Creative and Fun Ways to use Essences!

We most often use essences internally, but they have a wide variety of practical and creative applications. We are sharing a few ideas here, but the possibilities are endless!

Use Essences Topically to Elevate your Self-care Routines

  • Incorporate rejuvenating energy into your daily routine by adding essences to creams, massage oils, body lotions, and other health and beauty products.
  • Release the stress of your day by adding essences to your evening bathwater. Environmental essences like Chalice Well and Portage Glacier connect us to divine support and revitalize our energy system. Flower essences like Dandelion and Sweetgrass after you’ve had a massage or bodywork help release physical tension and clear blockages in the etheric body.

Dispersing Essences will Uplift and Energize Everyone in your Household or Office

  • Broadcasting disperses the essences into your environment adding another level of energetic support.
  • Energize your space by adding essences to a spray bottle with a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Check out our sprays HERE.
  • Invoke wanted energies into your home by adding essences to your indoor fountains and humidifiers. Even a few drops in a bowl of water strategically placed in a room will disperse the energy of the essences
  • Spray the bedding when you’re making the beds. Calling all Angels is the perfect spray to enhance restful sleep.
  • Create the energy you desire by adding essences to the water of cut flowers and potted plants.
  • Adding essences to wall paint can set an intention or energy for a specific space.
  • Create an altar with essences for your yoga practice (or other at-home exercises) and use it before you start your session. Opal will clear the energy pathways in your body, Rose Quartz will open your heart, and Amber will help you connect more deeply with your physical body.

Use Essences in Fun and Practical Ways to Enliven your Work and Play

  • Deepen your level of cleaning by adding essences to your wash water, washing machines, and cleaning products. Our Purification Formula contains the four most powerful cleansing and releasing essences in our repertory.
  • Spark your creative process by adding essences to your painting, clay work, dye baths, soap, or candle making. Yellow Paintbrush is lovely and supports and enhances your artistic endeavors.
  • Reinforce the inherent creativity of children by adding essences to their bubble solution, water-based paints, and play dough.