Empowerment through Self Awareness

When I started using flower essences, I enjoyed how each essence blend I received felt different from the others; some felt joyful, and others serious. They all helped me better understand myself by revealing where my thoughts and belief systems came from and which of those ideas and beliefs did not reflect my true nature. The essences helped me discover more of my life purpose and the activities that inspire me. They helped me find the inner courage to make important life-changing decisions, comforted me after the loss of my husband Steve, and supported me when I decided to take over the reins of Alaskan Essences, the company he founded.

I have used essences ever since I learned about them. It is empowering to know they will always be there for me and that the right essences will show up when I need them. They gently remind me of who I am and what I am here to experience, learn and share. Sometimes I joke that I’ve got a bunch of true friends in bottles. These friends know me well; they always have my back, show me other ways of seeing things, and give me a kick in the butt when I need it.

The following flower essences (I call them wise teachers) help with what I like most about essences: getting to know myself on a deeper level. Most of us are not eager to look into the fear we hold, but fear often hides just under the surface, shaping our personality and attitude towards life and others. To avoid our fear, we unconsciously create protective patterns that can perpetuate inner and outer struggles until we feel like we have just had enough. Fear also causes us to resist life, blocking our internal flow of Light until we feel isolated and alone. Our Light wants to flow and shine into the world, and shining this Light on our fears will transform and enlighten us, providing peace and relief.

Facing fear and accessing our inner light calls for great teachers, and the flowers are just that! A few of the flowers we selected this month were abundantly present on my journey through Alaska this summer. Monkshood, False Hellebore, and Sitka Burnet were growing in impressive numbers in the alpine meadows! All six flowers we selected this month help us step into the Light. They promote wholeness by strengthening our connection with our true selves. When we are whole, we trust ourselves, know who we are, and say ‘yes’ to life, no matter what it brings us. This ‘yes’ opens up everything!

Monkshood - the courage to show your true self to others
The Monkshood flower essence is for sensitive individuals who fear sharing their private selves with others and avoid deep emotional contact. They may also find it challenging to be close to others because they lack well-defined energetic boundaries. The Monkshood plant has a strong energy field and well-defined boundaries. Its essence can significantly improve the strength and delineation of our boundaries so we can create and maintain a protected inner space. As we focus on and align with this sacred internal space, we can discern more profound levels of ourselves and powerful aspects of our Divine nature that were previously beneath our conscious awareness. This awareness of our inner divinity enables us to project our true spiritual identity into the world, empowering us to let go of our internal burdens, drop the heaviness from our hearts, and relate to the world with fearlessness.

Sitka Burnet - releasing internal conflict to the Light of Awareness
Whenever Sitka Burnet comes up in an intuitive selection, I know an important lesson is ready to be integrated. The Sitka Burnet flower essence shows us why we’re struggling and how some experiences seem to repeat themselves. It helps us see and understand the information relevant to a particular lesson so we can bring that learning experience to completion and release its energies. The Sitka Burnet essence is beneficial when we encounter deep and intimidating levels of fear during our inner explorations. It shows us that we often react not to the issues involved or the details of the situation but to all the nervous energy built up around it. We use this essence to help us penetrate layers of fear and confusion and contact the central or core issue creating our discomfort. We can then resolve the problem at its origin and bring the whole dynamic to its ultimate conclusion.

Foxglove – transforming thoughts and beliefs that cause fear
Foxglove flower essence empowers us to live without fear. It encourages us to take emotional risks in our relationships and helps strengthen our hearts to remain open in response to conflict or challenge. This essence helps when we have lost our perspective and have no idea how to proceed. It is beneficial when we experience fear that is so strong our perceptions close down, and we don’t know what to do or which way to go, and the more we identify with the predicament, the stronger these feelings get. Foxglove relieves the energetic tension around the heart that accompanies this experience while restoring clear breathing and energy flow. This essence expands our perspective to see beyond fear into the underlying thoughts, feelings, and belief systems responsible for it. Foxglove provides the insight that while fear is real, love is more potent — and the quickest way to move through any fear is to open our hearts to love.

False Hellebore - releasing fear from our heart
False Hellebore flower essence promotes the release of false concepts and old ways of viewing life that may cause us to become inflexible and stuck on our path. This essence is helpful when we feel insecure and are holding back because of a fear of moving forward. It catalyzes movement from the old to the new and helps us face our deepest, darkest fears. It is helpful when we have resistance to being in a physical body on the earth. False Hellebore helps us to know that fear can only appear when our focus is on the past or the future. This essence helps us maintain a strong and profoundly nurturing connection with the earth, making it easier to stay in the present moment where fear cannot manifest.

Sticky Geranium - freeing up and focusing inner potential
Sticky Geranium is an ideal flower essence when we are stuck in a web of procrastination. Its vibrant and catalytic energy can help us move from a place of lethargy to a place of decisive and focused action. This essence stimulates a high degree of cooperation between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of our being. This inner cooperation moves us to the next level of an experience with clarity, focus, and a sense of order, whether writing the next chapter in a book or committing deeply to a job or relationship. Sticky Geranium encourages us to tune into our inner knowing and release old levels of programming and resistance that hold us in a place of stagnation. It empowers us to free up our inner potentials and go beyond previous stages of growth and self-definition to jump into life with energy and enthusiasm. It also helps those of us with many responsibilities and an overwhelming number of things to do, concentrate, and collect our energy to accomplish what is necessary in the easiest way possible.

Tundra Rose - accentuate the positive
This flower essence helps those with much to offer but who have lost hope and may want to give up their dreams and desires. With its bright yellow flowers, Tundra Rose communicates a love for life that resonates deep within the heart. It gently illuminates our deepest fears with the Light of Love, so we are motivated by a love of life rather than a fear of death. This higher level of alignment strengthens our ability to complete challenging tasks joyfully. Tundra Rose also helps us understand the spiritual basis of our most difficult life lessons and teaches us to focus on the potential blessings of our challenges instead of feeling victimized or losing ourselves in despair. Tundra Rose is a true essence of Light and Hope!