Change and the Rollercoaster of Goodbye 

Saying goodbye and moving through life without somebody we intensely love is an emotional challenge. When a loved one passes away or a relationship or marriage abruptly ends we suddenly have to navigate the world without that important someone.

We may have a spiritual understanding that death is about re-emerging with the spirit world or a mental and psychological understanding that the marriage was indeed unhealthy, but it does not take away the emotions we are dealing with. Experiencing and processing emotions like grief, sadness, and despair can be difficult.

What does 'grieving well' look like? Is there a point when we can say we are done? Even after many years, something can unexpectedly trigger strong feelings and tears. That is okay because everyone grieves in their own way. Experts say that grief comes in stages, but those stages can feel more like a rollercoaster ride. Just when you think you are doing great, something can push your cart over the edge and there you go again!

Providing end-of-life care for a person or animal we love can be a beautiful and fulfilling experience, but often we find ourselves driven by adrenaline and the days can be stressful and exhausting. The same adrenaline can carry us through a stressful divorce, leaving us emotionally and mentally depleted. In addition, we may encounter frustrating situations when dealing with banking systems, legal issues, and organizations. We may not be knowledgable about how to face the many challenges that come with this kind of experience and we have to learn on the spot and do the best we can for days, weeks, months and longer.

Flower essences can provide support and stability in these kinds of trying times. They help us process strong emotions and stay present with what is happening, so we can stay grounded and in touch with our feelings whether they are tears of pain or smiles of joy.

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River Beauty - peace and joy for those lost in sadness
River Beauty is a shorter but showier fireweed species that grows on the banks of rivers and streams. It often sprouts after floods have rearranged the riverbed. Floods are symbolic of great cleansing and radical change. In our life, that can be a washing away of a relationship, a job, a home, or the passing away of a loved one. River Beauty essence helps soothe the effects of these traumatic events and supports emotional reorientation and recovery after the shock has passed. It empowers us to work with intense emotional energy, especially when it has been repressed or it is being held in the physical body. When something shocking happens we usually put our feelings aside and just deal with what is in front of us. River Beauty expands our awareness of where we are holding powerful emotional energies such as grief and sadness in our bodies. It then helps us exchange the unwanted energy for the vibrant and healing energy of nature.

Round Leaf Orchid - staying centered in the heart
In times of confusion and chaos, we may have a tendency to over-react and become distracted. This makes it difficult to stay focused on the issue at hand and tend to our own hearts. The essence of Round Leaf Orchid helps us live more deeply in our hearts to maintain a heart-centered position in troubled times. It promotes equanimity and balance and helps us stay with the core of an issue without being distracted by all the energy at the periphery.

Tidal Forces - acceptance of the present moment
The tide is the force of the sea. It sets the rhythm of the seasons and of life. It is the giver and taker. It persists in weather both wild and calm. This is an essence of rhythm and balance, of loss and gain, of adapting to the swiftly changing currents of life. It is a balancer for extremes-for times of profound loss and darkness, and times of being pressed against the sea cliffs by the tides of life. It helps us release the old and receive the new with constant and unyielding fluidity. It soothes and balances overly emotional fiery states of being and helps wash away mental resistance to change so we are able to accept what is in the present moment.

Tundra Rose - accentuate the positive
This essence is for those who have much to offer, but who have lost hope and are close to giving up on their dreams and desires for this lifetime. With its bright yellow flowers, Tundra Rose communicates a love for life that resonates deep within the heart. The essence gently brings our deepest fears into the light of love, so that we are motivated by a love of life rather than a fear of death. This higher level of alignment strengthens our ability to complete challenging tasks with more joy. Tundra Rose also helps us understand the spiritual basis of our most difficult life lessons and teaches us to focus on the potential blessings of our challenges instead of losing ourselves in despair.

Montana Rhodochrosite - heals the wounded heart
This gem elixir provides healing when we have closed our heart to others after a painful separation from a loved one. It can help us heal our wounded heart by opening us to the trustworthy and nourishing love of the earth. This essence helps us trust that love is and always will be present. For those wishing to enter into a new relationship after a painful separation or divorce, the essence of Montana Rhodochrosite provides a sense of calm and safety for the heart and physical body. It encourages us to have faith in our capacity to give and receive love and helps us find the courage to ask for what we want and need in our relationships.

Opal - rejuvenate spent emotional and mental forces
Opal gem elixir is the go-to essence when we feel burned-out and emotionally exhausted, especially when sleep is not taking away the tiredness. Opal recharges the chakras and our energy/light body. It replenishes our chi and life force and distributes this healing energy where it is needed most. It also balances out the energetic relationships between the individual chakras so that the whole system can work more efficiently. When we are mentally driven we may have problems getting quality rest at night. This essence can help recharge our mental forces and refresh our outlook on life, making it easier for the body to rest and feel rejuvenated.