May 2020 (5/6 thru 6/4) - Clear and Energize your Space 

The powerful Space Clearing tools we are featuring are our  popular Sacred Space Sprays, and Frankincense and Sweetgrass Hydrosol.  Scroll down to read more about Space Clearing. 

Sacred Space Sprays: Purification * Calling All Angels * Guardian * Lighten Up
2-oz spray $13.50 (regular $18)
4-oz spray $19.50 (regular $26)

All four sprays in a kit: 2-oz $51.75 (regular $69)
All four sprays in a kit: 4-oz $74.25 (regular $99)

Frankincense and Sweetgrass Hydrosol
2-oz spray $13.50 (regular $16)
4-oz spray $25.00 (regular $30)

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Purification Spray purifies rooms by breaking up and clearing out non-serving patterns of energy. The essential oils of Black Spruce, Frankincense, Lavender Mailette, and Peppermint are added to enhance the purifying function of the essences in this formula and add clarifying, sanctifying, and refreshing qualities to the spray. 

Calling All Angels Spray connects you and your space with the love, guidance, and protection of the angelic realm. This spray brings a very sacred and peaceful energy into the space. Children love to spray their rooms before sleeping to create a feeling of protection and to insure a deep, restful slumber. The added essential oils in this spray have a very joyful and calming effect and they promote the release of tension and help us open our hearts to the love and peace of the angels.

Lighten Up Spray uplifts, energizes, and nourishes you and your environment. The essences in this formula open and expand energy pathways, dispel stagnant emotions, and encourage a more efficient level of light circulation in the body. The effects of the essences are enhanced by the essential oils of Blood Orange, Bulgarian Lavender, Combava Petitgrain, Lemon Myrtle, and Ylang Ylang Extra, which add refreshing, sparkling, and uplifting qualities to the spray.

Guardian Spray creates a powerful force field of protection in the environment and your aura. The essences in this spray enable you to claim your energetic space, maintain your grounding, and feel the protection of strong, healthy boundaries. This spray also contains the essential oils of Himalayan Cedar, Lime, Litsea Cubeba, Melissa, and Tangerine. These oils enhance the protective and grounding qualities of the essences and add uplifting notes of joy and playfulness.

The Frankincense Hydrosol is a very versatile space clearing tool with the power to cut through very old predecessor energy and energy blockages affecting any of the elements (air, earth, fire or water). It can also be used for the preservation step of the clearing process. This hydrosol is very powerful! When used in a space clearing you only need a few spritzes for an entire room: spray once in each corner and once in the middle of the room. The effect is gradual, very expansive, and at the same time very grounding.

The action of Sweetgrass Hydrosol is gentle but strong. It excels in removing old energetic debris from a space, on any level. It works similarly to the flower essence of Sweetgrass, helping to sweep-up any residual energy left from previous cycles of activity. It can also be used as an invocation spray to invite fresh new energy into the space once it has been cleared. Sweetgrass hydrosol is very handy to use in situations where smudging is impractical or not allowed, and the wonderful green scent lingers for a long time 

> > > > > > > The importance of Space Clearing < < < < < < < 

Staying at home has provided us all with the opportunity for cleaning and de-cluttering, but we haven't all been able to take advantage of the circumstances. Don't worry, that clutter staring you in the face doesn't have to be daunting!

Clearing can be done on a physical level, by getting rid of clutter and reorganizing to make more space in your room or house. It can also be done on an energetic level, by purifying unhealthy, non-serving or disturbing energy from a particular space.

Energetic Space Clearing can help us on our healing journey. Working with the energy of the physical spaces we inhabit enhances the healing work we have been doing. This is the gift of reciprocity. The more we work on the inner level, the more this is reflected in our physical space. And the more we work on the outer level, the easier it will be to do the inner work. , and for the work to stick.

The quality of the energy in our homes, workplaces, and any place we spend considerable time, impacts us in numerous ways. If there are unpleasant or disturbing vibrations in the spaces we inhabit, it may be more difficult to live and function well. We all want our living spaces to welcome us with a sense of comfort and serenity. We want to dwell in spaces that nurture us on every level, where we feel vibrant and alive.

If you are wondering whether your home would benefit from Space Clearing, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your home embrace you with comfort and balance?
  • Is it a place of warmth and self-expression, a home for your soul?
  • Does your home energize, enrich and enhance your quality of life?
  • Is the amount of creative expression in your life right now in harmony with your desires?
  • Is your workspace rewarding and fulfilling, a place you want to be?

Consider Space Clearing when:

  • There is a sensation of heaviness in your dwelling -- it just doesn’t feel right.
  • Family members are often involved in arguments, conflicts and power struggles.
  • Traumatic experiences such as death, illness, addiction, depression, violence, and abuse have taken place in the dwelling.
  • You are going through major life transitions and want your home to nurture and support you through the process.
  • You tend to accumulate clutter and you feel disorganized and stressed because you can’t quickly find the things you need.
  • Family members are not sleeping well and are always tired.

Our Sacred Space Sprays make Space Clearing easy. They are made from Alaskan Flower, Gem and Environmental Essences. Carefully selected high-quality essential oils have been added to enhance the energetic effect of the essences. The Alaskan Essences are composed of pure, environmentally balanced energy. When you introduce balanced energy into a space where there is imbalance or stagnation, the balanced elemental energy from nature will remind the energy in the space how to move back into balance. Energy will always seek balance, even in the most severe instances.

The four Space Clearing Steps

There are four Steps to Space Clearing. It is not only about clearing and cleansing, the 'invocation' is crucial to invite the positive energy you desire.

Tip: you can also use other sprays for the invocation process, like Go-Create Abundance Spray, Beyond Words Communication Spray or the lovely Jasmin Hydrosol!

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