August 2019 - Catalyze your Healing with Environmental Essences

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." ~John Muir

Science and our personal experience have shown us that spending time in nature enhances our health and happiness. Some places help us to feel refreshed and energized, while others help us to feel calm and still.

Every time we co-create an environmental essence, our awareness of the enormous healing energy in Nature’s elemental forces of air, earth, fire, and water is expanded. The preparation of our environmental essences is often a response to a spontaneous event, such as Northern Lights and Full Moon Reflection. Some environmental essences are made in locations that have unique energetic expressions, such as Portage Glacier and Liard Hot Springs. The particular blend of the elemental and spiritual energy of different environments or natural events provide us with unique experiences.

Environmental essences are a powerful addition to our work with flower essences and gem elixirs. While flower essences facilitate growth in spiritual consciousness, and gem elixirs help us anchor and embody these changes, environmental essences provide us with energy for change. They catalyze our healing journey and provide support for deep levels of transformation by bringing life force energy into the healing process.

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Northern Lights * Greenland Icecap * Stone Circle * Liard Hot Springs * Polar Ice * Rock Spring * Chalice Well * Full Moon Reflection * Solstice Sun * Portage Glacier * Tidal Forces * Glacier River

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Northern Lights – healing the heart
Prepared under a green aurora, the focus of this essence is to support deep levels of re-patterning in the heart. When our heart forces feel scattered and disoriented, it can help us create an energetic matrix of connection based on Universal Love. This essence is supportive, cleansing and rejuvenating, and is particularly useful after an experience of deep transformation, especially when the experience has changed the way we relate to others and the world.

Greenland Icecap – support for deep inner change
This essence embodies energy created by the natural, subterranean movement of the Earth’s crust. It was prepared in an area where two of the Earth’s continental plates are slowly pulling away from each other. This provides a profound example of surrendering to the inevitability of change. We need resistance in our lives to maintain stability, but we also need a balance between holding on and letting go. Greenland Icecap helps us find balance so we can move forward in our lives.

Stone Circle – strength and definition for the energy field
This essence introduces protective energy into the aura, inviting us to relax, rest, and replenish our vital forces. It helps us replace necessary resources that have been lost through stress, misuse, or through the trials and tribulations of life. Stone Circle is especially helpful for those doing healing work, as it helps us maintain openness and sensitivity without absorbing or taking on any outside energy. This essence is part of our Guardian ‘Healthy Boundaries’ formula and spray.

Liard Hot Springs – remembering  your original innocence
This essence helps us cleanse the layers and layers of energetic grit and grime we have collected during our lifetimes on this planet. This cleansing brings us back in touch with the innocent truth of who we are—spiritual beings who have come to this Earth to experience being human. This essence is capable of clearing ancient patterns of self-blame and condemnation from our energy field, mind, and emotions—helping us begin again from a place of innocence.

Polar Ice – staying present with no anticipation of what is to come
This essence provides support when we are impatient and want to be in a different time of our lives. Such as when we are concerned with aging or are waiting for surgery, or if we are uncomfortable with being in-between relationships or jobs. Our challenge is to remain present with ourselves and to accept where we are in each moment. This essence empowers us to stay in a place seemingly suspended in time, where we can wait, with no ties to the past and no anticipation of what is to come.

Rock Spring – restoring an optimistic outlook on life
This is an essence of hope and miracles. It embodies the constant proof that everything is possible. It is an essence that can help us find our way through seemingly insurmountable obstacles with infinite patience and never-ending trust. It opens us to the abundant generosity of Nature while encouraging us to open to unexpected gestures of flow: pleasant surprises, windfalls, and altruism from others. This essence is part of our Go-Create ‘Abundance’ formula and spray.

Chalice Well – aware of spiritual support and guidance
This essence connects us to the profoundly personal and eternal support that is available from the angelic, elemental, plant, and mineral kingdoms. Its message is that we are not alone; we are a part of the entire web of life and all-that-is, and we can draw upon this matrix of support whenever we need support to take the next step in life. This essence is part of our Calling All Angels ‘Divine Nurturing’ formula and spray.

Full Moon Reflection – bringing suppressed issues into the light
This essence is helpful for relationships, especially when we hold the other person responsible for our discomfort. It provides clarity and recognition of subconsciously projecting our needs and fears onto others. The light of the full moon affects us all, and not always in subtle ways. This essence penetrates deep into our shadow selves to illuminate what lies unresolved in our consciousness. It provides an opportunity to release subconscious patterns that negatively affect ourselves and others.

Solstice Sun – opening to receive more light nourishment
Solstice Sun is a transformational essence and can have a powerful effect on our ability to access and move energy through our physical bodies. It is often indicated for those who suffer from light deprivation. It works by opening the energy pathways in our bodies so that we can receive more light and make more efficient use of the energy contained within it. This essence is part of our Lighten Up ‘Energy Flow’ formula and spray.

Portage Glacier – rejuvenation on all levels
All glaciers are massive generators of negative ions. Negative ions are released into the atmosphere where they cleanse, renew, and revitalize the air that we breathe. This essence facilitates the cleansing and release of outdated thoughts, beliefs, and emotional patterns that are not useful, necessary, or contributing to our health and well-being. It can also be used to clear physical toxins from our body. This essence is part of our Purification ‘Space Clearing’ formula and spray.

Tidal Forces – promoting a resilient attitude towards life
Alaska has a quality of drama and extremes. The Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay are particularly dramatic because of the extreme tidal fluctuations that occur there. Changing tides are a force of the sea, giving and taking, persisting in all seasons and in weather both wild and calm. Tidal forces is an essence of rhythm and balance, of loss and gain, of adapting oneself to the swiftly changing currents of life. It helps one release the old and receive the new with constant and unyielding fluidity.

Glacier River – letting go of resistance to change
This essence is for those attached to the current form of life even though every indication suggests that change is needed. Humans dance around this truth, thinking about change and planning to change, but often favor the status quo. This essence is for those who don’t feel supported to make a change. It provides the strength to trust and let go of control, and encourages us to flow with the current of the river of life.