August 2013 - Back to School

This month we are featuring a group of flower essences and gem elixirs that assist with the challenges and excitement of going back to school. Beyond Words supports all aspects of written and verbal communication, and encourages us to participate more openly and fully in classroom discussions. Easy Learning increases our ability to process and integrate information while activating interest in new subjects and new ways of learning. Citrine helps us to remain calm in the midst of increased mental activity so that we can concentrate fully. Peridot provides support and protection for any new cycle of growth or experience, such as moving to a new school, and helps us incubate new creative projects. Sticky Geranium helps us activate our learning potential in the easiest and most straightforward way possible, using the least amount of energy with the highest degree of efficiency. And perhaps most importantly, Tamarack brings confidence and encourages us to embrace our own unique individuality, so we can bring forth our innate gifts and talents and contribute to our world in new and positive ways.

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