Space Clearing

Clear and Energize the Space you live in

The spaces where we live, work, and sleep, can powerfully influence how we feel. We have all experienced discomfort when entering a room without knowing why, and noticing that a room feels stuffy even when the windows are open. 
Regularly clearing out stuffy energy while invoking vibrant and positive energy will support our well-being and vitality. 
If you are wondering whether your home would benefit from Space Clearing, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your home embrace you with comfort and balance?
  • Is it a place of warmth and self-expression, a home for your soul?
  • Does your home energize, enrich and enhance your quality of life?
  • Is the amount of creative expression in your life right now in harmony with your desires?
  • Is your workspace rewarding and fulfilling, a place you want to be? 

    Consider Space Clearing when:

    • There is a sensation of heaviness in your dwelling -- it just doesn’t feel right.
    • Family members are often involved in arguments, conflicts and power struggles.
    • Traumatic experiences such as death, illness, addiction, depression, violence, and abuse have taken place in the dwelling. 
    • You are going through major life transitions and want your home to nurture and support you through the process.
    • You tend to accumulate clutter and you feel disorganized and stressed because you can’t quickly find the things you need.
    • Family members are not sleeping well and are always tired.

    Our Sacred Space Sprays make Space Clearing easy.
    They are made from Alaskan Flower, Gem and Environmental Essences. Carefully selected high-quality essential oils have been added to enhance the energetic effect of the essences. The Sacred Space Sprays cleanse, harmonize, and uplift the spaces around us. 

    Space Clearing Steps
    There are four Steps to Space Clearing. It is not only about clearing and cleansing, the 'invocation' is crucial to invite the positive energy you desire.