Essences for Practitioners and Work-Life Balance

Wellness practitioners are passionate about helping others increase their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. They are often highly intuitive and devote a lot of time and energy to their work. Many dedicated practitioners give quality care to clients and extend the same care to friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors, often leaving insufficient time and energy to nurture themselves. When we feel consumed by life's demands, we may imagine there isn't enough time to give our healing gifts to others and care for ourselves. That's a loss for us all.

Juggling many balls at once is expected when you're self-employed or run a small business. And if we worry that one of those balls might drop with any lapse in our attention, it places self-care and me-time on the back burner. Using essences can counteract this cycle and help us feel vitalized at the end of the day, but we must also stay mindful of where our energy goes. Noticing the thoughts and activities that refuel our batteries and those that deplete our vitality is essential when creating a sustainable work-life balance.

Essences can also help us create and maintain functional boundaries, which is crucial for energy workers who naturally tune into other's state of being. Without boundaries, subconscious patterns can drive us to blend and empathize with others, causing us to take on energies that are not ours. When both rested and energized, we can be fully present for what lies ahead. We would all benefit from the simple habit of checking in with ourselves several times daily: How am I feeling? How is my attitude? How did I sleep? How are my energy levels? Am I finding joy in all aspects of my life?

The following essences help protect your energy and increase your ability to stay centered and present when working with others. Whether you are a flower essence practitioner, massage therapist, counselor, energy worker, or any job where you give yourself to others, these essences will help replenish your precious energy reserves, supporting a positive mindset and more joy in your work.

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Fire Opal replenishes vital energy reserves after overwork and poor energy management.
When we become chronically tired and depleted because our lifestyle and work habits are not nourishing our physical bodies, Fire Opal gem elixir clears blockages between the Earth and the base of our energy field to create an upward flow of planetary energy. This flow replenishes our reserves and opens and clears the energy pathways and connections between the chakras below the heart, including those in the feet and legs to directly connect us with nourishment from the Earth.

Aragonite helps us be fully present and connected to the Earth, spirit, and another person during healing work.
Aragonite gem elixir is helpful when we experience difficulty shifting back to the physical dimension after visiting or working in the higher dimensions. Aragonite strengthens our center so we can maintain a dual perspective to operate in higher and lower dimensions at the same time. It helps people who tend to get energetically enmeshed with others by facilitating the release of interpersonal energy connections so both can return to a state of energy independence.

Hematite supports healthy boundaries while witnessing the intense emotional experiences of others.
This gem elixir helps create and maintain appropriate emotional boundaries to feel safe and self-contained while emotionally connected to others. When around someone in extreme emotional pain, we may think it is our fault or feel uncomfortable because their pain is like ours. Hematite unravels the energetic entanglements that can occur when we encounter the pain of those around us. It strengthens our emotional energy field so we can respond by being present and connected with neutrality.

Carnelian teaches us about energy efficiency and how to be our own source of energy.
Carnelian gem elixir is vital in case of burn-out or fatigue, especially when there is a pattern of unconsciously helping others, giving to receive, and seeking validation and energy from others rather than from within. It recalibrates the third chakra to draw life force energy already present in the body through appropriate channels and the aura. It increases the etheric body’s ability to access pranic energy and clears and energizes the pathways between the etheric body and the meridians.

Stone Circle introduces protective energy into the aura, inviting us to relax, rest, and replenish our vital forces.
This environmental essence replaces necessary resources we lose through stress, misuse, and the trials and tribulations of life. Stone Circle is beneficial for those doing healing work, as it helps us maintain openness and sensitivity without absorbing or taking on any outside energy. Stepping into the stone circle brings a feeling of belonging and safety. It is a place where all is possible, and we can return for protection, rest, and nurturing after our journeys and adventures. We feel at home in this energy because it represents balance—elemental energies in their natural, harmonic state.

Grass of Parnassus offers a fountain of white light nourishing all levels of our being.
Grass of Parnassus is effervescent, joyful, uplifting, and liberating. This flower essence cleanses and charges our energy fields, bringing the light of purity into the aura to help us attune more clearly to higher energy frequencies. It facilitates meditation practices and can also cleanse the meditation room. This powerful essence is beneficial for those who live and do their work in crowded or polluted surroundings. It increases protection for the human energy system while helping us attract energetic nourishment from nature. Grass of Parnassus has a strong family signature. It can assist groups working together for a higher purpose, where each person's light must be allowed to shine brightly within a larger dynamic.

Taking Energetic Care of your Workspace
Another aspect of creating a healthy work-life balance is the energetic care of your workspace and treatment rooms. It is vital to check in at the beginning and end of the day or between sessions to notice how your space supports you. How do you feel when entering your space for the first time each day? How does the room feel between client sessions? Does it need an energetic cleanse?

Use Purification Sacred Space Spray at the end of the day to cleanse your energy field and the energy in your workspace. Use it after a session if the energy in the room feels heavy.

Use Beyond Words Communication Spray to support free expression, mutual understanding, and communication.

Use Calling All Angels Sacred Space Spray to invite angelic support for yourself and your client.

Use Guardian Sacred Space Spray to support healthy boundaries and a safe, centered workplace.

Use Easy Learning Focus and Integration Spray when you need to check some stuff off your to-do lists!