The month of January often feels dark and cold even as the days grow longer. This is especially evident after a festive holiday season filled with Christmas lights and gatherings with our friends and family where we shared food, fun and laughter. 
Do you feel like you have the winter blues? Beat it by pampering yourself with essences - your own infusions of light! We have selected six essences and a bonus spray to help you experience more joy and ease during these long dark months.
Reconnect with your own inner source of light and energy by using these essences internally, in your bath water, in the humidifier and in body care products. 

These essences are discounted by 25% through January 31st:
Grass of Parnassus - Orange Calcite - Spectrolite - Chiming Bells - Moschatel - Sweetgrass
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Lighten Up Spray is also discounted by 25%!
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Grass of Parnassus - nourishing Light for every cell of your body
This beautiful flower nourishes all levels of your being with a fountain of effervescent, joyful, uplifting and liberating white light. Grass of Parnassus cleanses and charges your energy fields by bringing the light of purity into the aura and attuning more clearly to higher frequencies of energy. This powerful essence brings an increased level of protection to your energy system while helping you attract increased levels of energetic nourishment from Nature, making it especially helpful when you live and work in crowded or polluted surroundings. It also facilitates the practice of meditation and can be used to cleanse the meditation room.

Orange Calcite - uplifting, energizing and warming
Orange Calcite gem elixir helps the cellular structure of our body assimilate an increased level of bright, nourishing light and energy to refresh tired attitudes and perspectives, and to help us feel a renewed sense of joy. It reconnects us with our inner source of light, encouraging an awareness of the positive within each situation regardless of how challenging it might be. It is especially helpful when lethargy and chronic energy deficiencies contribute to mood swings and a dark outlook on life, and when we are feeling sad or despondent and caught up in cycles of negativity. At a deeper level, Orange Calcite helps us find joy in the creative expression of life purpose through physical form.

Spectrolite - see the magnificent in the mundane and the Divine in the ordinary
Spectrolite gem elixir bathes and nourishes your entire energy system with full spectrum light, helping to shift your perspective to a lighter and brighter way of seeing. Most of us get locked into viewing our lives in the same way we did in the past and even in the same way our parents did - this is especially true of our chronic problems and challenges. This old tired way of seeing can be quite stressful and exhausting. This essence feeds energy into the etheric aspect of our physical vision and clears out old patterns of seeing and perceiving to help us view our lives from a fresh, new and energized perspective.

Chiming Bells - bring joy back in your life
Chiming Bells essence encourages the experience of joy, peace, and stability in our lives by opening our hearts to a specific frequency of love and support from the angels of Nature. This essence brings lightness and a sustaining and uplifting joy when we are tired or depressed. It is especially helpful when we feel out of touch with our inner-self and have lost track of who we are as a result of difficult change and upheaval in our life. Chiming Bells reminds us that nothing should stand in the way of joy. It penetrates through defensiveness when we attempt to protect our vulnerabilities and when experiencing profound tiredness or depression. It melts deep layers of resistance to joy and helps us dedicate all action to joy, and bring joy into our action. 

Moschatel - create your life through celebration and play
Moschatel essence reminds us that everything we could possibly need can be realized through a playful celebration of life. It is a great essence if you have a tendency to be a workaholic, or if you tend to try too hard and expect struggle. We cannot live a healthy and balanced life unless we learn to fulfill our needs in ways that are fun and enjoyable. Moschatel teaches us to create our own physical and spiritual harmony through celebration and play, rather than through overwork and worry.

Sweetgrass - receive the benevolence of Light
This sacred plant embodies a special quality of energy that can be enjoyed simply by having the dried and bundled grass in your home. As a flower essence, the gift of Sweetgrass is to clear a pathway between the cosmos and our physical bodies. This connects us to the spiritual realms where we can receive benevolent blessings of light in the deepest way possible. Sweetgrass essence helps to cleanse and uplift our physical and etheric bodies. Using Sweetgrass essence in the bath after receiving a massage or any kind of deep bodywork will help complete the healing experience on all levels.

Lighten Up Spray
Lighten Up 'Energy Flow' Formula was created to increase our ability to embody light. It uplifts, energizes, inspires and nourishes. Lighten Up was designed specifically for those who suffer from light deprivation from living in extreme northern or southern latitudes, and for those living in dark apartments or working in dark enclosed spaces.
Spray your surroundings with Lighten Up Spray to enhance and increase the circulation of light and energy in your living and working environment. Enhancing your environment in this way will bring more light and energy into your aura, especially during the winter months and when you feel tired and overwhelmed from too much work. Lighten Up will help your personal energy pathways to work more efficiently, especially when they are blocked or undeveloped. Use it when you feel depressed, caught up in negative patterns or situations, or cut off from your inner source of light.
Lighten Up 'Energy Flow' formula contains the Alaskan Essences of Carnelian, Grass of Parnassus, Orange Calcite and Solstice Sun. The SPRAY contains the same essences plus the essential oils of Blood Orange, Bulgarian Lavender, Combava Petitgrain, Lemon Myrtle, and Ylang Ylang Extra.