Can you combine gem and flower essences?

Yes absolutely! Flower and gem essences are a great combination! In short, flower essences are our teachers. They teach us about self-awareness and help us understand life’s lessons. They help us gain insight into how our thinking and behavior affect us, and they help balance our emotions and provide new ways to view ourselves and our lives—making them powerful allies on our life journey. Gem elixirs provide strength and stability as we anchor our expanding consciousness into our body, making it easier to maintain equilibrium during times of spiritual growth. Gems know all about being grounded, stable and living on the Earth. Just like flowers, all gems have their own unique energetic quality. Some work on a specific chakra or subtle body, while others are more cleansing or recharging.
Two new video’s are available about Gem Elixirs for the Heart: Chrysoprase gem essence helps connect our heart with the Earth, so we can more readily accept the Earth as our home and feel the pleasure of being part of it. Watch the video here.
Rhodochrosite gem essence helps heal our heart after deep trauma and emotional injury, so we can make intimate connections with others. Watch the video here.