Essential Formulas & Sprays for everyday use

The following four essential formulas & sprays  benefit every person or family and we feel they are important for the times we are in. The formula/drops are beneficial when used over an extended period or whenever you need some extra support. The sprays provide immediate effects by invoking those same energies in your energy field and environment. Using both the formulas and sprays provides a powerful system of energetic support.

>> Soul Support Emergency Formula and Spray
Soul Support is our best-selling remedy for stress, emotional upset, shock & trauma, or whenever life feels overwhelming. It provides strength and stability making it our go-to formula for all kinds of stressful events. Soul Support helps us remain present and grounded to process what is happening around and within us.
Use Soul Support to:

  • Comfort yourself when feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • Remain calm during visits to the doctor or dentist
  • Manage stress and anxiety during family or work gatherings and holidays
  • Ease the stress of accidents and injuries
  • Stay grounded in crucial meetings and presentations
  • Ease the stress and anxiety of traveling
  • Calm your pets during stressful events

Our Soul Support Spray contains the Soul Support formula plus the soothing, clarifying properties of a high-quality organic Lavender oil. This spray is beneficial for calming, grounding, and centering the energy in your environment and your personal energy field. Soul Support is helpful for any circumstance, so keep a bottle close at hand for each family member.

>> Go-Create Abundance Formula and Spray
Feeling abundant can be a bit challenging when you’re paying for your groceries or filling up your gas tank at the pump these days!! Check out the Go-Create Abundance Formula if you feel insecure about money issues. Worries and fears are not helpful when you want to create more abundance in your life. The Go-Create formula helps you create what you want, need, and desire in your life with less resistance and more ease. This formula will help you become aware of your limiting beliefs, enhance your ability to feel worthy to receive everything you need and find the energies of trust, faith, and gratitude.
Use Go-Create to:

  • Open your awareness to the unlimited generosity of the Universe
  • Focus your intention and attention on what you want to manifest rather than on what you perceive to be missing
  • Trust in your capacity to create
  • Tap into your inner truth, joy, and wisdom
  • Feel more empowered around the whole co-creative process

Go-Create Abundance Spray contains our original Go-Create formula and the essential oils of Rosemary, Coriander, Bulgaria Lavender, Laurel, and Fresh Ginger. These refreshing oils are well known for supporting self-esteem, inner fire, enthusiasm, and creative boldness, liberating you from doubts about your ability to manifest an abundant flowing life. Use the spray in your home, office, studio, and during meditations, classes, and workshops.

>> Beyond Words Communication Formula and Spray

Beyond Words improves our listening and communication skills so we can more easily connect with others. Clear communication is crucial to keeping our relationships healthy. So often, we hear about people having difficulty communicating with friends or family, and this problem seems to have worsened over recent years. We see it in personal relationships and today's political and social landscape. We must listen from a place of neutrality to understand what the other person is trying to say. We need to be able to express our truth, especially when we don't feel safe enough to express our genuine opinions and concerns. When we are reactive to people's views or hit the 'send' or 'post' button before we even take three breaths, we haven't taken the time to understand. Beyond Words builds unity by showing us it is possible to be heard and understood and that we can listen to and understand others.
Use Beyond Words when:

  • You can't find the right words
  • You dance around the truth
  • You're impatient and interrupt others, as you have your opinion ready
  • You're not present enough to be a good listener
  • You take things personally and become defensive

Beyond Words will help you:

  • Be more present in conversations
  • Share your feelings and emotions without defensiveness
  • Clarify and organize your thoughts into words that accurately convey your meaning
  • Listen and speak your truth firmly and clearly from your heart
  • Speak with vitality and authenticity
  • Enhance your self-confidence to express yourself without limitation

The spray contains the Beyond Words formula and the oils of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Red Mandarin, Rose Geranium, and Sandalwood. These oils have a grounding, calming, uplifting effect and promote mental clarity. Use the spray for work meetings, therapy sessions, family gatherings, writing, teaching, public speaking, interviews, and every situation in which honesty, open communication, and shared understanding are crucial.

>> Easy Learning Focus and Integration Formula and Spray
For those of us soon heading back to the office or school or struggling to get our to-do lists done, Easy Learning 'Focus & Integration' formula and spray can help us stay focused behind the desk and in the classroom! It brings our focus to the present moment and clears our minds so we can more easily prioritize our thoughts and the jobs that require our attention. It supports our ability to process and integrate information, increasing our understanding and the logical application of knowledge. Easy Learning is also helpful when you feel overwhelmed with all the information coming to you every day from different sources.
Use Easy Learning when:

  • Your brain feels foggy or fried from information overload
  • You have a lot to do, but can't figure out what the next steps should be
  • School or work projects are dragging or seem overwhelming
  • To assist in any learning process, at home, work, or school

The spray contains the Easy Learning formula and the organic essential oils of Basil, Coriander, Fresh Ginger, Laurel, Lemon, Rosemary, and Spearmint. These bright and refreshing oils are well known for enhancing memory and mental focus, relieving mental fatigue, and promoting inspiration.

The Combination Spray Kit is available in 2 oz and 4 oz
All four of our featured sprays come in a sturdy and attractive kit box. The kits are great for gifts and handy for storage.

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