Abundant living ~ Allowing Nature and the Universe to Support You

Nature is continually changing from one form to the next, and we are a vital piece of the Earth's ongoing transformation. As we move forward in our lives, our thoughts and emotions broadcast energy, creating experiences that match what we think and feel. When our thoughts and feelings align with our highest self, we attract what is in our highest good.

It's easy to forget the Universe provides us with unlimited support, especially when we expect the support to look and feel a certain way. We may resist the idea that we are responsible for our experience, and when life turns out differently than we expected or wanted, we don't know how to make positive changes. We may imagine being happier and fulfilled if only our circumstances would change. Still, it doesn’t take much life experience to discover we only have control over our thoughts and feelings. With intentional thoughts and positive emotions, we enhance our vibration and the energy we broadcast. As we become more aware of the energy we send out, we positively influence what comes back to us, and we truly become the conscious creators of our lives.

The following essences teach us to accept responsibility for what we make of our lives. They help us dissolve self-imposed mental limitations by reframing our perspective and transforming limiting thoughts. They connect us to Nature’s flexibility and resilience, so we can evolve and flow through our days without resistance or feeling a need to control our circumstances. Flowers provide the example of blooming in challenging environments, reminding us to open our minds and hearts to an attitude of gratitude. When we radiate appreciation for our lives, the Universe supports us beyond our wildest dreams. With the Universe's support and a symbiotic relationship with Nature’s laws, we can thrive!

Willow - manifest a positive reality with the quality of our thoughts
Willow grows surrounded by water. The energy of willow is receptivity, resilience, and tenacity, represented by bending gracefully with the wind, yielding under heavy snows, and growing new branches each spring after being nibbled on by moose during the winter. The essence of willow is helpful when we’d rather not take responsibility for our actions or the life we have created or when we blame others for our difficulties. It helps us take a greater level of responsibility for our creative mental processes to move towards a more positive life experience. In addition, willow essence helps remove our resistance to consciously creating our lives by raising our awareness of our self-imposed mental limitations. As we transform our limiting thoughts and embody the qualities of a flexible mind and resilient understanding, we find peace and joy in the act of living.

Spiraea – awareness of all the available support and nurturing
Spiraea flower essence addresses the times when we don’t feel supported by life. Often, we don’t feel supported because we have expectations and are attached to a specific kind of support, or we think the support should look and feel different than it does. When support shows up in unexpected ways, and we can’t recognize or accept it, we miss out on the universal nurturing available to us. The essence of Spiraea suggests that we offer ourselves as a channel for this energy and allow it to flow unhindered to where it is most needed, instead of focusing on the form we want our support to take. As we allow and anchor more support into our lives, we can grow and expand with more ease and less suffering, and by our example, help others do the same.

Bog Blueberry – unconditional acceptance of abundance
The essence of Bog Blueberry addresses the issue of blocking the experience of abundance by helping us identify and dissolve thought patterns and belief systems that cause our interactions with life to stagnate. If we have specific thoughts or beliefs about how abundance should look and we don’t accept the form it has chosen to appear, we block the abundance available to us. This essence helps us let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs so that the bounty of the universe can flow through us without limitation. It teaches us to unconditionally accept the abundance offered with a conscious attitude of gratitude.

Chiming Bells – experience joy in our physical existence
Chiming Bells flower essence is a tonic for the heart, a remedy for when we feel discouraged and we lack joy in our daily life. Its uplifting energy helps us open to a joyful experience of being alive, an experience that is our birthright. Chiming Bells reconnects us to our authentic thoughts and feelings and our life direction, helping us reestablish peace and stability at the physical level of our beings. This essence is a vibrational bridge to connect us with the Divine Mother, a natural and tangible source of support that is always available, no matter how lost we feel. As we allow the loving energy of the Divine Mother to penetrate and strengthen our hearts, we gain hope, courage, and a newfound sense of trust in our ability to find our way.

Diamond – trust in the wisdom of the Higher Self
Diamond gem elixir is helpful when we lack clarity about the future or feel confused about what we are supposed to do next. Diamond represents focus, precision, accuracy, and fine-tuning, and it strengthens these qualities in our 6th chakra, our mind’s eye, the source of our intuition and inner vision. This gem elixir harmonizes Divine and personal will, so we more easily act in alignment with our Divine purpose. It encourages us to make proactive, conscious choices to avoid the resistance we experience when we feel pressured to do something. When we align our desire, will, and motivation to make conscious choices, our processes and mindsets become focused on freewill action. Freewill action sets us up for a new co-creative focus—a conscious day-to-day intention for bringing increased clarity to our wants, desires, and needs. Diamond essence brings focus to the situation, so we don’t react or resist when things don’t manifest as we wish.

Go-Create – Abundance formula
Go-Create Abundance Formula was designed to help you co-create what you want, need, and desire in your life with less resistance, and more ease, efficiency, and effectiveness. This formula will help you clear limiting beliefs from past experiences, enhance your ability to feel worthy to receive your heart’s desire and find the energies of trust, faith, and gratitude that will empower you to hold a vibration in alignment with what you truly desire to create.

Use the Go-Create formula to:

  • Open your awareness to the unlimited generosity of the Universe
  • Focus your intention and attention on what you want to manifest, rather than on what you perceive to be missing
  • Trust in your capacity to create
  • Tap into your inner truth, joy, and wisdom
  • Feel more empowered around the whole co-creative process

Go-Create - Abundance Spray
The spray contains our original Go-Create Abundance Formula and the essential oils of Rosemary, Coriander, Lavender, Laurel, and Fresh Ginger. These refreshing oils are well known for their ability to support self-esteem, inner fire, enthusiasm, and creative boldness. Spray whenever you want to ignite inspiration and feel empowered in your capacity to create. Use it in your home, office, studio, or during meditations, classes, and workshops.

The essences in the Go-Create formula:

Blueberry Pollen - dissolving limiting beliefs to enhance our experience of abundance
Pollen contains the highest magnetic frequencies of energy that a plant can hold. Blueberry pollen essence helps us challenge deeply held beliefs about the physical world's limitations, beliefs that we don’t deserve to have all that we require to live our lives fully, and the assumptions we make to explain a lack of abundance. If we accept these false premises, we will eventually stop manifesting our potential. This essence aligns us with the energy to move us beyond our thoughts and fears about future limitations, so we can attract and receive all that we require and desire to live our lives to their fullest.
Gold - empowerment through knowing and feeling our true value
Gold gem essence is essential when we lack confidence in our ability to create and transform our wants and needs into physical reality. This essence helps us access our inner value to tap into our truth, joy, and wisdom as a source of creative power. When we know our true worth, we feel better about ourselves. These positive feelings become the energy we broadcast and the energy the Universe responds to, allowing us to co-create our lives from our authentic truth.
Star Sapphire - acting in alignment with life purpose
Star Sapphire gem essence is for those who want to activate the next level of their life purpose but don't feel supported enough and lack trust in the Universe. The primary gift of this essence is to energize and stabilize our awareness of spiritual support to co-create with it more effectively. It helps us make the required energetic and physical connections to support the realization of our life goals.
Rock Spring – restoring hope, courage, inspiration, and a belief in miracles!
Rock Spring is an essence of hope and miracles! It embodies the constant proof that nothing is impossible. It can help us find our way through seemingly insurmountable obstacles with infinite patience and never-ending trust. The Rock Spring environmental essence opens us to the abundant generosity of Nature, pleasant surprises, windfalls, and altruism from others. It helps us touch into Source energy and understand that manifestation is about aligning with this energy flow to find joy as it passes through on its way to somewhere else.