Getting Creative with Essences

We most often use essences internally by making a dosage bottle or adding drops of the essence to our water, but they are versatile and useful in many different applications. We have some ideas to stimulate your creativity as you begin to experiment.

Baths, hot tubs, and foot baths are blank canvases for creativity. Try Emerald and Chalice Well to feel deeply nourished and Portage Glacier for deep cleansing after a busy day. An energizing bath might include Fireweed, Fire Opal, Opal, and Solstice Sun.

Massage oil, lotion, body cream, shampoo, and facial products are enlivened by adding essences. Highly sensitive people benefit from using Guardian Healthy Boundaries formula in shampoos and body lotions for extra protection before starting the day. Fluorite, Dandelion, and Smoky Quartz will ease tension and improve grounding when added to massage oils. Columbine and Gold in face creams will enhance self-appreciation and radiance, allowing our natural beauty to shine.

Essences in Places and Spaces

Enliven your environment and everyone in it with sprays! Add essences of your choice to a spray bottle with drops of your favorite essential oils. Sprays can be beneficial in treatment rooms, hotels, rental cars, hospitals, and while traveling. You can also use one of our Spray blends.

Add essence drops to water-based house paint to transform your environment and make the rooms come alive with the energy you choose. Bunchberry enhances the ability to focus and study. Wild Iris enhances creativity, and Beyond Words supports communication and mutual understanding.

Broadcast uplifting, inspiring, energizing, and nourishing energies into your home by adding essences to indoor fountains, humidifiers, the water of cut flowers and potted plants, or even a few drops in a bowl of water strategically placed in a room. Try Calling all Angels Divine Nurturing Formula or Go-Create Abundance Formula.

Deepen your cleaning with drops of Purification Space Clearing formula in your wash water, washing machines, and cleaning products. Spritzing Guardian Sacred Space Spray on clothes when you iron provides a sense of protection and privacy.

Use when transplanting your house, garden, or greenhouse plants. Use a spray bottle with drops of essences to mist over new transplants, or place drops in the watering can and sprayer for foliar feeding. Grove Sandwort strengthens the energetic bonds of communication between the earth and its inhabitants.

Deepening Your Spiritual Practice

Enhance your prayers of support with essences. Place drops in a small bowl of water as you pray, or place a bottle of Soul Support emergency formula on a photo or anoint objects on your altar to send much-needed healing energy and support to the animals and humans you love.

Connect to the spiritual realms and the benevolent blessings of light by placing drops of Sweetgrass essence on space-clearing and ceremonial tools such as drums, rattles, feathers, chimes, crystal bowls, and tuning forks.

Essences are the perfect companions for mindful awareness practices like yoga, Qigong, and meditation. Aquamarine helps quiet the mind, while Valerian encourages relaxed alertness, and Monkshood creates a sacred inner space.

Include Friends, Family, and Pets

Adding essences to children's bubble solution is a fun way to uplift and enhance the warm weather bubble-blowing experience! Kids love our Calling All Angels Divine Nurturing formula. You can even select essences for an upset between siblings. Blue Elf Viola helps ease upset by releasing anger and promoting positive expression. As they play, they heal!

Send a vibrational message of love and inspiration to friends and family by spraying essences on correspondence such as invitations, birthday cards, love letters, and sympathy cards.

Our animal companions appreciate being petted when you have flower essences on your hands. Animal Care Rescue Formula is for every animal that needs extra support. Add drops of essences to your pet's food and water and spray around their sleeping area.

Enliven your creative process by adding essences to water-based paints or clay, and don't forget the kids! Wild Sweet Pea and Wild Iris encourage the free-flowing outward expression and sharing of our talents and abilities.