Essences for Inviting Joy and Ease into our Lives

Essences for Inviting Joy and Ease into our Lives 

The following essences have come up recently in our lives, classes, and essence consultations, and they have proven to be effective and supportive as we face today’s challenges.

In a recent class, I asked the students to tune into the image and essence of Aquamarine, and their busy minds noticeably became more calm. It was especially helpful for me and my tendency to get 'hot-headed' (I literally turn red :-) when teaching and speaking. Most of us could use some extra grounding energy, especially when we’re overwhelmed, so we chose Smoky Quartz to help us synchronize our body’s energy with the Earth’s energy.

Polar Ice environmental essence often comes up in consultations for people who want to jump into the future to avoid what is happening in the present moment. Polar Ice helps us stay calm and at ease with the present moment without apprehension for the future or regret about the past. Fireweed Combo 'Transformation Formula' comes up for those who are exhausted by the pace of life. It helps us cope with constant change by reconnecting our physical body to the nourishing and stabilizing life-force of the Earth.

Lighten Up ‘Energy Flow Formula’ increases the amount of light and energy that flows through our body as we head into the dark of winter. Beating the winter blues may be especially important during the current pandemic as we travel and socialize less and stay at home more. And, to encourage more fun and joy in our daily lives we chose Goatsbeard flower essence, especially for those of us who feel that everything in life is more serious than it is.

Here's some more detailed information:

Aquamarine ~ for mental overstimulation and difficulty letting go of thoughts
Are there times when you find your mind is in overdrive and your thoughts are repetitive, especially late at night? When there is too much mental stimulation and input, we can lose our focus and become irritable. This can cause our days and nights to be in a continual state of unrest. Aquamarine gem essence works with the mental body to reverse conditions of overwhelm and overstimulation. It releases blockages in the fifth (throat) and sixth (third eye) chakras, which create an excess of energy in the head and throat areas. This release brings a calm, cooling clarity to an overactive mental body, helping us slow down and calm our minds before they get too wired or overheated, a state that is often referred to as being hot-headed.

Lighten Up 'Energy Flow Formula' ~ for when it is difficult to maintain a positive mood during winter
The winter blues may be amplified this coming winter as we anticipate less social interaction because of the pandemic. If you don’t feel your best during the dark winter months, Lighten Up ‘Energy Flow Formula’ can help. The Lighten Up formula is a perfect blend of flower, gem and environmental essences designed specifically for people who suffer from light deprivation, either because of where they live (extreme northern or southern latitudes), the limitations of their living environment (in a dark house or apartment), or because of the quality of their energy system (energy pathways blocked or undeveloped). It is also helpful for those who feel down, caught in negative patterns or situations, or feel cut off in any way from their inner sources of light.

The Lighten Up Energy Flow formula contains Grass of Parnassus flower essence, a fountain of nourishing, effervescent, joyful, uplifting and liberating light; Carnelian gem essence to energize and clear the energy pathways in the etheric body and increase energy flow to the meridians; Orange Calcite gem elixir to support us with uplifting, energizing, warming and joyful energy; Solstice Sun to open our hearts and the energy pathways in our bodies to receive more light and make more efficient use of the energy contained within it. See also the Lighten Up SPRAY!

Polar Ice ~ for impatience and wanting it to be a different time
“If only I could be there, have that new job, relationship, or home, I would feel better.” Sometimes we want things to be different than they are, and we fantasize about jumping three months into the future where we think things are better, and we will feel better. To be honest, we never know what’s going to happen next. This is the challenge as we learn to remain present with ourselves and our process to accept where we are in each moment. The Polar Ice environmental essence helps us face this challenge, by supporting us when we are impatient with a cycle of change—when we want it to be a different time than it is in our lives. The unusual strength and purity of this essence empowers us to stay present in a place that is seemingly suspended in time, where we can simply wait with no ties to the past and no anticipation of what is to come. From this clear space, we can start new cycles of experience that are not influenced by our attachments to the past or our worries about the future.

Smoky Quartz ~ for feeling ungrounded, agitated, or when we dissociate from the body
Smoky Quartz is one of the primary gems elixirs in our system for improving the vibrational connection between our physical bodies and the Earth. This gem elixir can be used whenever we feel out of synch with our environment. This is especially important when our connection with the Earth has been weakened or compromised due to trauma, or when our emotional experiences overwhelm our body's capacity for grounding. In all such cases, this essence brings a calming influence that helps us realign our energy fields and reconnect our physical body to the balanced energy of the Earth. This gem elixir also helps us readjust to new timezones and daylight savings time.

Fireweed Combo 'Transformation Formula' ~ for when we feel overwhelmed during an intense time of healing
This flower essence formula contains four different fireweed species that grow in unique ecosystems. Fireweed is one of the first plants to grow after the soil has been disturbed by wilderness fires, floods, and where glaciers are receding. Fireweed thrives in these nutrient-poor soils and restores the disturbed and damaged environments. In turn, Fireweed flower essences work to form an etheric network of restorative energy that reconnects our physical body to the life-force of the Earth. This provides the grounding and stability we need to cope with constant change and allows us to view adverse circumstances as the potential for cleansing and growth. As the old falls away, we have the opportunity to create experiences filled with beauty and joy.

Fireweed Combo Transformation formula contains Fireweed to facilitate the release of pain, trauma, and discomfort from our bodies, and to attract restorative healing energy from nature; River Beauty to expand our awareness of where we hold grief and sadness in our bodies, and exchange them for the vibrant energy of nature; White Fireweed to calm the emotional body after emotional shock or trauma, and to remove the energetic imprint of those experiences from the cellular memory; Dwarf Fireweed to help us experience transformation with gentleness, grace and ease.

Goatsbeard ~ for when life is no fun and we have a pessimistic outlook
Each moment provides us with a choice of how we want to feel. We can choose to look at the positive side of things where we will find contentment and joy, or we can choose to focus on expectations of difficulty where we will find stress, fear and uncertainty. Goatsbeard flower essence helps us find the balance between seriousness and joy and teaches us how to be ‘light’ in terms of the weight of seriousness or the heaviness of life. Its gentle and soft energy helps us slowly and steadily dial up the amount of joy in our life while toning down an overly serious outlook. The ability to balance seriousness and joy amplifies our optimism for life. This valuable for those who seek more balance between work and play and want to incorporate more play into their work.