Unpacking our Emotional Baggage 

We all have baggage from the past affecting our current relationships, whether it's with our romantic partner, family members, friends, or colleagues. Emotional baggage is normal, but it's important to understand how this can impact us today. Unresolved emotions can take a toll on our relationships in the shape of insecurity, taking things personally, acting defensively, feeling overly sensitive, assigning blame, disproportionate emotional reactions, and building walls by withdrawing and dismissing our own emotions and the emotions of others.

Lucky for us, every interaction with the people in our lives is an opportunity to become more aware of the patterns we need to release. Our relationships are like mirrors, reflecting the parts of ourselves that are healthy and balanced, as well as the unresolved layers of emotional pain. Sometimes our interactions with others trigger these old layers and our so-called buttons get pushed, causing us to react with defensiveness, sadness, or maybe by closing our hearts to protect ourselves. These interactions can provide deep healing if we are willing to look at what we have buried inside and how the past is affecting our current life and relationships.

This month we are featuring six essences that help us unpack and let go of our emotional baggage. These essences increase our self-awareness by shining a light on the emotional and mental patterns we must address to live more freely. These essences provide the gift of healing and emotional growth by helping us look at ourselves openly and honestly and supporting us as we let go of the past.

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Sweetgale * Jacob's Ladder * Blue Elf Viola * Green Bog Orchid * Full Moon Reflection * Rose/Smoky Quartz 
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Sweetgale - emotional clarity in communication
The stimulating and vibrant energy of Sweetgale flower essence penetrates deep into our emotional energy centers to confront old layers of pain and negativity affecting the quality of our emotional interactions with others. Once these emotions are identified, we can release the corresponding energy blockages and integrate the lessons associated with them. This essence is helpful when we want to improve the quality of our emotional interactions in male/female relationships, or when our communication with others is defensive, lacking clarity, and characterized by conflict, guilt, and the assignment of blame. Sweetgale flower essence restores calm and strength to our emotional centers to help us reclaim our emotional space after an argument or upset, so we can respond more directly and appropriately to others regardless of the situation.

Jacob’s Ladder - releasing the need to mentally control events in our life
Jacob's Ladder flower essence is helpful when we find ourselves obsessively worrying about the details of life. When we attempt to control and manipulate life to fulfill our needs and desires, we risk being manipulated by others and we often end up creating the kinds of experiences we fear. This essence brings relief to the situation by helping us develop a discipline of acceptance rather than control and manipulation. This essence asks us to go beyond what the conscious mind can perceive to help us develop a trust in the Divine, by supporting a union between the mental and spiritual realms to help us shift our focus to what is available to us in each moment. It encourages us to silence our inner chatter so we can access a deeper and more constant level of attunement—a witnessing of what is being revealed. It promotes love, gratitude, and deep relaxation that allows us to surrender mental control and move into a place of understanding everything is perfect.

Blue Elf Viola - understanding and releasing anger through the heart
The calming vibration of these cheerful flowers supports the process of understanding and releasing deeply held emotions like anger and frustration. These kinds of strong emotions are difficult to release because of the protective energy we build up around them, so when we attempt to confront and process our anger and frustration, the emotional cycle is perpetuated. The essence of Blue Elf Viola utilizes the energy of the heart to bring understanding into this process, creating a bridge of love to heal the isolation and neutralize any protective energy. This allows us to better understand the core issues at the root of our strong emotions. We can then express them in a clear and nonviolent way, forgive those responsible (including ourselves), and bring the whole cycle to completion. In this way, Blue Elf Viola empowers us to create a new foundation of emotional honesty that is clear, open, and always supported by the heart.

Green Bog Orchid - compassion for our healing process
Green Bog Orchid flower essence initiates and supports a profound cleansing and balancing of the heart chakra. When we are in alignment with the energy of this flower, we can embrace our issues with clarity and understanding and we can direct the heart’s healing energy to where it is needed most. The simple but profound message of this essence is: the key to resolving everything we are struggling with is to open our hearts. This essence asks us to open to the love, light, and healing of the heart, and to stay committed to that relationship with the willingness to open even more. These delicate and fragile orchids thrive in a specialized habitat where they fearlessly maintain an openhearted projection of unconditional love. The essence of Green Bog Orchid gives us the support we need to stay open with trust and faith that all will be well. It introduces a larger and more encompassing heart perspective to help us see beyond our limited mental perspective.

Full Moon Reflection - brings suppressed issues into the light of awareness
Full Moon Reflection environmental essence helps us understand how subconscious patterns affect our relationships. An example of this is when we feel an uncomfortable emotion and blame another person for making us feel that way, and then expect that individual to change their behavior so we feel more comfortable. If we want closer and more harmonious partnerships, we must be willing to take inventory and responsibility for our unresolved emotions. Relationships create an ongoing series of opportunities for uncovering old issues and habits of behavior that need to be brought to the surface, acknowledged, and released. We are often unable to see the impact of these patterns on ourselves, but when they are projected into the shared dynamic of a relationship, the impact becomes obvious. The health of our relationships relies on how well we manage these patterns when they arise. The light within this essence penetrates deep into our shadow selves to illuminate what lies unresolved beneath the surface of our consciousness. As we open ourselves to this light of awareness, we can let go of the subconscious patterns that affect us and others in ways beyond our current understanding.

Rose/Smoky Quartz - releases pain and sadness held deeply in the heart
Rose/Smoky Quartz gem elixir provides the support we need to stay in our hearts, knowing that we are okay just as we are in this moment. It helps us be less self-critical and move the parts of ourselves that we have been critical of in the past into a non-judgmental light. This essence enables us to look at what we don’t like about ourselves with more objectivity, clarity, and acceptance. Instead of flipping back and forth between what we perceive as good or bad in our lives, it helps us see things as what is and is not wanted. Many of us maintain an inner critic because we think it will help us do and be better. Rose/Smoky Quartz essence helps us soften and reorient our inner disciplinarian to love ourselves into wholeness. It also addresses our patterns of perfectionism by aligning our standards to be clear, loving, and united with our heart forces.