Healing Support from the Mineral Kingdom

Essences co-created with nature provide potent gifts from the plant, mineral, and elemental kingdoms. This month we are placing the spotlight on the healing energy of the mineral kingdom. Minerals are comprised of chemical elements and crystalline and geometric patterns that generate unique healing qualities. An infusion made from the energy imprint of a specific mineral is called a gem elixir or gem essence. At Alaskan Essences, we use mineral specimens to make essences in the same way we make flower essences. We co-create each gem essence in a pristine Alaskan environment with a conscious consideration of the elemental qualities the location embodies, utilizing the energy of bogs, meadows, glaciers, rivers, and glacial lakes to support and anchor the healing quality of each stone.

Gem elixirs complement and enhance the therapeutic use of flower essences, making them invaluable for any healing process. Flower essences awaken and expand our consciousness and raise our vibration for increased awareness and understanding. Still, if our physical body is not prepared for or aligned with this increasing vibration, we may be unable to maintain and balance the resulting spiritual growth. Gem elixirs anchor and embody these changes in consciousness by stimulating the release of tension accumulated in our energy field and body due to physical, mental, and emotional stress. They cleanse, activate, and recharge the chakras and subtle bodies (etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual) to encourage a deep inner alignment that allows our physical body to regain its natural balance and resilience.

The following essences help us feel more grounded, present, safe, and fully aligned within ourselves. They provide stability and strength for all phases of our personal growth and are invaluable as we go through challenging times.

Smoky Quartz – synchronizes our energy with the Earth

Smoky Quartz is one of the primary gem elixirs in our system for improving the vibrational connection between our physical bodies and the Earth. This gem elixir is helpful whenever we feel disconnected from our environment, especially when our relationship with the Earth has been weakened or compromised due to trauma or when our emotional experiences overwhelm our body's capacity for grounding. In all such cases, this essence brings a calming influence to help us realign our energy fields and reconnect our physical body to the balanced energy of the Earth. This gem elixir also helps us readjust to new time zones and daylight savings time.

Black Tourmaline/Master Quartz – improves grounding, circulation, and strength
Black Tourmaline/Master Quartz gem elixir is perfect for these intense times when it is difficult to stay connected to the Earth and Source simultaneously. The essence of Black Tourmaline/Master Quartz powerfully moves into our energy field, releasing blockages that constrict energy flow and grounding to the earth. It works with the chakras, subtle bodies, and the vertical flow of energy between the bottoms of the feet and the top of the head. It balances the relationship between the base (1st) and crown (7th) chakras. This essence is helpful when you cannot integrate spiritual energy because of interference from existing survival programming.

Chrysoprase - encouragement to feel more pleasure in the earthly experience
This lovely green stone embodies the energy of love for the Earth. Its essence is helpful when we feel alienated or not at home on the planet. It helps bring our heart chakra (4th) into a harmonious union with the heart chakra of the planet, helping us accept the Earth as our home and to feel the pleasure of being part of it. Chrysoprase gem elixir helps us focus on a more heart-centered and grounded position, which calms our emotions and unwinds the tension of worry and frustration. It is an antidote to overwork by encouraging us to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life rather than constantly surrendering to the compulsion of getting things done. There will always be more to do, and if ‘doing’ is our primary focus, we will eventually lose our vitality and burn out. Chrysoprase reminds us that the nurturing and nourishment we need to thrive come from our enjoyment of life.

Celestite - a powerful blessing of angelic love
Celestite gem elixir is supportive and comforting when dealing with sadness, grief, and loss. It gently opens and clears the chakras above the heart, helping the heart align with the divine and angelic realms and receive the energy from those dimensions. It does this in a soft and gentle but powerful way that helps us open ourselves to an experience of profound peace and silence. This special gem brings a powerful blessing of angelic love. Its energy is a gift of bliss that encompasses our entire being, helping us see the world from a clear spiritual perspective and helping us understand our experience here on Earth.

Covellite - support and protection for the highly sensitive
Covellite gem elixir addresses feelings of vulnerability, especially for those who feel threatened by others, stressful situations, or the environment in general. The degree of vulnerability we feel is directly related to the integrity of our energy field, which can be compromised by past trauma and injury. Covellite rebuilds the energy matrix in the most impacted areas of the aura so we can experience a sense of solidity and strength instead of vulnerability and defensiveness.

Labradorite - attracting focused energy for healing and regeneration
Labradorite gem elixir replenishes those who overwork themselves or live a fast-paced lifestyle and ignore the body's needs, so-called 'burning the candles at both ends.' This unconscious use of our precious life force can lead to a depletion of energy reserves and possibly a gloomy or heavy outlook on life. Labradorite is restorative. It helps attract, gather, and assimilate the energetic nourishment of light into the body, and it helps us become aware of how we use our energy. As we replenish our vital energy, we can't help but have a more positive perspective on life.