Experience Peace and Joy on Earth

Essences to help us experience Peace and Joy on Earth 

How is your relationship with our Mother Earth? Are you able to enjoy the beauty she offers? Are you able to access her nurturing energy? Do you feel at home here?

In the northern hemisphere, the Earth is awakening, her soil is thawing and the tree leaves are beginning to emerge. Some of us may witness this process with excitement and recognize the comforting energy our Mother Earth freely offers, while others may feel less connected to Mother Earth and her gifts. Or maybe we see and recognize the beauty, but in general, we feel uncomfortable being here on Earth.

This duality of thought and experience can occur when we aren’t fully grounded or our presence and willingness to be here is conditional. Often times this starts with our own mothers. If our mother was unable to nurture us, and there are countless reasons she may not have been able to, developing a strong connection with her may have been difficult. As a result, we may not have developed a strong connection with Mother Earth. This lack of grounding can manifest as a sense of not belonging, feeling undeserving, difficulty being present or even resistance to being here and not allowing the Earth mother's loving energy to support us. 

Essences provide a direct connection to the energy of our living planet. Grove Sandwort flower essence helps us develop a strong connection to Mother Earth so we can receive the nurturing we didn't receive as a child, whether we’re twenty or eighty-five.
The infinite gentleness of Northern Lady's Slipper flower essence provides the loving support we need to let go of any ambivalence about being here, and  Emerald gem elixir helps us feel worthy of love by strengthening the inner knowledge that we belong here. Emerald helps open our hearts to the unconditional love of the Divine Mother, whose message is, “The Earth is our home and we have every right to be here.”

Gigha Quartz environmental essence stabilizes and deepens our connection with the Earth, providing strength and peace to the core of our being so we can more readily embrace the gifts of the Earth. When we are fully present, we have access to her wisdom, love, and support. Club Moss was one of the first plants to inhabit the Earth and its essence helps us be fully present even when we are resisting 'un-Earthly' energies such as division and doubt that have become part of our current experience. Club Moss reminds us, “We will find deeper levels of presence through relaxation, grounding, and enjoyment.” Moschatel flower essence teaches us that to live a healthy and balanced life, it is necessary to fulfill our needs in a fun and joyous way. Life is more than work and struggle, and we can experience more joy by co-creating with Nature through celebration and play!