Finding Joy ~ Relax, Recharge and Recenter

Summer is in full swing in the northern hemisphere with longer days and warmer temperatures providing the opportunity to relax, recharge and recenter. Leisure time helps us rediscover what is essential in our lives. Reading a book, exploring a favorite backroad or mountain trail, digging into a creative project or hobby, gathering with friends and family, or taking a vacation can help us reclaim much-needed perspective. Giving our body and mind permission and time to slow down enhances our overall wellbeing by rebalancing our mind and body systems. When blood pressure lowers, tired muscles relax, and a busy mind finds peace and calm, we have more space for joy. The following six essences help us tap into the experience of daily calm, light, and joy.

Green Jasper - restore earthly sensuality.
Green Jasper gem elixir strengthens our connection to the earth, increasing our vitality and the healthy expression of earthly sensuality. It opens the first chakra and the chakras in our feet to allow loving and gentle earth energy to flow upwards and envelop the heart. In the presence of this energy, we can discharge excesses of nervous energy and blissfully relax into the embrace of the Goddess. Green Jasper is especially helpful when work and responsibilities weigh us down, and we are not enjoying life. It reminds us that we can feel uplifted and joyful regardless of where we are or what we are doing and encourages us to open again to the healing power of fun, play, and celebration.

Goatsbeard - inspiration through joy and enthusiasm.
Goatsbeard is a funny-looking plant, but it's your ally to experience more joy, create a healthier balance between work and play, and incorporate more playfulness into your work. The Goatsbeard flower essence helps us find the balance between seriousness and fun and teaches us how to be light as we face the heaviness of life. It allows us to slowly and steadily dial up the amount of joy in our lives, and its gentle energy softens overly severe perspectives. This ability to balance seriousness and joy amplifies our optimism for life.

Moschatel - discover the joy of celebration and play.
Moschatel flower essence encourages our inner child to come out and play. It promotes crucial self-care for workaholics, those who try too hard, and those overly worried and concerned about others. It teaches us that spiritual balance comes through celebration and play, not overwork and worry. Moschatel weaves the energies of Earth and spirit into play and celebration that contributes to a healthy and balanced life, expanding our ability to care for ourselves and others and fulfill our needs in fun and enjoyable ways.

Lilac - open to the loving energy of Source.
Lilac flower essence offers an unconditional quality of healing energy that is available to us regardless of our stories, issues, or degree of misalignment. It helps us understand that it doesn't matter what has happened to us or how we perceive our current circumstances; we can always open to the healing energy of light. Lilac opens the crown chakra and the whole energy system to an infusion of light from Source. It brings a strong, tangible, graceful, and generous over-lighting presence to raise the frequency of your energy field.

Brazilian Quartz - cleanse, revitalize and realign.
Brazilian Quartz gem elixir embodies the essence of cleansing white light to stimulate healing on all levels, especially when we feel tired, exhausted, or have low energy. This essence enhances our inner light by cleansing and energizing our physical body, subtle bodies, and chakras and synchronizing them with the Earth’s natural vibration. The details of our day-to-day struggles can often obscure our radiance, but the full power of our light is always there. Brazilian Clear Quartz helps us recognize and release any blockages in our awareness, so we can fully experience and express our true luminous nature.

Purple Poppy - time for integration and rest.
When a lot is happening in our lives and the world, we may feel like we can’t keep up. We may find ourselves disoriented, frazzled, and exhausted with so much going on. The Purple Poppy flower essence supports us in these situations and during all phases of change and personal growth. Throughout any process of transformation and change, the purple poppy essence helps us maintain balance to ease disorientation and promote rest so we can experience deep levels of integration.