Facing Fear and Uncertainty

Fear is a natural and healthy response to life's threats — an alarm system hardwired in our brains to keep us safe. Fear is instinctual, learned from experience, and taught by others. However, allowing fearful thoughts and patterns to accumulate negatively impacts our well-being and prevents us from living our lives to the fullest.

Challenging events and life choices may trigger fear we are unaware of. Making important decisions can be especially daunting if we don't know the outcome and consequences. When we realize that a once safe and familiar path actually leads to unhappiness, an unconscious fear of the unknown can prevent us from changing direction. We often aren't aware that fear is holding us back because we have grown so accustomed to our fear responses they seem a part of who we are.

Since how we perceive the world impacts our life experiences, world events can contribute to our fear and uncertainty about the future. Reading or watching news reports of disasters and possible threats can worsen the uncertainty. We can stop this fear-feeding cycle by intentionally tracking and limiting our time online and filling our time with more things we love, including outdoor activities, spending time with friends, family, and pets, focusing on hobbies and creative projects, meditating or reading a novel.

Lucky for us, fearful feelings arise for reexamination each day.

Flower essences are the perfect tools for increasing self-awareness and restoring inner balance. They help us understand whether fear is present, what triggers our fear and why, how fear affects our well-being, and how to break through self-imposed limitations. Flower essences empower us to take control of our lives by helping us tap into our innate strengths of calm, confidence, and trust when outside distractions and fear-based thinking make life difficult. They help us create more ease by building trust in ourselves and our chosen path and knowing we will be okay. They help us transform fearful thinking into life-affirming courage and boldness to move through uncertainty, where the unknown does not hold us back, and we can explore all life offers.

Are you aware of the thoughts going through your mind and how they make you feel? Is fear holding you back from what you desire? The following essences can help you understand and transform fear-based patterns by identifying negative and fearful thoughts and replacing them with realistic, positive thinking.

Bog Rosemary - releasing fear by trusting spiritual guidance
This flower essence is helpful when fear of the unknown immobilizes us. Any authentic experience of transformation requires us to transcend our known reality and venture into unexplored regions of ourselves. A deeply held fear of the unknown can block our ability to move into and occupy these new inner spaces. The essence of Bog Rosemary strengthens the virtue of trust and extends its energy to our hearts so we feel divinely supported while present with our deepest fears. Fear is released when we shine the light of awareness onto it. Each time we confront and embrace a new part of ourselves with the light of understanding, we build more trust in ourselves and the light itself.

Aventurine – cultivating the courage to face unknown adventures
Aventurine gem elixir connects us to our inherent power and heart-centered courage, inspiring us to open ourselves more than ever to the joy and excitement of living. It is essential when we lack stamina and fortitude or want to quit when faced with obstacles, especially our limiting belief systems. When life tests our resolve with significant changes, this essence provides the strength and stability we need to move into and through new experiences with grace, stamina, and perseverance. This a powerful essence for spiritual trailblazers and pioneers because it helps us gain a new level of trust in ourselves, move past our control zone, and become more comfortable exploring the edge of the unknown.

Foxglove – transforming thoughts and beliefs that cause fear
Foxglove flower essence empowers us to live fearlessly by strengthening our hearts to remain open in response to conflict or challenge. This essence helps when we have lost our perspective because our fear is so intense our perceptions close down, and we don't know what to do or which way to go. The more we identify with the predicament, the more potent our fear becomes. Foxglove relieves the energetic tension around the heart accompanying this experience while restoring clear breathing and energy flow. This essence expands our perspective to see beyond fear into the underlying thoughts, feelings, and belief systems responsible for it. Foxglove provides the insight that while fear is real, love is more potent — and the quickest way to move through any fear is to open our hearts to love.

Soapberry - facing fearful situations with an open heart
Soapberry flower essence is helpful in case of fear of animals, fear of going out in Nature and fear of the power of Nature, including natural events outside our control. Soapberry teaches us that we are also part of Nature, and fear can limit us from fully experiencing life and all the beauty that Mother Earth has to offer. Soapberry encourages us to move beyond the limitations we set for ourselves and others, including our children, so we may all live more fully. While natural events can wreak havoc on our lives, Soapberry invites us not to let that fear define our lives or well-being. This essence asks us to consider the dimensions and activities our lives might hold if we did not let fear guide us.

False Hellebore - releasing fear from our heart
False Hellebore flower essence promotes the release of false concepts and old ways of viewing life that may cause us to become inflexible and stuck on our path. This essence is helpful when we feel insecure and are holding back because of a fear of moving forward. It catalyzes movement from the old to the new and helps us face our deepest, darkest fears. It is helpful when we resist being in a physical body on the earth. False Hellebore helps us understand that fear can only appear when focusing on the past or future. This essence helps us maintain a strong and profoundly nurturing connection with the earth, making it easier to stay in the present moment where fear cannot manifest.

Yellow Violet - confidence to express yourself and your truth
This flower essence is helpful when fear blocks our self-expression by anticipating others' judgment or ridicule or when there is a challenge or controversy around a topic of discussion. Yellow Violet is all about fearlessness. It restores a deep-seated belief in and confidence in our abilities. The message of this essence is, "When your Soul and Spirit reside within, there is no room for fear. It is very simple: just BE!" This essence also promotes a more robust inflow of communication from the higher self and the angelic and spiritual realms. This support helps you be present in the world and encourages you to express yourself truthfully and without compromise.

More Essences to Encourage Fearless Living:

Larimar – promotes safety and peace to help us relax and receive nurturing without struggle
Tundra Rose – helps us overcome the fear of death, restores hope and courage
Round-Leaved Sundew – builds trust in the unknown and unknowable
Lavender Yarrow – strengthens and balances the flow of spiritual energy into the heart
Crowberry – helps us overcome the fear of our shadow self to accept the whole of who we are
Spectrolite – refreshes and renews our perspective on life; builds discernment
Lapland Rosebay – encourages going within for wisdom and a deeper perspective