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Steve Johnson, Director of Alaskan Essences, is now offering a series of webinars. These short programs provide a wealth of interesting and pertinent information on the Alaskan Essences and will help you to integrate them into your personal life or professional practice. Click here to see a schedule of upcoming events and to register.


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Environmental Essences bring us pure clean energy that is perfectly balanced on the elemental level. They help us initiate and sustain change and transformation at the very core of who we are. They are quite useful for those who feel they cannot change or transform anything because they don't have the energy, or don't feel supported enough to do it.

The Environmental Essences also provide a strong base of support for our work with the flower and gem essences by helping us create and maintain a clear and balanced inner environment for healing.

For the month of May we are offering a 25% discount on each of our twelve original Environmental Essences, and on the 12-count Environmental Essence Kit, in both the 1/4-oz and 1-oz size. Click here to see the Monthly Specials page, or locate it in the Store drop-down menu.


Our next free webinar, An Introduction to the Alaskan Flower Essences, will be offered by Steve Johnson in July. Please click here for more information.


Our 2016 Practitioner Training Program will be held from June 26 to July 2nd in Homer, Alaska. Registration is now open! Please visit the Education link above for more info!