For the month of November we are featuring five Combination Formulas (and three sprays!) to help us:

  • embrace the process of transformation and renewal
  • more easily study and integrate new information
  • increase our performance in mentally complex jobs
  • on the journey to become pregnant and during pregnancy itself
  • provide the extra support our animals need
  • ease the effects of traveling by car or plane

These products are 25% off for the month of November:

Fireweed Combo * Easy Learning * Pregnancy Support * Animal Care * Travel Ease

1/4-oz stock regular: $11.00 - Special $8.25
1-oz stock regular: $16.50 - Special $12.38

Easy Learning Spray * Animal Care Spray * Travel Ease Spray

2-oz spray regular: $18.00 - Special $13.50
4-oz spray regular: $26.00 - Special $19.50
*Travel Ease Spray comes in 2-oz size only

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Fireweed Combo 'Transformation Formula' 
Fireweed plants appear after a major disruption or change in the environment such as fire or flood. These plants are symbolic of great cleansing and radical change, and the essence encourages renewal, balance, strength and grounding. Fireweed Combo supports us during the process of transformation, transition and change in our lives. It is especially useful when change is intense. It helps us face fear, let go of resistance, and surrender to each stage of the transformative process as it moves to completion.

Easy Learning 'Focus and Integration Formula' 
Easy Learning is for anyone who spends their day processing information, whether you have children in school or older students studying for their finals, or you have a job or career that demands mental complexity. Easy Learning helps to improve focus and concentration so we may more easily integrate new information. It is especially helpful for those who spend hours in front of a computer and want to stay productive in this demanding digital age.

Easy Learning Spray 
Easy Learning Spray includes all of the essences in the formula plus the organic essential oils of basil, coriander, fresh ginger, laurel, lemon, rosemary, and spearmint. These bright and refreshing oils are known for their ability to enhance memory and mental focus, while relieving mental fatigue and promoting inspiration. Use the spray at home, in the classroom, workspace or meeting rooms. Spray above your head and let the cooling and invigorating mist fall down around your face and shoulders.

Pregnancy Support 'Inner Nurturing Formula' 
Pregnancy Support was designed to strengthen, stabilize, and balance a woman and the baby growing within her throughout the entire pregnancy. Its primary action is to help mothers meet the physical, emotional, and mental challenges of pregnancy.

  • This formula helps the mother create and nurture a sacred space in her life and her body to support the baby's growth and development.
  • It assists both the mother and the indwelling soul clear any ambivalence about being present on the earth.
  • It helps mothers strengthen their connection with the earth so they can provide nurturing energy for themselves and their families.
  • It promotes the healing of traumatic birth experiences in women so they can provide a stronger body/soul connection for their babies.
  • And, last but not least, it supports the development and strengthening of the energetic triad between the mother, father, and baby.

Pregnancy Support can be used in the planning stages through to conception, and throughout the pregnancy until the birth of the child. Dilute drops in drinking water and take 4 times/day. Place drops in bath water or apply topically by adding it to moisturizing creams or lotions. Start taking it the moment you decide you'd like to become pregnant.

Animal Care 'Rescue Formula' 
Animal Care is for every animal that needs some extra support getting back in touch with its true nature.

  • This formula is helpful for cats and dogs who live in cities and are restricted from normal contact with nature, and dogs who have difficulty being alone for much of the day (see if you can find a practical solution too!)
  • It helps animals who have ended up in an animal shelter because their owners could not or did not want to have them anymore, and those who are rescued off of the street after a struggle for survival
  • It is helpful for all animals who have suffered from inadequate care, neglect and abusive situations, and those that are moving to their 'forever' homes or experience big changes in their lives
  • Use it for horses living alone or in unnatural and insufficient living conditions, or wild horses who have been adopted
  • Animal Care can be used for any animal exhibiting self-aggressive behavior

Animal Care Spray 
Animal Care spray can be used at home, in kennels, boarding facilities, barns, and anywhere animals live to create a nurturing environment. Do not spray the animal directly.
Note: Flower essences will be most effective when animals are having their basic needs met. In our opinion, this means having the freedom to live according to their natural instincts as much as possible, appropriate medical attention, fair treatment, and good nutrition.

Travel Ease 'Journey Formula' 
Travel Ease will help you stay grounded, focused, and centered, during any kind of travel. It is especially useful during the holiday season when we travel to visit family and friends. It was designed to ease the negative effects of air travel and what is commonly referred to as jet lag. But walking around and waiting in airports for many hours can also be challenging for the sensitive person. This formula help us feel as though we have all the personal space we need, even on crowded flights, trains, and cruises. Travel Ease is easy to carry with you. A bottle will fit easily in a pocket or purse. Start taking the drops a day before your departure, during the flight, and continuing for a few days after your arrival.

Travel Ease Spray 
Travel Ease Spray is great to use in the car for long journeys, especially when little children and animals are traveling with you. It contains the essences in the Travel Ease formula and the essential oils of Black Spruce, Lavender, and Pink Grapefruit, which support the cleansing, grounding, and uplifting qualities of this formula.


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