Cultivate and Embrace your Self-Worth

Feelings that arise from low self-worth can negatively influence our daily actions and the decisions that shape our lives. Most of us at have dealt with the effects of low self-esteem at some point in our lives. Negative experiences, feedback, and remarks from childhood can still influence how we feel about ourselves today. And, we have all experienced the stress of not being able to meet unrealistic goals. Over time, low self-esteem impacts our quality of life with limiting thoughts and clouded perspectives that develop into an endless inner stream of unspoken words. This negative self-talk limits us in many ways, including blocking joy and light from entering our lives.

If you have low self-esteem, you may:
• Have a poor opinion of your skills and ability that keeps you from applying for the interesting jobs you want.
• Think you are unlovable or not good company, so you avoid socializing and dating, which leaves you longing for friendships or a relationship.
• Have a fear of failure, causing you to avoid new and challenging opportunities.
• Hold a clouded and pessimistic view of yourself, leaving you feeling awkward when you receive positive feedback from others. 
• Place the needs of others above your own, making you exhausted and drained.
• Find it difficult to say no and set boundaries, making it easy for others to take advantage of you.
• Lack confidence in your ability to live up to your own expectations, contributing to stress, worry, and the anxiety of self-doubt.

Fortunately, investing some time and energy to improve our self-esteem can lead us to a more balanced and accurate perception of who we are. Flower essences are a perfect fit for this growth process! They connect us with our inner being and help us remember our true nature to see ourselves more clearly. As we become aware of our limiting beliefs, the flower essences support us in transforming negative thoughts about ourselves. They unlock innate inner qualities, helping us find more confidence, acceptance, and joy, making it easier to share our unique selves with others.

The following essences help us Cultivate and Embrace our Self-Worth:

Tamarack – confidence that comes from knowing your abilities

Tamarack flower essence is helpful when we have low or no confidence in our unique skills and potential. Tamarack's energy enhances our awareness of who we are and strengthens the knowledge of our true selves and unique abilities. When we face challenges, such as moving to a new area or starting a new job, we tend to place a great deal of our attention and identity on the situation and the conditions connected with it. Tamarack helps us use the opportunity to identify instead with the essence of who we are, so we remain confident and centered in the knowledge that our abilities will carry us through.
> Affirmation: "I know who I am and what I can do. I live life with confidence and self-determination."

Columbine – acceptance of your unique and personal beauty
With television, ads, and social media's focus on looks and appearance, it can be challenging to see and accept our unique and distinctive beauty. Columbine is a great flower essence for those who have a negative self-image or judge their appearance by superficial, arbitrary, or comparative standards. Sadly, this attachment to physical perfection keeps us from seeing and appreciating the most valuable part of ourselves and others--the eternal soul that shines from within. Columbine teaches us that perceived physical imperfections do not limit our unique spiritual qualities. It reminds us to be as nature guides us to be, uniquely ourselves. It helps us strengthen our sense of who we are and encourages us to radiate that truth without concern, so we appreciate our uniqueness, regardless of how it differs from the norm.
> Affirmation: "I am a miracle of creation. I live in full appreciation of my unique beauty."

Gold - empowerment that comes from knowing and feeling your true value
Gold gem elixir helps you find your value. What we see is often conditioned by what we learned from others and what we think we want to see. Gold enables us to see and feel our true selves in a way that transcends our perceptual filters. It helps us look at ourselves and others with fresh eyes to see value where we didn't see it before. The empowerment that comes from knowing oneself is crucial because those who don't or can't sense their inherent value can feel powerless and threatened, making them susceptible to having other people's values placed on them. However, a person who knows their value and worth affirms rather than challenges these qualities in others.

Sphagnum Moss – turning self-judgment into acceptance
This essence helps us turn inappropriate judgment and criticism into unconditional love and acceptance. It is beneficial when we are critical and judgmental of our healing journey, when we may be dealing with chaos, confusion, and even disease. Through a lack of understanding, we may misinterpret a transformational experience as a sign of failure, leaving us filled with a sense of never being able to get it right. Instead of feeling like we failed, Sphagnum Moss helps us see the bigger picture where positive change or transformation occurs. It helps us become aware of our negative thoughts and supports the opening of our hearts when the urge to judge or criticize first appears, so we instead feel acceptance and unconditional love.
> Affirmation: "I surround all inner conflict with acceptance and love. I honor my healing journey with awareness and understanding."

Liard Hot Springs – getting back in touch with your original innocence
The healing gift that Liard Hot Springs offers is an original archetype of innocence. As we enter and relax into the calming vibration of this essence, layers of energetic grit and grime we collected during our lifetimes on this planet are cleared away. This cleansing brings us back in touch with the innocent truth of who we are—spiritual beings who have come to this Earth to learn. The Liard Hot Springs essence can help us regain this innocence regardless of our recent experience of self-blame and condemnation. This essence can clear ancient patterns from our energy fields, minds, and emotions when our sense of identity and self-worth is contaminated with negative feelings connected to mistakes and choices from the past.
> Affirmation: "I bathe my body, mind, and soul in the cleansing waters of creation. I surrender that which obscures my God-given innocence."

Alpine Azalea – opening the heart through unconditional self-acceptance
The Alpine Azalea flower essence is helpful for those who live in an attitude of conditional self-acceptance. It connects us with the vibration of Love, and as we open our hearts to this penetrating energy, it catalyzes the release of old patterns of self-doubt. This essence helps us create an unconditional level of self-understanding and compassion in our lives. As we learn to hold the totality of who we are in loving regard, we can draw more and more of the spirit of love into our bodies, where it can serve as a powerful source of healing for ourselves and others.
> Affirmation: "I unconditionally accept the totality of who I AM. I open my heart to the generous, loving energy of the planet."