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>> Level 1 of our Practitioner Training started January 2024. Click here for more information about our training. Send us an email at education(@)alaskanessences.com if you'd like to be notified of new trainings.

>> New to flower essences? Watch this free beginner class "Introduction to Flower Essences". This class was recorded June 2022. Find it here

>> Recording "Gifts from Nature ~ Timely Essences". In this class from June 2022, you will learn about flower essences that help us align more with the Earth and our Higher Self, help us understand ourselves, and become less reactive and more present. We’ll briefly explain how gem elixirs differ from flower essences and their unique benefits. All living beings on this earth evolved because of the presence of the mineral kingdom! Learn about essential gem elixirs that offer stability, balance our energy field, and improve our well-being. We will also talk about the healing qualities of environmental essences and how they nourish and energize us on our journey. You’ll meet some important essences made from Nature’s unique places and natural events. Find it here.

>> Brazil online class February 24th 2024 "Finding Resilience and Connection in a turbulent world". Contact our distributor Essencias Florais. With Translation in Portuguese.

>> Japan Practitioner Training - Please contact our distributor Nature World Corp. in Tokyo if you'd like to purchase the recordings (with Japanese translation) from Level 1 (2021) and Level 2 (2022) and Level 3 (2023).

>> Brazil Practitioner Training - Please contact our teacher Isabela Bisconcini at essenciasdoalaska@gmail.com or WhatsApp +55-11-98149-0109. 

>> Recordings from the Flower Essence Conference April 2023. Explore the Elements as Core Regenerative Forces in Vibrational Medicine. Click HERE to purchase access. Judith, the director and teacher of Alaskan Essences, gave a presentation about "The Unique Healing Power in the Expressions of Nature’s Elements". Read more here.

>> Watch an interview/webinar with Judith Poelarends and Jen Frey from Organization of Nature Evolutionaries (ONE) on February 20th 2022. Judith talked about the healing qualities of the Alaskan wildflowers and what they have to share with us about living in challenging circumstances. Their talk was full of sweetness and flower essence knowledge! The replay is available on the ONE website.

>> Watch and learn anytime: our Youtube channel has webinar recordings and  short videos about several of our essences.

>> Read more about our essences for a variety of topics in our Blog & Newsletter archive.

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