Environmental Essences - Support and Energy from the Natural World

Environmental Essences - Support and Energy from the Natural World

We are all touched by the healing energy we find in Nature. Some places in Nature feel refreshing and energizing, while others encourage us to feel calm and still. For example if you were lucky to witness the northern lights, you might have felt the energy of the aurora reach deep into your heart. These life-affirming experiences lead us to visit mountains, island beaches, and mystic forests, and some of us may even chase storms and visit active volcanoes. When we are attracted to a specific location or find ourselves amidst a natural event, the elemental and spiritual energies provide us with a unique experience and an energetic quality that benefits our healing.

At Alaskan Essences, we make environmental essences from specific pristine locations and powerful natural events. Environmental essences are an essential addition to our work with flower and gem essences. Flower essences facilitate self-awareness and growth in spiritual consciousness, and gem elixirs help us anchor and embody these changes. Environmental essences contain a different kind of life force energy. They catalyze and support our healing process and help us release and recharge, especially when we feel resistance or lack of progress on our healing journey. Whatever your situation, there is an environmental essence to provide the extra support and energy you need.

The following Environmental Essences help us remain present, calm, and optimistic when we need it most.

Redoubt Volcano: surrender to inevitable change
We have all seen the destructive nature of earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, and volcanoes, including the recent volcanic eruptions on the Spanish island of La Palma. Many of Alaska’s mountain peaks are volcanoes, and more than forty of these are active. Over the last century, Alaskans have seen toxic gas and ash spew into the atmosphere, and lava flows engulf whatever lies in their path. During the April 2009 eruption of Redoubt Volcano, we co-created an essence that captured its impressive energy. Redoubt Volcano environmental essence calms and soothes doubts, anxieties, and fears as we confront the inevitability of change. It helps us surrender to natural forces beyond our comprehension and control, and in doing so, align with their magical and transformative power.

Polar Ice: staying present with no anticipation of what is to come
When can we go back to normal? How often have we asked or heard that phrase over the last eighteen months? Polar Ice environmental essence provides support when we are impatient and want to be at a different time in our lives, especially when we want the upheaval to end, or we are uncomfortable with being in-between relationships or jobs. Anytime we are challenged to remain present with ourselves and accept where we are in each moment, Polar Ice empowers us to stay in a place seemingly suspended in time, where we can wait, with no ties to the past and no anticipation of what is to come.

Bog: grounding and nurturing energy of Mother Earth
A bog is a semi-swampy habitat with a rich diversity of animal, insect, and plant life, animated with abundant elemental energies. Being in Nature is grounding, but you feel one step closer to the Earth Mother when in a bog. Standing in a bog, you are surrounded by the nurturing and grounding effects of feminine earth energy. Bog environmental essence captures that energy to introduce a new and vibrant creative power into our lives. It helps connect our heart to the heart of Mother Earth, opening us to her love, wisdom, and energetic support.

Stone Circle: strength and definition for the energy field
Stone Circle environmental essence introduces protective energy into the aura, inviting us to relax, rest, and replenish our vital forces. This essence helps us replace the necessary resources that we lost through stress, misuse, or the trials and tribulations of life. Stone Circle is beneficial for those doing healing work, as it helps us maintain openness and sensitivity without absorbing or taking on any outside energy.

Chalice Well: awareness of spiritual support and guidance
Chalice Well environmental essence connects us to the profoundly personal and eternal support available from the angelic, elemental, plant, and mineral kingdoms. Its message is that we are not alone; we are a part of the entire web of life and all-that-is, and we can draw upon this matrix of support whenever we need to take our next step in life.

Rock Spring: restoring an optimistic outlook on life
Rock Spring is the essence of hope and miracles—embodying the constant proof that everything is possible. This environmental essence helps us find our way through seemingly insurmountable obstacles with infinite patience and never-ending trust. It opens us to the abundant generosity of Nature and unexpected gestures of flow: pleasant surprises, windfalls, and altruism from others.