How to use our Sprays

You can use our sprays by themselves or for additional support when using our individual essences and formulas. The sprays contain Alaskan flower, gem and environmental essences, PLUS carefully selected high-quality essential oils that enhance the energetic effect of the essences, combining the best of two worlds!

Shake the bottle before use and spray in a circle above your head with a stretched arm so the mist showers your body and your energy field. The sprays are for external use only.

You can also use the sprays for your room, office, bedroom, rental car, hotel room, etc. Read more about Space Clearing here.

Choose the spray that will benefit you most. For example, Easy Learning and Beyond Words are great to use when doing computer work, getting through a long list of emails, or for any creative writing or speaking project. Calling All Angels encourages restful slumber when used in your bedroom before going to sleep. Guardian is for highly sensitive people who need extra support when going out in public and engaging with others. Lighten Up energizes during long, dark winter days. A short description of each spray is listed below.

Purification ~ This Space Clearing Spray cleanses and revitalizes your energy field and environment. Spray around your body, in your house, office, hotel room and rental car to refresh and energize yourself and your surroundings.

Calling All Angels ~ This spray is designed to invoke the nurturing, uplifting and joyful qualities of the angelic kingdom. Use it to bring a sacred, peaceful energy into your environment.

Guardian ~ This spray helps you claim your energetic space, maintain your grounding, and feel the protection of strong healthy boundaries. Use it to bring the positive qualities of stability, security and grounded radiance to yourself and your surroundings.

Soul Support ~ Emergency Spray brings strength, focus and stability during any kind of stressful, traumatic or transformative experience. Use it to restore balance on all levels and to support the rejuvenation process.

Beyond Words ~ Supports confident self-expression and helps to clarify your thoughts. Excellent for writing, teaching, public speaking, interviews and every situation in which open communication and shared understanding is crucial, such as work meetings, therapy sessions and family gathering.

Go-Create ~ Supports alignment with your true desires. Spray whenever you want to ignite inspiration and feel empowered to create. Let go of limiting beliefs and allow more joy in your life. Use it in your home, office, studio or during meditations, classes and workshops.

Easy Learning ~ Supports all aspects of the learning process for children and adults. Use it in study rooms and offices and as an aid to doing homework, preparing for exams or any task that requires focus and concentration.

Lighten Up ~ Increases your ability to embody light. Use it to clear and expand the energy pathways in your aura, dispel stagnant emotions, and increase the circulation of light in your living and working environments.

Animal Care ~ This spray supports the well-being of animals in all situations. It is particularly helpful for rescued and injured animals. Do not spray the animal itself, but the room they are in, their kennel, stall or sleeping area.

Travel Ease ~ This is a refreshing spray that helps you maintain the integrity of your energy field  and keep it strong, clear and grounded during any kind of travel by car, plane or boat.