Flower essences are helpful for all kinds of animals, including dogs, cats and horses. Animals don’t wonder what essences are, or whether they work, but they respond to essences very quickly. Flower essences work with the animals at a deep level to alleviate suffering, remove layers of trauma and stress, and strengthen the ability to process emotional energy. 

Flower essences will be most effective when animals have their basic needs met. This includes balanced nutrition, appropriate medical attention, abundant exercise, personal care and nurturing, and as much freedom as possible to live naturally and according to their instincts. 

How to use the essences: Place 2-4 drops (from either a dosage or stock bottle) into your pet's water bowl or trough at least once daily and each time it is filled. This provides your animals with the energy of the essence each time they drink. You can also put drops on their food or on a treat. You can't overdose! Some animals may even lick the drops off your hand.

Don’t worry about other animals drinking from the water, they may also benefit from the essences. You can also use two containers of water: one with essences and one without, so the animals can choose for themselves.

How to use the sprays: The sprays are very effective when immediate support is needed or when they are not interested in water or food/treats. Spray in and around the animal's surroundings (house, stall, barn, etc.) and directly onto their bedding. Do not spray the animal directly; spray at least three feet from the animal. A few spritzes is enough.

The following Combination Formulas (both drops and sprays) are a great place to start using essences with your animals. Begin by using these three formulas for a few months.

Animal Care, our 'rescue' formula, was created specifically for animals. It is useful for every animal in need and whenever an animal requires some help getting back in touch with its true nature. Use Animal Care for animals who:

  • have ended up in shelters for any reason
  • have suffered inadequate care or abusive situations
  • have restricted access to nature
  • are going to a foster home, a new family, or their ‘forever’ home
  • have big changes coming up
  • are experiencing sleeping problems

Soul Support, our 'emergency' formula, is useful in every stressful situation. Use Soul Support for animals who are:

  • sick or spending time in the hospital (take the essences yourself too!)
  • feeling miserable and/or in pain
  • going to the dentist, veterinarian, farrier
  • being transported
  • experiencing fights or arguments in the family
  • experiencing grief when a person or animal dies (take the essences yourself too!)
  • recovering from trauma, accidents, shock, injury, surgery
  • afraid of fireworks, thunderstorms
  • affected by your stress and anxiety

Guardian, our ‘healthy boundaries’ formula, is useful whenever an animal needs to feel more protected. Use Guardian for animals who are:

  • oversensitive or skittish
  • over-reactive to influences in their environment
  • exhibiting aggressive behavior with other animals and people
  • lunging and hysterical barking

After you have established a basic structure of care using these Combination Formulas, individual essences can provide focused healing. Working with essences is often a journey, and specific essences may be needed to resolve the core issues behind ongoing behavioral patterns.

Specific flower, gem or environmental essences can get to the core of an issue and help the animal regain its natural balance. For example, the animal might initially need essences to regain grounding and feel safe and protected. Once they feel safe and grounded, they may be ready to release a layer of trauma they couldn’t previously process. Read more in this article here.

Use the specific essence drops continuously for at least a month before evaluating how your animal is doing. If you still feel your animal is not happy, other essences may be helpful. You can choose intuitively, use our repertory, work with the flower cards, or ask a practitioner.

Read more about animals and flower essences in this article, written by Judith Poelarends.

Grove Sandwort: a special flower essence for animals.

In the woods, Grove Sandwort supports the well-being of plants growing nearby by helping them maintain a strong energetic connection with the Earth. For animals Grove Sandwort can be used in much the same way to help newborns establish a stronger connection with the Earth. This will make the eventual weaning process much easier for all involved.

Grove Sandwort also supports the evolving relationship of nurturing between mother and newborn, especially during the early part of the newborn’s life when (s)he is being nursed. If the quality of nurturing in this relationship is lacking, and the weaning and separation processes not handled well, then the tendency for the child/animal is to create codependent connections with others to compensate for the lack of connection with the Earth Mother, which is what each mother is supposed to provide for their children. A common and recent problem is that puppies are being taken away from the mom too soon, much earlier than would happen naturally. These puppies are missing the natural Earth connection their mother would have provided if she had been allowed adequate time.

In summary, Grove Sandwort:

  • strengthens the energetic connection between mother, offspring, and the earth.
  • aids nursing problems, during and after the weaning process.
  • is a key essence for separation anxiety and codependency.
  • is for puppies who are going to their forever homes and adult dogs who didn't receive adequate nurturing from their mom, or adult dogs that experience separation anxiety