Ticket for Online Class for Flower Essence Practitioners 9/24 2019


$ 25.00

This online class is for flower essence practitioners who already use (or plan to use) the Alaskan Essences in their practice, and would like to learn more about our flower, gem and environmental essences.

Tuesday September 24th 10:00-11:30 Mountain time.


  • what’s unique about the Alaskan Essences
  • the difference between flower, gem and environmental essences
  • how to use with other essence systems
  • there will be room for Q&A (you can also send in your questions before the class)

If you're new to flower essences, check out the class on Thursday 26th.


  • This class is online, we’ll be using Zoom and it will be a real meeting (max 15 participants). We will be able to see and hear each other and you will be able to ask your questions during the Q&A part.
  • When you sign up, please be there as we reserve a spot for you. The meeting will not be recorded.
  • If this event is sold out, we will upload a new event for another date. Check back or email us and we will notify you once we have new dates.
  • After you finish the checkout procedure, you'll be able to download your ticket. This pdf document has the link to the online Zoom meeting, including some instructions. Save this ticket on your computer. Check the link at least 15 minutes before start of the meeting, just in case you need to download Zoom (in case you never used it before, no worries, it’s super simple and easy to use).
  • These classes are intended for practitioners that take part in the Practitioner Discount Research Program.