Practitioner Training Program

UPDATE 9/10: both live classes are full as of 9/10. Send us an email at if you'd like to be notified when the edited recordings of Level 1 are available for purchase.

We are excited to announce our new online training program!

If you want to learn the important basics about selecting and using essences, Level 1 (the first four classes) is for you. If you want to expand your knowledge and become a Flower Essence Practitioner, we are offering Levels 2 and 3 in 2021After the completion of Levels 1, 2 and 3, you are eligible to complete the Flower Essence Practitioner Certification. Please read all information below before signing up.

This announcement is about the start of Level 1 in October

Level 1: Learning to use Flower Essences
This course will teach you how you can improve your wellbeing by using flower essences (scroll down for more info).
Four online, three-hour classes using Zoom. Each class will have time for mini breaks, a 15-minute break midway and Q&A.
You can choose whether you'd like to do the class on Thursdays (FULL) or Tuesdays.
Dates first group: FULL! Thursdays October 1, October 22, November 12, December 3. 
Dates second group: FULL! Tuesdays October 6, October 27, November 17, December 8. 
From 10:00 am to 1:00 p.m. MST (=9:00 am PST; 12:00 pm EST; 5:00 pm UK, 6:00 pm Europe).
Scroll all the way down to read what to do if you can't attend live.

Practical details
We’re starting with Level 1. Prerequisite: a curious mind!
Level 2 How to work as a Flower Essence Practitioner is to be held in Spring 2021. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Level 1.
Level 3 Deepening your Practitioner Skills will be held in Fall 2021. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Levels 1 and 2.
Both Level 2 and 3 will probably be in the same format as Level 1, depending on our & your experiences and feedback.
The training program provides time between each class and each level, so you will have time to study, use essences for yourself and process your experiences between classes.

Your questions are important! There will be time during each class for you to ask questions. If you have questions between classes, please email us. If your questions are relevant to the entire class, we will answer them at the beginning of the following class.

Investment: Level 1 $275 (early bird rate $250 till Sept 10th).
Level 2 and 3 will be the same price and purchase will be available in 2021.
The reading fee for certification is $125.

Flower Essence Practitioner Certification requires that you complete the entire training (all three levels, all twelve classes) AND a set of comprehensive homework assignments (including case studies). After we have approved your work, we will certify you as Flower Essence Practitioner and you will receive your certificate. The certification process is optional, but we recommend it (read more below). The reading fee is $125.

More in detail what you will learn:

Level 1 (class 1-4) – Learning to use Flower Essences
Learn the basics of flower essence therapy and how you can use these empowering remedies to enhance your life-journey; 
Discover Alaska's beautiful and wild environment, and learn how its elemental energies contribute to the uniqueness of the essences;
Gain the confidence to choose and use essences for yourself, and learn how to make an effective essence blend; 
Acquire a clear understanding of the energetic differences between flower, gem and environmental essences;
Familiarize yourself with the mindful process of attuning to Nature and the Alaskan Essences;
Learn how essences can help you manage stress and life's many challenges;
Gain insights about yourself, including how emotional patterns and belief systems can restrict your access to joy and well-being: 
Learn about the Alaskan Essences that help balance emotions and thoughts so you can more easily find and maintain inner peace;
Discover the importance of feeling at home on the Earth and uncovering your life-purpose, and learn how essences help you align with your Inner Being and the Earth to support you in manifesting with more joy and ease;

Purchase Level 1 here: Thursday class or Tuesday class  (FULL)

Level 2 (class 5-8) – How to work as a Flower Essence Practitioner (Spring 2021)
Learn the basics of becoming a flower essence practitioner;
Become competent and confident in selecting essences for others;
Setting up a consultation and determine what works for you and your practice;
Understanding healing;
Discover how essences balance our vertical and horizontal alignment; where to start and which essences to use;
What to expect when taking essences: how to deal with a ‘healing crisis,’ and understanding that flower essence therapy is a journey and not a quick-fix;
Learn about the energetics of working with people and how to hold space for your client;
Holding a sustainable and healthy space for yourself;
Discover how your outside world mirrors your inside world, and how this insight combined with essences can empower you to make changes in your life;
Deepening your attunement with Nature;
Developing research skills (participate in the research of new essences);
Ethics for working with clients, the do’s and don’ts;

Level 3 (class 9-12) – Deepening your practitioner skills (Fall 2021)
Deepening your skills as a flower essence practitioner through group discussion;
Situations you may encounter in your practice;
Other ways to use the essences to support you and your clients;
Space Clearing: using essences in a simple and thorough approach to clear and enhance your living and workspace; 
Working with animals (when to use essences and when to refer elsewhere), how animals mirror their people;
Consciously working with the Law of Attraction to get out of your way and manifest more easily what you want;
Build a practice that will sustain you and find your own unique way;
What your clients teach you, why you are both on a journey;
Deepening your research skills (participate in the research of new essences);
Explanation of the certification process.

Homework and Certification
We will assign homework to provide you with the opportunity to acquire greater mastery over your essence work. The assignments will help you:

  • Deepen your knowledge about the essences;
  • Improve your skills and deepen your intuition when choosing essences for yourself and others;
  • Strengthen your ability to attune to nature, plants and the mineral kingdom; 
  • Heighten your learning and research skills for new essences;

We encourage you to use essences yourself and to document your experience. Some of it will be part of the certification requirement. 
You will also participate in our ongoing research for two new essences. This will help develop your attunement and research skills. And, it will be fun!

Note: completing the certification process after the training is a personal choice, but it is a great opportunity to apply the knowledge you gained and to integrate it and make it your own. By successfully completing all of the requirements of our certification program you will firmly anchor a foundation for your work as a flower essence practitioner. The time and focus required to complete the program is considerable, but we feel that the benefits are worth the effort, as they will lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself, the Alaskan essences, and the process and potential of flower essence therapy.

Certain homework assignments will be part of the certification process. All assignments need to be completed and sent in within 8 months after Level 3 ended. (more details will be given during the training)

About the teacher ~ Judith Poelarends, M.Sc.
My roots are in the Netherlands where I was born and raised, and where I became an animal and nature lover. I trained and certified as a flower essence practitioner with Bram Zaalberg of Bloesem Remedies Nederland. The one-year class and additional certification process was a major turning point in my life. I learned so much about myself, including who I really am and what I am supposed to be doing here on this planet. Through Bram, I met Steve Johnson, the founder of Alaskan Essences. Steve and I eventually married, and during our life together I helped him facilitate practitioner trainings and other classes, and in the summers we made essences together in Alaska. I didn't know that I was being trained and prepared to continue his important life work. When Steve passed away in March 2017, I became the director of Alaskan Essences. 

I am inspired to bring the Alaskan Essences into the world and to teach about essences because I want to help others. I want others to know how easy it is to work with flower essences. I especially want others to experience the empowering and healing qualities of the essences in their lives. Essences helped me find the confidence to make major decisions in my life. They continue to support me on my life's journey, and they help me feel more comfortable and safe on this earth. I am excited to spread the word about the healing power of Nature and the way we can access this healing support by using flower essences.

For You:
All our essence kits will be offered to you at a 25% discount during the training. Practical details on how to get this discount will be explained in the first class.
We recommended that you purchase a flower kit to use at home so you can begin working with essences for yourself and others.

Purchase Level 1 here: Thursday class  or Tuesday class  (FULL)

Note: send us an email at if you'd like to be notified when the edited recordings are available for purchase. 

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