~ ~ ~ ~ ~ HAPPY 2022 ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

May the upcoming year bring you peace, joy, health and happiness.
~ the Alaskan Essences Team

After the busy holiday season we are re-stocking our shelves. 
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Looking for a thoughtful gift for yourself to start this new year? Our Flower Energy Cards can help you obtain insights and clarify answers about your life. When certain feelings, thoughts, or behaviors arise, ask for insight and pick a flower card! Use the cards to intuitively select essences from the Flower Essence Practitioner Kit. An easy-to-follow pamphlet with detailed instructions helps you provide accurate readings for yourself and others. Each card includes keywords that precisely indicate the healing qualities of the flower, plus affirmations to embody the positive states of being they represent.
On this product page you will find a video in which the creator of these cards, Steve Johnson, explains how easy to use and powerful they are.