Embodying our Purpose on Earth

For many of us, the spiritual and emotional growth journey can be filled with ups and downs. We work through our mental and emotional layers and become more authentic, connecting with and feeling our inherent well-being. But then something happens in our life or the world, throwing us off course and leaving us feeling scattered, unsupported, and weighed down. This upheaval reveals more layers that need to be seen and healed, and as the layers rise to the surface, some of us begin to question the purpose and meaning of life. Those who feel and think deeply or are highly sensitive and empathic may wonder why they are here and what their contribution can be to a world seemingly filled with inequality, chaos, noise, and meaningless activity.

Are you looking for wisdom to unlock the mystery of your life path? Are you wondering about your life purpose? You're not alone! Fortunately, Nature holds the answers to questions like these. Nature's intelligence creates and holds space for us to explore our experiences and why we are here. The natural world provides profound healing and support, calling us to trust our inner guidance and direction. Even when we feel disheartened, we can call on Nature's support to help us move through the ups and downs of life. This support allows us to embody the strength of our true core, where our authentic selves feel connected to this world and know that we belong here.

This following essences can help you embody your soul's purpose, find peace, and feel at home on Earth. They offer strength so we can stand firm in our alignment, attract what is for our highest good, and be receptive to support that arrives in unexpected ways. The essences also teach us to open ourselves to the beauty of this planet and remind us of the importance of play and experiencing joy.

box.Shooting Star

Shooting Star – helping us accept Earth as our home
Shooting Star flower essence is helpful when we don’t feel we belong on the Earth, feel unsupported while being here, and are homesick for a place we cannot identify. It helps to develop a clear sense of purpose on Earth and a practical understanding of how to fulfill that purpose. Shooting Star strengthens our innate ability to connect with levels of guidance and information to understand the larger context of our situation on Earth. An immense amount of loving support is available to assist each of us during our sojourn on Earth, and the essence of Shooting Star helps us connect with that support in ever-increasing ways.

Club Moss – healing ambivalence about being on this planet
This essence is helpful for those hesitant to fully incarnate because we don’t feel comfortable with the chaotic energies that are not part of the Earth’s primary vibration. Club Moss is an ancient plant that emerged on Earth to establish a primary field of awareness that other plants could build on or add to. It communicates a powerful green heart vibration with solid earth and grounding notes. It works by enabling a direct connection between the first chakra and the Earth without all the layers of human history in the way. Its essence can improve our relationship with the Earth: our awareness of it, how we interact with it, and how we touch it and allow it to touch us. The main message of Club Moss is there is so much here on Earth to notice and enjoy, even more profound levels that we are not yet aware of, but we can find them through relaxation, grounding, enjoyment, and manifestation.

Spiraea – promoting awareness of the support and nurturing available to us
Spiraea flower essence addresses when we cannot recognize the positive in life because we don’t feel supported and over-emphasize the negative. Often, we don’t feel supported because we have expectations and are attached to a specific kind of support, or we think the support should look and feel different than it does. When support shows up in unexpected ways, and we can’t recognize or accept it, we miss out on the universal nurturing available to us. Spiraea encourages unconditional acceptance of support from all sources and teaches us how to nurture and be nurtured by life through openness and gratitude.

Cattail Pollen – aligning our energy field with our higher purpose
A strong and conscious connection with our divine essence is needed to live our life by our highest purpose. The power of our divine essence is always there, but sometimes, it is challenging to keep our hearts and perceptions open to its existence or stand up for ourselves while knowing what is for our highest good. Cattail Pollen essence embodies a highly magnetic quality of energy that aligns and energizes our chakras and penetrates through pain and trauma to reveal our eternal self. Empowered with this new vision and vitality, we can stand tall in our truth again and set out on our chosen path with a clear view of the potential ahead. Cattail Pollen makes it easier to powerfully project our true selves into the world to attract the people and situations that will support us.

Gigha Quartz - encouraging deep alignment and core inner strength
This environmental essence was made on a quartz outcropping that rises out of the ocean at the southwest edge of Scotland's Island of Gigha like a giant dragon. This quartz formation embodies an ancient and sacred energy that can profoundly shift our grounding and alignment. The essence made from this Quartz offers many levels of healing. Primarily, it is a grounding essence, encouraging us to become more present in a soft and empowering way. As we become more grounded, the essence helps build our inner strength and discipline to maintain a deeper alignment with the planet. This alignment enables us to live our lives with a physical and energetic posture that is more upright, self-contained, and authentic, leading to a greater expression of our power and creativity.

Green Jasper – a reminder to relax and enjoy our physical body and existence
Green Jasper gem elixir strengthens our connection to the earth, increasing our vitality and the healthy expression of earthly sensuality. It opens the first chakra and the chakras in our feet to allow loving and gentle earth energy to flow upwards and envelop the heart. In the presence of this energy, we can discharge excesses of nervous energy, making it easier to relax. Green Jasper is especially helpful when work and responsibilities weigh us down and we are not enjoying life. It reminds us that we can feel uplifted and joyful regardless of where we are or what we are doing and encourages us to open again to the healing power of fun, play, and celebration.

More Essences to Feel at Home and Connected to Earth:
Paper Birch helps us gain a clear perspective on our life purpose.
Alder provides clarity about what is true and good for ourselves.
Devil's Club clears ambivalence about being present in our physical bodies.
Cow Parsnip helps us adapt to a new living environment or life phase.
Grove Sandwort supports a nurturing relationship between the Earth and all living beings.
Northern Lady's Slipper helps to heal a weak body and soul connection because of birth trauma.
Mangano Calcite provides a gentle, protective energy that helps us feel safe in the heart.
Emerald opens us to the nurturing energies of the Divine Mother.
Green Bells of Ireland fine-tunes our perceptions of Earth's energy frequencies.