Many people experience stress without even realizing it. Stress has become the norm and everybody is busy. Experiencing ongoing stress and being on all the time is very demanding to our whole system. 

Do you find yourself caught up in multitasking your activities of daily living? Do you cook dinner while texting or scrolling on your phone, talking to your kids or spouse, and watching the news on TV at the same time? Do you wake up in the morning and think of your endless to-do list before you think of anything else? Is it difficult to settle down and unwind at night? Once in bed do you lie awake worrying about things that you feel are out of your control? 

Approaching life from a more relaxed and grounded state of being helps us deal with demanding jobs, struggles in relationships, challenging health issues, and circumstances beyond our control that impact our lives. Responding to life with calm, focus, trust, and clarity of mind conserves energy and reduces the effects of long-term stress.

The essences we have selected for the September Special will help you find balance and peace of mind as you move through your busy days. They are on sale during the month of September, and a bonus, Soul Support Spray is on sale!

These products are 25% off or the month of September.

Blue TopazClub Moss * Star Ruby * Rock Spring * Jacob's Ladder
1/4-oz stock regular: $10.00 - Special $7.50
1-oz stock regular: $15.00 - Special $11.25

Soul Support
1/4-oz stock regular: $11.00 - Special $8.25
1-oz stock regular: $16.50 - Special $12.38

Soul Support Spray
2-oz regular: $18.00 - Special $13.50
4-oz regular: $26.00 - Special $19.50

Purchase all six essences and receive them in a sturdy and attractive kit box. Buy all six in one click!

Soul Support - our popular combination formula for every stressful situation
This formula is our go-to essence for any kind of stress, upheaval or overwhelming event. It works quickly to maintain strength, balance, and stability when you need it most. Soul Support is easy to use and can be used by the entire family. It fits in a pocket or purse so it is easy to carry with you. In times of acute stress take four drops directly from the bottle under the tongue, or add to a glass of water or juice and sip frequently. Dilute the drops in water or juice when giving to children. For animals place a few drops in their drinking water. Click HERE to order 1/4 oz or HERE for 1 oz.

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Soul Support Spray is especially helpful for calming, grounding, and centering the energy in your environment and your personal energy field. Use it whenever you need extra support or to wind down after a busy day. The spray combines the best of two worlds: the supportive energy of the essences in Soul Support and the soothing and clarifying effect of high-quality Lavender oil from Kashmir. Click HERE to order. 

Blue Topaz - calms mental agitation and anxiety and stimulates mental clarity
Blue Topaz gem elixir is helpful when you are restless, scattered and unfocused. Its calm and balancing energy helps dissipate mental confusion-an excess of unorganized thoughts. It strengthens mental clarity, focus, and effectiveness as it soothes and clarifies. This gem elixir helps us gain awareness of how our soul expresses itself through our mental functions, helping us evolve our mental processes on all levels. Blue Topaz is important for these times because it helps us expand our mental capacity and flexibility so we are not overwhelmed by our current challenges or intimidated by those looming in the future, whether they be personal or planetary. Click HERE to order.

Club Moss - quiets body, emotions, and mind
The essence of Club Moss helps improve our relationship with the Earth, our awareness of it, how we interact with it, how we touch it and how we allow it to touch us. This is very helpful if you are hesitant about being fully present on the planet because of all that is happening. Club Moss supports us in making a direct present time connection to the Earth so we can achieve deeper levels of relaxation, enjoyment, and manifestation. It helps to quiet the body, emotions, and mind.  Click HERE to order.

Star Ruby - focus, grounding, and attention in the present moment
Star Ruby gem elixir is helpful if you are easily distracted or have difficulty focusing due to lack of grounding. It is also helpful if you lose sight of the bigger picture because you are caught up in the emotions or mental details of a situation. Star Ruby helps to bring more focus into the body and the present. When we align with our physical body our capacity to comprehend and process information is greatly improved and we are more attuned to our senses. As our hearing and sight improves, we notice more, and life becomes more interesting, enticing and enjoyable. Click HERE to order.

Rock Spring - trust in the unknown and unknowable
Rock Spring environmental essence is a gift of hope and miracles. It embodies the constant proof that everything is possible. It helps us find our way through seemingly insurmountable obstacles with infinite patience and never-ending trust. It encourages us to open to unexpected gestures of flow, which manifest as pleasant surprises, windfalls, and altruism from others. This essence provides a profound deep relaxation of the mind, emotional relief, and the realization that all is well. Click HERE to order. 

Jacob's Ladder - release the need to mentally control the events in life 
This essence is helpful if you worry a lot and try to anticipate all possible outcomes before you take action. Or maybe you have a tendency to mentally control life in order to fulfill your needs and desires, and your days are characterized by struggle. Jacob's Ladder helps us open to what is present in each moment instead of just going along with our inner dialog. It encourages us to stop and listen to what lies beneath our inner chatter so we can move to a deep and constant level of attunement-a witnessing of what is being revealed. It promotes deep relaxation and surrender of mental control. This allows us to move from thinking and worrying about details, to love and gratitude, where we understand that everything is perfect. Click HERE to order.