental essences;
Familiarize yourself with the mindful process of attuning to Nature and the Alaskan Essences;
Learn how essences can help you manage stress and life's many challenges;
Gain insights about yourself, including how emotional patterns and belief systems can restrict your access to joy and well-being: 
Learn about the Alaskan Essences that help balance emotions and thoughts so you can more easily find and maintain inner peace;
Discover the importance of feeling at home on the Earth and uncovering your life-purpose, and learn how essences help you align with your Inner Being and the Earth to support you in manifesting with more joy and ease;

Q&A sessions (all in 2021):

Friday April 16th 10-11am (mountain time)

Thursday May 13th 6-7pm (mountain time)

Tuesday July 13th 10-11am (mountain time)

Thursday August 12th 6-7pm (mountain time)

Friday September 17th 10-11am (mountain time)

Timezones: Alaska is 2 hrs earlier, Pacific is 1 hr earlier, Central is 1 hr later, East coast is 1 hr later, UK is 7 hrs later, Europe is 8 hrs later.

If you are interested in becoming a practitioner and doing Levels 2 and 3, please contact us at as Level 2 and 3 will not be available as recordings. 

Read more about Level 1, 2 and 3 here.