Inner Light and Vitality

Self-care is essential in promoting and maintaining our overall health and well-being. However, forgetting about self-care amidst our busy and hectic lives is easy. Neglecting self-care on physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual levels can eventually take a toll on our bodies, leaving us feeling drained and exhausted. But, even with a busy schedule, we can still take care of ourselves with minimal effort.

Moving from the restful hibernation of winter into the vibrant awakening of spring is the perfect time to establish or enhance our self-care practices. It is easy to invite the inherent vitality of nature into our lives by incorporating essences into our daily routines. Essences cleanse and recharge our energy fields, increasing the flow of light energy throughout our bodies and aura. This heightened flow of energy helps clear out mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns that no longer serve us, leading to greater clarity and a sense of what is truly important in our lives. With more energy and vitality, our outlook on life embodies positive expectations and confidence in the future.

The following essences aim to increase the flow of light and energy in our bodies and surrounding energy fields, promote the release of non-serving energy, encourage present-time awareness, and help us achieve deep rest and rejuvenation. Using these essences daily for a few weeks can help us operate more effectively and efficiently. We can add these essences to our shampoo, body washes, hand lotion, and humidifiers for a fun and multi-faceted infusion of nature's vital energy.

Portage Glacier - revitalizes and balances the entire energy system
Glaciers are known to generate a large number of negative ions. These ions are released into the atmosphere, which helps to cleanse, renew, and revitalize the air we breathe. The environmental essence made from Portage Glacier helps to facilitate the cleansing and release of outdated thoughts, beliefs, and emotional patterns that are no longer useful or necessary for our health and well-being. It is a powerful and highly effective essence that promotes overall cleansing.

Brazilian Quartz – cleanses and revitalizes for clarity and alignment
Brazilian Quartz gem elixir embodies the essence of cleansing white light, which stimulates healing on all levels, especially when we feel tired, exhausted, or have low energy. This essence enhances our inner light by cleansing and energizing our physical and subtle bodies and chakras, synchronizing them with the Earth's natural vibration. Sometimes, we get caught up in the details of our day-to-day struggles and forget about our inner radiance, but the full power of our light is always there. Brazilian Quartz assists us in recognizing and releasing any blockages in our awareness so that we can fully experience and express our true luminous nature.

Sweetgrass - clears a pathway for light to travel between the spiritual realms and the physical body
The sweetness of this plant goes beyond its name and pleasing scent—it is a subtle caress for the entire energy field. The gift of Sweetgrass flower essence is to clear a path between the spiritual realms and our physical body, allowing the benevolent blessings of light to enter in the most profound way possible. When we open to the vibration of this essence by using it daily, it cleanses and elevates our physical and etheric bodies to prevent inharmonious energies from becoming a part of our bodily structure.

Orange Calcite – uplifts, energizes, and warms
Orange Calcite gem elixir is a great choice when we desire more positivity, light, and energy in our lives. This elixir helps combat lethargy and chronic energy deficiencies that may lead to emotional mood swings and a negative outlook on life. It refreshes tired attitudes and perspectives by providing a burst of bright, nourishing energy. And, it helps you feel a renewed sense of joy and connection with your inner sources of illumination.

Opal - recharges chakras with a full spectrum of luminous colors
Opal gem elixir is helpful when we feel drained of vital energy. It has the ability to rejuvenate exhausted emotional and mental forces and replenish creative energies. The essence of Opal can rebuild the light body and replenish the life force or chi, beginning with the areas that need it most. This essence is especially helpful for mentally driven individuals who have trouble getting quality rest at night. It can recharge the mental forces, thereby refreshing one's perspective on life and making it easier for the body to rest and rejuvenate.

Chocolate Lily – connects us to an inner source of unlimited vitality
The Chocolate Lily flower essence helps us establish a deep and peaceful inner perspective, allowing us to move from agitation and worry to a calm and centered present-time awareness. It is particularly beneficial for those who seek various external stimuli and struggle to focus on what is essential. This essence can help ground our focus back into the body, enabling us to pay more attention to relevant tasks. This flower essence also assists us in becoming more receptive to our life experiences with greater spaciousness and less reactivity. If you are overreacting to situations beyond your control or experiencing fatigue after over-extending yourself, Chocolate Lily essence can help. It teaches us the importance of being present and connected to our center, where we can experience unlimited vitality.

You may also like these essences for Inner Light and Vitality:
Valerian promotes a willingness to surrender to urges for rest and nurturing.
Black Tourmaline releases energies taken on from others or the environment.
Fire Opal replenishes vital energy reserves after overwork and poor energy management.
Grass of Parnassus offers a fountain of white light nourishing all levels of our being.
Labradorite attracts, gathers, and assimilates nourishing light into the body
Carnelian increases the etheric body's ability to access pranic energy.
Fireweed stimulates the renewal and recovery of energies on all levels of our being.
Stone Circle invites you to rest, relax, and replenish vital forces.