Empowering Yourself in Growing your Business

When I started my own practice as a flower essence therapist and animal communicator I had a hard time getting the word out about the services I offered. I admit it was quite the turn in my career. I had been working as an animal scientist for many years, but my new path felt good and I knew it was what I was supposed to do!

It was an interesting time as I discovered that every thought I had was sending an energetic message to the Universe. And, the messages were perfectly answered:

  • "I'm not good enough. Clients better go to that other more experienced practitioner, she is so much better than me,"… so they did.
  • "How on earth do I explain this 'energetic' stuff to people?" … so I stumbled a lot with my words. It made me blush every time thinking people would judge me.
  • "I can't ask $75 for a session, that would be way too much," … so I asked for $40 and people wondered why it was so expensive.
  • "I will never be able to make a living from this. Others can, but not me," … so I kept my other job part-time to pay the rent.

As this was going on I was using flower essences for myself. They made me aware of how my limiting thoughts were sabotaging my success. They helped me realize that I was really good at what I was doing and that I was worth whatever I felt was right. They helped me to understand that this was my true life purpose because the work inspired me and made me happy. With the help of the essences, I changed my thinking and things started to turn around. Word spread and more people showed up. I spoke with confidence, and when clients heard about my new fee they said, "Oh, that's great. Thank you!"

Whatever you are doing with your life you may recognize that you have similar limiting thoughts. You may feel you have found your life purpose, but things may not be working out the way you want them to. Practical things like a good website and advertising are necessary for a business, but they are not the only things to focus on. We also need to check in to see how we are thinking and feeling about the things we are doing.

  • Are your clients mirroring your limiting thoughts back to you?
  • Do you wonder if you are on the right path?
  • Do you think that if you were, life would flow easier?
  • Is your business growing as much as you want?
  • Do you find it difficult to stand out and be different?
  • Is it difficult to share your unique talents?
  • Are you able to explain your work and why your skills are unique and valuable?
  • Do you lack inspiration for your blog and promoting the products and services you offer?
  • Are you looking outside for answers?

Flower essences help us clearly see what we are thinking and doing, and when we are caught up in old patterns that no longer contribute to our highest good. Using flower essences increases our confidence and helps us find better feeling thoughts and emotions, and that means better vibes are being sent out! This is how real change happens—it comes from within. Once we switch those inner buttons things unfold magically.

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One-Sided Wintergreen - awareness of how our energy attracts people and situations
One-Sided Wintergreen essence helps us become aware of how our actions and energies affect others, and how we, in turn, are impacted by the energies and actions of others. It helps us refine our self-expression so that we attract only people and situations that are supportive of the work we are here to do. They help us focus on the quality of the energy we are projecting to determine the quality of the energy and people we will attract. Strongly projecting the truth of who we are will attract people and situations that support our truth, making it easier for us to function in alignment with our Divine purpose.

Bog Blueberry - unconditional acceptance of abundance
Bog Blueberry essence works with the ways we block the experience of abundance in our lives. We often have ideas about how abundance should show up, and when we are rigid with our expectations we limit and block the abundance that is available to us. This inflexibility can stop the fullness of life from reaching us and can prevent our creative energies from reaching others. Bog Blueberry essence helps us dissolve thought patterns and belief systems that create stagnation in life. It also opens our minds to the bounty and limitlessness of the universe, helping us to accept the form that abundance has taken in our lives.

Wild Iris - sharing our creative energy freely with others
The essence of Wild Iris is helpful when we don't feel nurtured by our creative process, when we don't trust in our capacity to create, and when we block our creative expression because of an unwillingness to share ourselves with others. These issues can create an inner tension that leads to an excess of effort, hindering or stopping our creative flow altogether. Wild Iris essence helps encourage the free-flowing expression of our creative energies. It helps us recognize the beautiful expression of Divine creativity that we are and supports our willingness to share our creative presence freely with others. This, in turn, stimulates awareness of our creative potential and encourages us to allow this potential to flow forth from our center in a relaxed and focused way.

Paper Birch - finding motivation from a clear awareness of life purpose
Paper Birch essence is useful when we feel that we should be doing something but we don't have the enthusiasm to do it. It helps us gain a fresh perspective on what we are doing with our lives when we doubt the path we have chosen and are unsure if it will serve our highest good. It supports an inner process of realignment with our life purpose by helping us reconnect with the underlying true and essential Self within us. When this realignment happens, outdated thoughts, old programming, tension, fear, and anxiety fall away, and we are better able to make decisions that support the truth of who we are. This essence introduces a calming, clarifying, and relaxing energy to help shift our focus from chaotic thoughts and confusing emotions to the peace and joy present at deeper levels of our being.

Wild Sweet Pea - supports the outward expression and sharing of talents
Have you been at a workshop or class where you thought it would be important to network with other professionals in your field, yet you spent a lot of time in the restroom, looking at your smartphone, or in the corner checking out something you were not even interested in? Wild Sweet Pea promotes confidence and ease in our interactions with others. When we lack confidence in our social skills and have a tendency to isolate, this essence will encourage us to make meaningful connections. It will encourage us to share our unique talents and abilities while expressing the best of ourselves in service to others.

Northern Green Orchid - express your mastery and power through your heart
Northern Green Orchid essence imparts a sense of safety and satisfaction in the pursuit of our life mission by anchoring the heart as the midway point between the spiritual realm and the earth. This essence helps us heal low self-esteem and issues of self-love by working on the inner dimensions of the heart chakra. Northern Green Orchid is for those have much to offer the world and who want to step into the next level of mastery, but are afraid of being visible or exposed. As we step into our power we will have a greater effect on our surroundings and will feel a stronger need to protect our hearts. This essence reminds us that we are the most protected when we are aligned with our personal power where our love then radiates outward from a strong and compassionate center.

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