Energizing Essences to Enhance Self-Care

Self-care is essential to maintain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. We may often feel we’re too busy to take time for ourselves, but we can do a lot with just a little effort! Winter is the perfect time to enhance our self-care practice by cleansing and recharging our aura with the energy of light. The six essences we are featuring this month will increase the light and energy flow in your body and its surrounding energy field. If you use the essences by adding drops to your water or tea or by taking them directly from the dropper bottle on a daily basis for a few weeks you'll find yourself operating more effectively and efficiently.

Creative ways to use these energizing essences:

  • Make a room spray for your home or office and use it whenever you need an energy boost
  • Use the drops or spray before and during yoga and other mind-body practices to enhance your mind's positive impact on your body
  • Add four drops of each essence to your shampoo, body wash, or lotions for a daily infusion of light
  • Add a few drops to a humidifier to boost the light energy in the spaces you occupy
  • Add drops to your flowers and potted plants to energize your plants and bring more light into your home or office
  • Use a few drops in watercolor or paint to amplify your creative process
  • Add essences to your food while cooking to enhance the light energy of the food you eat
  • Place some drops in your hot tub, wet sauna, or your bath to lighten the stress of the day

Sweetgrass flower essence
The sweetness of this plant goes beyond its name and pleasing scent — it is a subtle caress for the entire energy field. Its gift is to clear a pathway between the spiritual realms and our physical body so the benevolent blessings of light can be received in the deepest way possible. When we open to the vibration of Sweetgrass flower essence on a daily basis, our physical and etheric bodies are cleansed and uplifted so inharmonious energies don't have a chance to become part of our physical structure. Conversely, the Sweetgrass essence can be taken at the end of a healing process to help release any vibrational debris left after the cycle has come to completion on the physical level. Placing drops of Sweetgrass in the bath after receiving a massage or any kind of deep bodywork, helps complete that experience on all levels.

Sweetgrass is also one of the ingredients in Purification Space Clearing Formula and Spray!

Grass of Parnassus flower essence
This flower essence offers a nourishing fountain of white light for all levels of our being. Its energy is effervescent, joyful, uplifting, and liberating. Grass of Parnassus is a good essence to use whenever we feel the need to cleanse and charge up our energy fields. It brings the light of purity into the aura and helps us attune more clearly to higher frequencies of energy. It facilitates the practice of meditation and can also be used to clear the meditation room. This powerful essence is especially helpful for those who live and work in crowded or polluted surroundings, as it provides an increased level of protection to the human energy system while helping us attract increased levels of energetic nourishment from nature.

Grass of Parnassus is also in our Lighten Up Energy Flow Formula and Spray.

Northern Lights environmental essence
This environmental essence is often indicated when we are poised on the edge of a breakthrough in consciousness, but we lack the energy to complete the process. In this instance, Northern Lights essence can help us tap into the fundamental creation forces of the Universal Field and gather the energy we need to make the transition from the old to the new. This essence was prepared under a green aurora, so its healing focus is to support deep levels of re-patterning in the fourth chakra, the heart. This essence is particularly useful after an experience of deep transformation, especially when the experience has broken down old energetic patterns of connection that we used to relate to others and the outside world. Often this shift leaves us feeling disoriented and that our heart forces are scattered. From this place of dissolution and disintegration, the essence of Northern Lights does its best work, by helping us create a new energetic matrix of connection in our hearts based on Universal Love.

Use this essence to clear ancestral patterns, cleanse the core of your being, enhance your creative expression, and help release non-serving energy and life patterns.

Fireweed flower essence
Fireweed is a unique plant in terms of Earth healing due to its tremendous range and ability to thrive in disturbed environments, especially burned over areas. The plants form an etheric network of restorative energy that merges with the vibration of the soil, cleansing and renewing its pattern and enabling it to attract and support new plant life. The Fireweed flower essence does much the same for our human form, stimulating the renewal of energies on all levels of our being. It is a powerful catalyst for growth and transformation that encourages us to release anything that is no longer appropriate or useful in our lives so that we can create new experiences free from the limitations of the past. It is particularly important for those who have burned up their vital life-force energy through prolonged struggle or misuse. It helps us release habits and patterns of behavior that contribute to our state of exhaustion and replaces them with a new matrix of connection to the Earth and the etheric realms. 

Use this essence when you feel ungrounded or when your energy feels stagnant. It helps when you feel burned-out and have a weak vertical connection between the Earth and the spiritual realms. It helps to release pain and shock after the trauma of an accident or injury, and when we attempt to carry the past into the future.

Fireweed is an important essence is our system. It's is part of three combination formulas: Soul Support Emergency Formula, Purification Space Clearing Formula and Fireweed Combo Transformation Formula.

Opal gem elixir
Opal gem elixir recharges our chakras with a full spectrum of luminous colors. It helps rejuvenate spent emotional and mental forces and replenishes our creative energies. The essence of Opal rebuilds the light body and replenishes our chi or life force, bringing it first to where it is most needed. People tend to use certain parts of their energy field more than others, and the overused parts can become depleted over time. Opal provides the specific frequency of energy needed to recharge a particular energy center, restoring the whole system to better function. Another form of energy depletion occurs when mentally driven people have trouble getting good quality rest at night. This essence can help recharge the mental forces which will also refresh one's outlook on life, making it easier for the body to rest and feel rejuvenated. Use Opal gem elixir when you feel burned out, when you suffer from insomnia caused by the overuse of your mental forces, when your tiredness is not helped by sleep, whenever your energy reserves are depleted, and when you feel emotionally exhausted.

Fluorite gem elixir
Fluorite is the break-up elixir. It increases the circulation of energies in the physical body by breaking up and dispersing blockages in the etheric body. It encourages an increase of energy from the mental and emotional bodies to flow into the etheric and physical bodies. It is especially useful when there is congestion, constriction, or stagnation of energy on any or all levels. This gem essence works primarily on the mental body and in the fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras, to clear psychic and perceptual blockages. Subsequently, Fluorite helps release chronic energy congestion in the head, throat, and shoulder areas. This congestion is the result of looking at life through filters of pain, suffering, and discouragement. As these filters are cleared we can open to a perspective unencumbered by the past to see what is in the moment. Fluorite helps us base our perceptions on what is happening, rather than on the accumulation of what has already happened. It helps us clear this accumulation and the attitudes and belief systems that evolved from it. In this way, we can retain the learning and wisdom gleaned from our life experiences while releasing the associated layers of energetic debris and tension.