Animals and July 4th Fireworks

If you have a dog, cat, or other pet, you may not be looking forward to the 4th of July! My dog Suzie is 15 years old and getting pretty deaf, so she does not hear the fireworks so much, but in the past, when she did, it was very unsettling for her. Many pets find the 4th of July the most anxiety-ridden and frightening time of year. On those days, having essences on hand to support your furry friends can help them remain calm and feel safe and protected.

Read more about these helpful essences for animals here.


  • Please keep your pets inside the house, and don’t let them escape through an open door!
  • Ensure your dog or cat is chipped or has a tag with your phone number.
  • Turning on the tv or radio helps, as well as playtime games like tug of war or anything that involves engagement and treats!
  • And, of course, remain calm. If you are stressed out, take some Soul Support!