Sensorial Bliss Mist

Our beloved Jasmine Hydrosol is guaranteed to brighten up anyone's day and bring a smile to your  face. This wonderful hydrosol is hydrodistilled in southern India from fresh Jasminum Sambac flowers. It has a honeyed floral note with a fresh green sparkling accent.

It evokes a feeling of sacredness, sensuality, beauty, tranquility, and a personal connection to your divinity. In India, it is considered a euphoric fragrance that represents both love and spirituality.

Did you know? Hydrodistillation is a very old form of aromatic plant distillation dating back to ancient India. The fragrant plant material is completely covered with water and distilled at a very low temperature and low pressure for a long period of time. The soul of the plant is released into the medium of water with no resistance using this method. The result is a rich yet exquisitely delicate bouquet. Jasmine hydrosol is known to encourage self-esteem and optimism.

Spray around yourself whenever you need that boost. It can also be used in Space Clearing to bring in a sense of sacredness, sensuality, beauty, tranquility and a personal sense of connection to one's divinity.

"When I used this spray to lift the energy in the house and bring in some ‘sparkliness,' I began to feel somewhat overwhelmed by the Jasmine energy. The only words to describe the feeling was that it was magical. I felt filled with beauty, love and inspiration as my body passed through the clouds of Jasmine Hydrosol.” ~ Faun F., Louisiana