February 2020 - Moving through Anger and Resentment

Each month we consider which essences may be helpful for the times we all live in and the changes we are going through. It would be obvious to pick a theme on ‘Love’ this month, but we realized there is something we all deal with that is rarely addressed: the complex and powerful emotions of anger and resentment.

As we mature emotionally and spiritually, we learn to recognize and understand our emotions, yet anger can be misunderstood and mismanaged. It’s not something many parents model well and we are rarely taught about anger in a healthy way at school. Consequently, we may not know how to move through our anger, express it assertively, or how to stay open and be present with others when they are angry. We often have internal stories that justify why we think we are right or someone else is wrong. This perpetuates the feelings of anger until we become bitter and resentful. As a result, we may find ourselves overwhelmed and suppressing these powerful emotions. Repressed anger can be redirected in a healthy manner, but many of us isolate to avoid feeling and facing these uncomfortable emotions. Living with unprocessed anger and resentment can consume our life-force energy and keep us focused on things that prolong the emotions.

The essences we are featuring this month help us explore our anger so we can begin to understand what is beneath the feelings. Am I in pain? Am I afraid? Am I disappointed or embarrassed with myself? Am I uncomfortable with the way I am being treated or the way I am treating others? These essences can help us find the balance between our mind and heart so we can forgive ourselves and others. They help us see things differently so we can process the anger and let it go.

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Mountain Wormwood - release resentment towards self or others
Mountain Wormwood flower essence is an important essence when we hold anger, disappointment and grudges within ourselves. Perhaps a friend betrayed us or a partner left us suddenly. Maybe a parent or teacher belittled us or physically abused us. Holding unresolved emotion requires a lot of energy. We waste even more energy when we attempt to justify our pain by pushing against the situation that created it, or by trying to prove ourselves right and another wrong. Mountain Wormwood helps us become aware when we are defending ourselves or holding energy against someone. It helps us identify the thoughts that keep us engaged in an us-versus-them dynamic. It provides the gifts of forgiveness and resolution so we can release the ‘worms of discontent’, clear out our resentments, and allow our judgments to dissolve. When this happens, we can reclaim all of that energy for ourselves.

Blue Elf Viola - understanding and releasing anger through the heart
Blue Elf Viola is a key essence for the expression of strong emotions, primarily anger. When we’re unable to express anger in a clear and nonviolent way we may have difficulty resolving conflicts and we may hurt the people we care about unintentionally. It takes a lot of our vital energy to keep anger bottled up, but it can be difficult to release if we have isolated ourselves for protection or to avoid confronting emotions we associate with others. The calming vibration of these cheerful Blue Elf Viola flowers support the process of understanding and releasing deeply held anger and frustration. This essence utilizes the energy of the heart to help us understand the core issues at the root of our emotions so we can express ourselves in a positive way and forgive those responsible (including ourselves). Blue Elf Viola empowers us to create a new foundation of emotional honesty that is clear, open and always supported by the heart.

Bloodstone - releasing emotional tension and promoting grounding
This is an excellent gem essence for those who have a tendency to express emotional negativity or are prone to outbursts of anger and rage. It’s also helpful for those who avoid confronting strong emotions by relying heavily on their mental process. Bloodstone helps by grounding and synchronizing our hearts and minds so our feelings and thoughts can be expressed and anger can be resolved respectfully and honorably. This essence utilizes the power of the heart and the support of the earth to circulate a current of love and appreciation through the pathway that links the two. This provides a release to move out stagnant energy and strong emotional blockages being held in the lower chakras.

Sweetgale – improved emotional interaction and communication
The essence of Sweetgale is indicated when emotional communication with others is defensive, lacking clarity, and characterized by conflict, guilt, and the assignment of blame. The plant manifests its healing energy in the unique relationship that exists between the male and female catkins. The male and female flowers occur on different plants and communicate with each other through a vibrational link. Sweetgale flower essence strengthens our ability to relate to others on a feeling level. Its stimulating and vibrant energy penetrates our emotional energy centers to help us confront old layers of pain and negativity affecting the quality of our emotional interactions. Once these feelings are identified, we are better able to understand and complete the lessons connected with them, to allow the corresponding energy blockages to be released. Sweetgale helps us reclaim our emotional space after an argument or upset and restores calm and strength to our emotional centers. From this place of balance, we are able to respond directly and appropriately to one another regardless of the situation.

Alpine Arnica - ease, deep calm and balance
Alpine Arnica flower essence illuminates the relationship between our unfinished emotional business and its impact on our body. We often feel these effects as tension or pain without understanding the emotional connection. The essence also works the same way with the mind, by helping us become aware of the thoughts contributing to our ongoing suffering. Alpine Arnica has an incredible capacity for holding the energy and space necessary for us to let go of the accumulation of past hurts without having to go through every detail of what happened and why. Its message is, regardless of what has happened in the past, the only thing required to achieve and maintain balance in the present is our awareness and a willingness to let go.

Augustine Volcano - release of unexpressed energy and emotion
This environmental essence was made in south-central Alaska over a four-day period during several eruptions of Mount Augustine volcano. It facilitates the positive release of unexpressed energy and emotion, and the favorable resolution of issues long held in stagnation. It teaches us that intense cataclysmic events such as volcanic eruptions are benevolent instruments for change. The earth will continue to make these strong internal adjustments. As we learn to perceive them in a favorable way, we will be able to use the amazingly powerful energy that is contained within them to support deep, intense, and beneficial change within ourselves.

More essences you may find interesting:

Wild Rhubarb – when mind and heart work at cross-purposes with each other

Tiger’s Eye – feeling vulnerable when dealing with anger (self or others)

Liard Hot Springs – releasing self-blame, condemnation and feelings of guilt

Crowberry – when life is filled with inner conflict and attachment to outcome

Tourmalated Quartz – cleansing toxic energy from mental and emotional body

Green Tourmaline - difficulty staying present when confronted by strong emotions within oneself or others

Potato – when there is resistance to releasing the past