Essential go-to Formulas & Sprays

Four go-to essence formulas that benefit every person or family, including a special formula for our furry friends and companions.


Soul Support Emergency Formula and Spray
Beyond Words Communication Formula and Spray
Animal Care Rescue Formula and Spray
Easy Learning Focus and Integration Formula and Spray

Soul Support - Emergency Formula
Soul Support is our best-selling remedy for stress, emotional upset, and trauma, or whenever life feels overwhelming. It provides strength and stability during stressful events making it our go-to formula for all emergencies and trauma. Soul Support helps us remain present and grounded to process what is going on around and within us. In times of upheaval, we often tend to keep moving forward while blocking and ignoring stressful energy and emotions. Soul Support helps us keep the energy moving, so we don't have to deal with a backlog of stuck unprocessed energy and emotions later.
Our Soul Support Spray contains the Soul Support formula plus the soothing, clarifying properties of a high-quality organic Lavender oil. This spray is beneficial for calming, grounding, and centering the energy in your environment, as well as in your personal energy field.
Soul Support is helpful for any circumstance, so keep one close at hand for each family member. Find Soul Support HERE in our online store and learn more about the essences used in this formula. Click for the spray HERE.

Beyond Words - Communication Formula
Beyond Words improves our listening and communication skills so we can more easily connect with others. Poor communication can lead to the misunderstanding that contributes to the divisiveness of today's political and social landscape. This gap of misunderstanding grows even wider as we struggle to listen from a place of neutrality and express our truth when we don't feel safe enough to express our genuine opinions and concerns. Many of us are reactive to people's views, and we hit the 'send' or 'post' button before we even take three breaths, let alone trying to understand. It is challenging to listen to the arguments of others when we already have our minds made up. Beyond Words builds unity by showing us it is possible to be heard and understood and that we can hear and understand others.

Use Beyond Words when:

  • you don't feel safe to express yourself
  • you can't find the right words
  • you dance around the truth
  • you are not listening, but have your opinion ready
  • you're impatient and interrupt others
  • you're not present enough to be a good listener
  • you take things personally and become defensive

Beyond Words will help you:

  • share your feelings and emotions without defensiveness
  • clarify and organize your thoughts into words that accurately convey your meaning
  • listen and speak your truth firmly and clearly from your heart
  • speak with vitality and authenticity
  • feel safe, especially when there is controversy around what needs to be said
  • enhance your self-confidence to express yourself without limitation

The spray contains the Beyond Words formula and the oils of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Red Mandarin, Rose Geranium, and Sandalwood. These oils have a grounding, calming, and uplifting effect and promote mental clarity. Use the spray for work meetings, therapy sessions, family gatherings, writing, teaching, public speaking, interviews, and every situation in which honesty, open communication, and shared understanding are crucial. Find Beyond Words HERE in our online store and learn more about the essences used in this formula. Find the spray HERE.

Animal Care - Rescue Formula
Animal Care is the perfect starter formula for any rescue animal, whether it was recently adopted or has been a family member for some time. Animal Care helps animals get back in touch with their true nature, process what is going on around it, and settle in to new situations. It is a reliable and proven remedy for animals that have been rescued from the street or saved from abusive situations. This formula is also helpful for any animal living in unnatural conditions that don't support its best life. Give Animal Care to any adopted animal and other furry family members to help them cope with the changes of a new family member.

Animal Care formula includes the following essences:

  • Alpine Azalea opens our companion's hearts to the spirit of love, especially when they don't feel loved
  • Black Tourmaline releases unprocessed emotions and toxic energies after traumatic experiences or treatments
  • Chiming Bells helps despondent and disheartened animals experience joy, peace, and stability
  • Cotton Grass heals shock and trauma resulting from accidents, injuries, or abuse
  • Lady's Slipper helps animals open up to and receive healing energy and support from others
  • Jadeite Jade provides a vibration of peace, balance, and simplicity, for animals that are easily upset or agitated.
  • Horsetail improves the intuitive communication between animals and humans

The spray contains the Animal Care formula plus very small amounts of organic Lemon Grass and Roman Chamomile essential oils to enhance the formula's calming effects and add refreshing qualities. Use the spray by misting around the animal (keeping 2-3 ft distance), on its bedding, and in its immediate environment. This spray is particularly useful when working with injured animals or those behaving aggressively.

Read more about Animals here.

Easy Learning - Focus and Integration formula
For those of us heading back to school or the office, or struggling to get our to-do lists done, Easy Learning 'Focus & Integration' formula and spray help us stay focused in the classroom and behind the desk! Easy Learning supports our ability to process and integrate information, increasing our understanding and the logical application of knowledge. Easy Learning clears our minds to methodically prioritize our tasks and eliminate distractions, making it easier to get into a productive workflow.
The spray contains the Easy Learning essence formula and the organic essential oils of Basil, Coriander, Fresh Ginger, Laurel, Lemon, Rosemary, and Spearmint. These bright and refreshing oils are well known for enhancing memory and mental focus, relieving mental fatigue and promoting inspiration.
Find Easy Learning HERE in our online store and learn more about the essences used in this formula. Click for the spray here.