November 2019 - Aligning with your True North

Once we discover the things in life that inspire us, our next challenge is staying true to these values. This may mean having differing opinions from our family and friends, going our own way and leaving people and places behind, discovering new people and places, and choosing our appearance and unique ways to express ourselves. This isn’t always easy, especially when we get caught up in the lives and emotions of others or when unexpected circumstances throw us off balance.

Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old activist on the Asperger’s spectrum. Neither her age nor her circumstances have stopped her from embracing her uniqueness and using her gifts to fight for what she values. The world needs your unique light as much as it needs Greta’s. Essences can help you connect with the safety you need to shine your light into the world, and with the strength and courage you require to live in alignment with your core values. They reconnect you with what you came here to do and provide clarity about what is in your highest good and what isn’t.

Cattail Pollen * Topaz * Icelandic Poppy * Fairy Slipper * White Violet * Diamond
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Cattail Pollen – inner strength and alignment with your truth
This pollen essence helps us connect with the personal truth that illuminates our chosen life path, and with the inner strength to act in alignment with this truth. It helps us stand up for ourselves, especially when we don’t feel supported by the people around us. As our consciousness expands and our perspectives change, it is logical that our support systems, our circles of friends and counselors, will change as well. Sometimes these old connections and involvements no longer serve our highest truth and we need to let them go. This can be a confusing and difficult process. Cattail Pollen essence strengthens our resolve as we project our true selves into the world to attract people that resonate with our truth. This provides invaluable stability during times of transition. It is easier to move through change when we are supported by the harmonious energy of others.

Topaz – functional and reciprocal connections with others
This gem elixir clears energy blockages in the third chakra where inappropriate energy connections are held in the body. These connections happen when we try to gain energy from others. Topaz helps us exchange these connections for more reciprocal and sustainable bonds. In some cases, we may want to remain connected to certain individuals but we want the energy flow between us to be uplifting instead of depleting. Topaz strengthens your ability to act decisively from a clear sense of personal identity and Divine purpose. It helps when you are confused about your identity; you are unable to take decisive action that supports your true self; or when you identify more with others than with yourself.

Icelandic Poppy - reestablishing your inner spiritual focus
The large bright flowers of this poppy help those of us who have a high degree of spiritual awareness and development but are hesitant to let others see it. Icelandic Poppy teaches us that sharing our inner light with the world is one of the most potent ways to strengthen the flow of spiritual energy moving through our bodies. This essence is important for those caught up in dramatic and confusing situations, and for those who feel out of touch with higher sources of guidance and wisdom. Icelandic Poppy essence helps us reestablish an inner spiritual focus to help us find our way back to the truth of who we are.

Fairy Slipper – standing in your spiritual wisdom and power
This attractive orchid features a unique pink and magenta-colored flower on each stem. The genus name, Calypso, is from the sea-nymph daughter of Atlas. Calypso means concealment and refers to this flower's habit of hiding amongst mosses and other plant growth in the deep shade of dense spruce forests. It therefore makes a great essence for anyone who’d rather not stand out and be noticed. Fairy Slipper essence provides support for standing in our power and beauty, and for clearly projecting our unique individuality. It helps us manifest our spiritual wisdom through our physical bodies and promotes clear communication through alignment with Earth and spirit.

White Violet - functional boundaries through Divine trust and a connection with your higher-self
The delicate White Violet blossoms offer an essence of purity, providing vibrational support for those with a sensitive and pure nature. Highly sensitive people are often acutely aware of their surroundings and without functional boundaries, their personal space may be infringed upon. Sensitive people often feel insecure when out in public or in a group and hesitant to initiate contact with others. This essence supports the creation of new energy boundaries by helping us open a conscious, two-way flow of communication between the physical body and the Higher Self. This strengthens the aura in response to our specific need for safety and security and helps anchor a quality of Divine trust into our energy field. This allows more of our energy and sensitivity to be present regardless of the dynamics of our environment.

Diamond - harmony between personal and Divine will
The ability to reflect light is why diamonds are one of the most sought after gems on the planet. Diamonds represent focus, precision, accuracy, and fine-tuning. Diamond gem elixir brings clarity to our sixth chakra, the third eye, aligning our desire, motivation, and will. This alignment helps eliminate struggle when we are confused about what we’re supposed to do. It helps us make a conscious choice to take action instead of feeling forced to take action.  This gem elixir helps us see through illusion and strengthens our ability to act in unity with Divine purpose.

More essences to help us find True North

Lace Flower: strengthens self-acceptance and self-worth; realization of how our unique contributions enriche the whole.

Cloudberry: surrendering to our inner vision; replacing low self-esteem with inner value; sharing our inner being with others

Columbine: appreciation for our unique personal beauty; strengthening our sense of self and projecting ourselves out to the world

Gold: the highest aspects of our personal identity; strength and balance to the 3rd chakra; tapping into our source of creative power.

Pyrite: energetic foundation based on our highest personal truth; strengthens sense of self, helps solidify and honor our true values.

Tamarack: self-confidence, reaching a deeper understanding of our unique strengths and abilities; conscious development of our individuality.

Yellow Violet:  fearlessness; strength and confidence, protection to the act of verbal expression, especially it it is challenging to do so.

Wild Sweet Pea: confident and easy interactions with others; sharing our talents and abilities n service to others.