Travel Set


$ 87.00

These three sprays and two combination formulas will keep you sane during your summer travel and vacations! They also fit easily in your handbag or suitcase and they meet airline carry-on size restrictions.

Purification Spray (2-oz) to clear out stagnant and non-serving energy from your cabin, hotel, Airbnb or rental car.

Calling All Angels Spray (2-oz) to invoke soft and serene energy to help you relax and sleep in your new surroundings.

Travel Ease Drops (1-oz) and Travel Ease Spray (2-oz) for all plane and car travel. It helps to maintain the overall integrity of your energy field; promotes the ongoing release of any toxic or unwanted energy that you may absorb during your trip; helps you maintain your grounding.

Soul Support (1-oz) emergency formula is helpful for any stressful situation that may occur during the trip.