Connect to your Inner Vitality

Many of us strive for a solid connection with our Self, making it easier to be centered, grounded, and present. But when challenging personal or world events happen, and we respond with worry or anger, we lose our alignment, and with that, our source of energy and vitality. Life always provides plenty of opportunities to get caught up in the stressors of the outside world. When this happens, we often focus on issues that cause negative emotions, but continually focusing on things that make us feel bad consumes a lot of our vital energy.

When we deplete our vital energy reserves, sleeping doesn't replenish us, and all the coffee and chocolate in the world can't help. Difficulties and emergencies can seem insurmountable when we have no energy, and we may eventually find ourselves overwhelmed or vulnerable. When life events impact our wellbeing and ability to find peace, we must intentionally refocus on things that nurture our connection to our core Self and reclaim our vitality. We don't need to ignore what is happening in the world, but we need to find the calm within to respond and take action from a grounded inner presence.

If you are willing to take an honest look at yourself, consider the areas of your life that receive the bulk of your attention and focus. Which thoughts are perpetually in your mind? Can you see positive things occurring in your life? Do you spend quality time connecting to Nature? Do you give yourself nourishing self-care?

The following essences empower our journey back to center and wellbeing by teaching us that the source of our vitality lies within. Red Elder and Chocolate Lily help us perceive the world from inner calm and grounding. Grass of Parnassus and Lady's Slipper attract the life force energy of Source and Mother Earth to bathe, nourish, and replenish our energy field. Fire Opal gem elixir builds and restores our vital energy reserves by improving our connection to the Earth. Solstice Sun's environmental essence opens our bodies' energy pathways to receive more light.

Red Elder * Chocolate Lily * Grass of Parnassus * Fire Opal * Lady's Slipper * Solstice Sun

Red Elder flower essence is helpful for those of us who spend most of our time trying to keep track of everything going on in our lives. When we rely primarily on our mental forces, we can disassociate from our bodies and become unfocused. The energy of Red Elder is feminine, nurturing, gentle and soft. It radiates a message from the Earth that all is well. It helps to contract our overly expanded state of being to view life from our center rather than from the periphery. This essence improves our grounding and physical presence by helping us release mental and emotional tension into the Earth and inviting us back to our center to enjoy the bounty of life within our physical bodies. Most importantly, this essence helps us participate more fully in the co-creative life cycle. As we receive more nourishment from our physical environment, we can better nurture the Earth and others in return.

Chocolate Lily flower essence helps us establish a deep and quiet inner perspective, so we can move from agitation and worry to a calm and centered present-time awareness. It helps those who crave a variety of external stimuli to ground their focus back into the body to pay more attention to what is relevant and essential to the task at hand. It helps us receive our life experiences with more spaciousness and less reactivity. Use Chocolate Lily essence when you find yourself being over-reactive to situations beyond your control or when you experience fatigue after over-extending yourself. This essence teaches us that when we are present, it’s easier to become even more present and connected to our center, where we can experience an unlimited source of vitality.

Grass of Parnassus flower essence offers a fountain of white light to nourish all levels of our being. Its energy is effervescent, joyful, uplifting, and liberating. Use this essence whenever you need to cleanse and charge up your energy fields. It brings the light of purity into the aura and helps us attune more clearly to higher energy frequencies. It facilitates the practice of meditation and can also be used to cleanse the meditation room. This powerful essence is beneficial for those who live and do their work in crowded or polluted surroundings. It brings an increased level of protection to the human energy system while helping us attract increased levels of energetic nourishment from nature. This flower essence is also one of the four essences in Lighten Up Energy Flow Formula and Spray.

Fire Opal gem elixir is a crucial remedy when our energy reserves become depleted because our lifestyle and work habits are not nourishing our physical bodies. When we are chronically tired from overwork and poor energy management, Fire Opal releases blockages between the Earth and the base of our energy field. This essence also opens and clears energy pathways between the chakras below the heart to receive more energetic nourishment directly from the Earth. Clear connections between these chakras contribute to an upward flow of energy from the Earth to replenish our reserves.

Lady's Slipper orchid is a well-hidden forest dweller. It requires us to come to a place of inner quiet and attunement before it will reveal itself. Its essence helps us focus and circulate the energy flow of our bodies, so the energy reaches the areas that have been depleted and need regeneration and renewal. Lady's Slipper works specifically with the primary energy pathways in the body: the chakras, the central nervous system, and the large nerve pathways that run along the spine. This essence not only helps us regulate the flow of energy along these pathways but also helps us increase our awareness and sensitivity to them.

Solstice Sun environmental essence was prepared during the night and early morning hours of June 21 and 22, as the midnight sun danced along the peaks of the Brooks Range in the northern interior of Alaska. The sun barely dipped below the tips of the mountain peaks, never entirely disappearing. This essence contains the energy of the setting and rising sun—embodying the completion of the old and the beginning of a new cycle of light. Solstice Sun is a transformational essence and can have a powerful effect on our ability to access and move energy through our physical bodies. It is helpful for those who have difficulty getting through long dark winters. This essence works by opening our hearts and the energy pathways in our bodies to receive more light and make more efficient use of the energy contained within it. This  essences is also one of the four essences in Lighten Up Energy Flow Formula and Spray