Easy to use every day formulas

Easy to use every day formulas for better wellbeing

Don’t know where to start with flower essences? This is the place. Our 12 Combination Formulas help you through every day circumstances and special life events. Ten of them are also available as sprays!

1) For every day stress, and in case of grief, shock and trauma
Emergency Formula ‘Soul Support’ brings stability and a calm strength when used during emergencies, stressful or traumatic events. It provides support to rejuvenate and restore balance on all levels.
>> Use the drops every day when you’re going through a stressful time in your life and use when something unexpected comes up. Good to have in your handbag!
>> Use the spray for extra soothing support for yourself and the people around you.

2) Communicating and expressing yourself with confidence
Communication Formula ‘Beyond Words’ enhances your ability to express yourself, assisting in the flow of information and ideas from one person to another with the intention of shared understanding. It is especially helpful during crucial communication. Whether the goal is heart to heart sharing, inspired public speaking or writing, this formula will improve your ability to think and speak from both the mind and heart.
>> Use the drops every day for 3-4 weeks when you want to work on your communication skills and use before/during important conversations, presentations, etc.
>> spray yourself or the room when writing, making phonecalls, talks, etc. The spray has a calming and uplifting effect and promotes mental clarity.

3) Attract more positivity and abundance
‘Go-Create’ Abundance Formula helps you co-create what you want, need, and desire in your life with less resistance and more ease. This formula will help you clear limiting beliefs, enhance your ability to feel worthy to receive your heart's desires, and find the trust and faith that will empower you to hold a vibration that is in alignment with what you truly desire.
>> Use the drops every day for 3-4 weeks when you want to work on better feeling thoughts and creating the life you want.
>> Use the spray for an instant spark of joy, inner fire and enthusiasm.

4) Protection for the highly sensitive
Healthy Boundaries Formula ‘Guardian’ helps you create a powerful force-field of protection in your aura. It invokes positive, harmonious energies that help you claim your energetic space, maintain your grounding and feel the protection of strong, healthy boundaries.
>> Use the drops every day for 3-4 weeks when you want to work on your energetic boundaries and feel more protected. Use incidentally when going to crowded events or places / people that feel overwhelming to you.
>> Use the spray for extra protection when you go out. The oils in the spray enhance the protective and grounding qualities of the formula.

5) Feel Loved and Nurtured
Divine Nurturing Formula ‘Calling All Angels’ helps you contact the love, guidance and protection of the angelic realm. It brings a very soft, loving and serene energy into your heart, physical body and environment.
>> Use the drops every day (for 3-4 weeks) when you want to strengthen the knowledge that you are guided, supported, and protected by the angels and want to bring more joy and peace in to your life.
>> Use the spray at night to help you and/or your children sleep! It brings a very sacred and peaceful energy into the space.

6) For study, learning and computer work
Focus and Integration Formula ‘Easy Learning’ was created to strengthen your focus and ability to pay attention without being distracted by what is going on around you. It also increases your ability to process and integrate information, increasing the understanding and logical application of knowledge.
>> Put some drops in your water bottle and take during the day when at work, at school or studying and you need extra support to feel focused.
>> Use the spray whenever you need refreshing clarity and focus.

7) Comfort and support for every animal
Animal Rescue Formula ‘Animal Care’ was created specifically to assist in animal rescue work, although it can be given to any animal in need. It can be very valuable when given to any animal who arrives at a shelter, treatment center or veterinarian clinic. This formula is a must when adopting a rescue animal. It helps the animal settle in and feel more at home. Read more about animals here.
>> Use the drops for at least 4-6 weeks, by putting 4 drops in their drinking water every day.
>> Use the spray for extra calming support in the area where they rest, e.g. livingroom or stall.

8) Letting go of the old
Purification ‘Space Clearing’ Formula contains our four most powerful cleansing and releasing essences. This formula is designed to purify your home and work environments and your personal energy field. It can be utilized to break up and cleanse stagnant patterns of energy. Use Purification when you need to release toxic energy from the mind, emotions, and physical body and when you want to revitalize, balance and stimulate the renewal of energy on all levels of your energy system.
>> Use the drops every day when you’re working on letting go of what is not serving you. Use also when you’re on a detox (put some drops in your juice or smoothies).
>> Use the clarifying spray in your home, or in new places like hotel rooms to clear out stagnant energies. Spray yourself when you want to feel refreshed after being out in a crowd or in a place that didn’t feel good.

9) Sparkling light during dark or depressing times
Energy Flow Formula ‘Lighten Up’ was designed to increase your ability to embody light. Its overall effect is to uplift, energize and inspire. This formula was created specifically for people who suffer from light deprivation, either because of where they live (extreme northern or southern latitudes or in a dark apartment), or because of the efficiency level of their energy system (energy pathways undeveloped or blocked). This formula is also helpful when you feel depressed, are caught in negative patterns, or feel cut off from your inner source of light.
>> Use the drops every day when you’re feeling depressed or are affected by long dark winter days.
>> Use the uplifting and refreshing spray when you want to bring more light and energy into your aura and home, especially during the long winter months and when you are tired and overwhelmed.

10) Facing intense and challenging times in life
Transformation Formula ‘Fireweed Combo’ supports the processes of transformation, transition and change. It can be used to prepare for a transformational experience of any kind, but it is especially useful when you are in the middle of an intense healing and need extra support to get through it. Use it to access the support you need to face your fears, let go of your resistance and open to the process as it moves forward, through each stage, to its completion.
>> Use the drops every day for a longer period of time, 4-6 weeks, to integrate the supportive and grounding energies of the Fireweed flowers in this formula.

11) Support during travel and flying
Journey Formula ‘Travel Ease’ was specifically designed to ease the negative effects of air travel, including jet lag. Travel Ease will help you feel as though you have all the personal space you need, even on a crowded flight, train or cruise. This formula supports the establishment and maintenance of functional energy boundaries.
>> Use the drops three days before travelling till three days after. On a flight or other trip, take every hour when needed. The ¼ oz and 1 oz drops are small enough to be on your carry-on in an airplane.
>> The oils in this spray support the cleansing, grounding and uplifting qualities of this formula.

12) Support for the mom-to-be
‘Pregnancy Support’ Formula is designed to nourish, strengthen, stabilize, and balance a woman and the baby growing within her during the entire pregnancy. Its primary action is to help the mother to be able meet the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that can arise during this life changing event.
>> Use the drops from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth of the child. Apply topically by adding it to moisturizing creams or lotions that are used during the pregnancy, or take internally as needed (two drops diluted in water or in tea).

>> Our Combination Formulas are unique blends of our flower, gem and environmental essences. They possess a special co-creative synergy that is only possible when healing energies from the flower, mineral and elemental kingdoms are combined through focused intention.
>> All our formulas were born out of many years of research, observation and feedback received from clients and therapists around the world.
>> The formulas are made with organic Demeter Certified Biodynamic® brandy  (alcohol 20% by volume).
>>Each spray contains a combination of Alaskan flower, gem, and environmental essences AND a complementary blend of the highest quality true essential oils (either organic, wild or unsprayed).
>>These 12 formulas are also available as a kit.