Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What are flower essences?
Flower Essences are gentle remedies made from the life force of flowering plants and trees. They carry the vibration / energetic imprint of flowers (or gems, or the environment). Note: They are NOT essential oils and do NOT contain any physical material. They were first prepared in England by Dr. Edward Bach in the late 1920’s. Drawing inspiration from Dr. Bach’s work, other people started making flower, gem and environmental essences, mainly in the mid 80’s. Steve Johnson, the founder of Alaskan Essences, was one of them.

Flower Essences are a very natural and safe way of healing. They have no side effects and can easily be integrated into any program of care as they do not interfere with other forms of treatments. 

Use Flower Essences for: spiritual insight and development - inner growth, better understanding of your own life - understanding your emotions and thoughts, giving inner balance and peace - insight in problems and difficulties, being able to handle them or letting go. 

In summary, whenever emotions or thoughts are out of balance, flower essences can be helpful. For example if you have a certain fear, then you actually have a lack of courage ….  Flower essences can help you get insight in the underlying reason for the fear and they will help you increase your courage (instead of suppressing the fear as some medications do).

Q - What is the difference between flower, gem, and environmental essences?

    • Flower Essences awaken and strengthen positive qualities of consciousness within, enabling us to live our lives with increased awareness and understanding.
      • Gem Elixirs help us fully embody changes in consciousness that are catalyzed by the use of flower essences. They stabilize and restructure the energy field so that our physical bodies can maintain balance as our consciousness grows and expands.
        • Environmental Essences provide the potent qualities of energy we need to create and sustain change at the core level of our beings.

          Q - How are essences made?
          A - All of our essences are made using the sun infusion process. In this process, the healing pattern of the flower, mineral, or aspect of the environment is transferred into water, which is then preserved and diluted.

          Q - Are vibrational essences safe? Who can take them?
          A - They may be safely used by people (and animals) of all ages. They are very stable and do not interfere with (nor are they influenced by) other forms of treatment, such as homeopathic remedies or prescription medications. They do not contain any physical material of the flower, gem or environment.

          Q - Will I experience any harmful side-effects from taking them?
          A - No. Occasionally essences will allow suppressed energies to come up into your awareness, so its possible to feel unsettled for a few days as these energies are released. This is actually a sign that you have allowed a positive shift to take place at a deep level.

          Q - Why do you use alcohol as a preservative?
          A - Our responsibility to our customers is to insure that our products will maintain their integrity and effectiveness until they are used up. Our essences contain organic, biodynamic, Demeter certified brandy at a percentage that creates a non-growth medium in the stock bottle.

          Q - Can people with alcohol sensitivities take the essences?
          A - Yes. There are several things that an alcohol sensitive person can do that will reduce the amount of alcohol they ingest to an insubstantial amount:

          • Take the essences you have chosen to use at the dosage level. Full instructions are available here.
          • Add 4 drops from your dosage bottle to a tea cup and pour in boiling water before adding the tea bag.
          • Or, add the drops to a large container of juice or water and sip during the day.
          • You can also cook with the essences as heat will not render them ineffective.
          • And, you can use the essences topically or add them to your bath water.

          Q - How can I find the right essence(s) for me?
          A - You can choose essences for yourself or have a qualified therapist select them for you. Choosing your own essences is a wonderful opportunity to let your intuition shine! The most important requirements for self-selection are clarity of intention and trust. So set a clear intention and trust your results. Read more HERE.

          Q - How many essences should I take at one time? Is there a limit to how many essences I should put in a dosage bottle?
          A - Its not so much a question of how many essences, but how many issues you are trying to address in one dosage cycle. It is more effective to take five or six essences for one issue than to take one essence for each of five or six different issues. Create a clear intention for your formula based on the one challenge or issue that is a priority for you at this time.

          Q - Can I blend different kinds of essences together in the same dosage bottle, or essences from different companies?
          A - Yes! Essence combining is an art that takes practice, but when you skillfully blend different kinds of essences and essences from different companies you create a synergistic formula that can bring support to you on many levels.

          Q - Are your essences homeopathic?
          A - Our essences are not homeopathic. The preparation procedure is completely different as is the dilution scheme.

          Q - Do your essences contain gluten?
          A - No, our essences are gluten free.

          Q - What happens if I take the wrong flower essence?
          A - If you take an essence that you don’t need, nothing happens.

          Q - Can your essences be harmed by the x-ray machines found in airports?
          A - No. The essences are extremely stable and are not affected in any way by these machines.

          Q - How long do your essences last?
          A - We are required by the FDA to put an “expiration” date of 10 years from the date of manufacture on our labels. However, when stored correctly, our essences will last until they are used up.

          Q - How should my essences be stored?
          A - Store your essences in a cool, dark place away from any strong odors. In other words, don’t store them with essential oils, soaps, and other beauty products that have a strong scent. Essences stored near strong odors will still work, but they will taste like what they were stored next to.