Let Intuition be your Guide

Some say the secret to life is making good decisions, but making decisions and choosing which path to take can be easier said than done. Even small choices can significantly impact our lives. How do you make decisions? Do you experience fear or anxiety about making the wrong choice? Is it difficult to get in touch with your intuition? Do you trust your intuition, or is your mind running the show? 

We make the best decisions when our thinking aligns with the stream of energy and information we receive from our source, which we can call guidance, intuition, or wisdom from our higher self.

If you regularly find yourself in disappointing situations, it may be insightful to ask yourself what choices you made that led you there. Was it fear, were you trying to meet certain expectations, or was the choice a habit? Negative experiences from the past can blur our inner vision and can cause anxiety, making it even more difficult to know or feel what to do. If you find it challenging to connect with or trust your intuition, remember that your past experiences and choices from this lifetime and others all feed into a well of innate wisdom, making even challenging and disappointing situations resources for growth.

Accessing this inner wellspring requires a calm mind and an open heart to hear, see and feel the insight and intuition that comes during moments of silence or stillness, as a sudden ‘knowing’ or gut feeling or an inner voice that tells you, “Do this!”

It's easier to recognize and follow our intuition when our mind, higher self, and heart work together. Deep in our center, we know what is good for us. The following essences help quiet our minds and open us to our inner wisdom and guidance so that we may live more intuitively, and our hearts can lead the way to fulfill our life purpose.

Wild Rhubarb - improving communication between the heart and the mind.

When our minds and hearts are working at cross-purposes, Wild Rhubarb flower essence clears and expands the communication channel between the higher self, heart, and mind. It helps the mind occupy its proper position–being in service to the heart and open to the higher self's guidance. The mind's design is to be of service to us, but we often allow it to become subordinate to the ego. When we let the mind control us from this place, the result can be a life that runs along chaotic lines far removed from higher purpose and joy. A clear channel between the heart and mind gives the impulses of the higher self access to the mind. This clear access relaxes inappropriate mental control, which results in new thoughts, perspectives, plans for action, and new solutions to problems.

Paper Birch - gaining a clear perspective on your life purpose.
It is often challenging to make critical decisions that impact our life direction. We may feel lost and unsure about the path of action we have chosen, and we may wonder if it serves our highest good. An accumulated mass of outdated thinking and programming, accompanied by tension, fear, and anxiety, can obscure our true selves. Paper Birch provides a fresh perspective on our lives. It supports realignment with our life purpose by helping us get back in touch with our genuine and essential selves. This essence introduces a calming, clarifying, and relaxing energy to help us move our focus from muddled thinking and confusing emotions to find the peace and joy residing at deeper levels of our being. From this place of calm awareness, we can better make critical life decisions that support the truth of who we are.

Alder - clarity about what is true and good for oneself.
Alder flower essence is helpful when we cannot see the deeper meaning in life’s lessons. Life provides us with ongoing opportunities to facilitate the learning critical to our spiritual growth in this lifetime. When we fully understand what we are learning, our response to life aligns with our highest good, but sometimes our past experiences and current belief systems make it difficult to see what is true and good for us. The Alder essence helps us access light and information beyond our standard range of perception to gain clarity and a deeper level of knowing. The ability to see and understand the truth of a situation empowers us to move beyond any limiting mental programming to respond to learning opportunities in a way that supports our soul’s evolution.

Black Spruce - remembering wisdom from past experiences.
Black Spruce represents the ancient grandfather energy of nature. Its essence helps open our perceptions to the wisdom present within each of us, our ancestral heritage, and the planet's collective consciousness. Black Spruce is a vital essence when we overlook the lessons within situations that repeatedly carry the same challenge. Black Spruce helps us connect more fully with the eternal aspects of who we are. With the help of this essence, we can learn from past experiences and apply that knowledge and wisdom to present life situations to create a broader perspective on our life journey.

Star Sapphire - strengthening your ability to act in alignment with life purpose.
When we truly want to fulfill our purpose in life, we are often encouraged to move out of our existing comfort zone and venture into the unknown. If we lack trust in ourselves and the universe and find it difficult to make the right choices, this is easier said than done. Luckily, this essence can help us create a more effective and less stressful way to carry out the responsibilities we have taken on. If we want to follow our true path calmly and gracefully, we need to recognize the spiritual support beyond our current level of awareness. Star Sapphire’s primary gift is to strengthen our ability to sense the spiritual support that is always there for us, making energetic and physical connections to co-create next-level experiences.

Aquamarine - brings a calm, cooling clarity to an overactive mind.
When we have a lot of worries and repetitive thoughts, we may feel unfocused, irritable, or restless, and it may seem impossible to shift into a peaceful and calmer state of mind. Aquamarine gem elixir brings a calm, cooling clarity to an overactive mental body, reversing the conditions of overwhelm and over-stimulation. This essence helps to slow and calm our minds before they get too wired or overheated, making it perfect for situations where the mind and the nervous system have been in a prolonged state of excitation and arousal. This gem elixir helps stabilize and re-ground the connection between the soul, mind, and heart, encouraging us to move our focus inward, slow down the rate of input, and return to a calm state of mental alertness.

More Essences to Let Intuition be Your Guide:

Bladderwort - discerning truth within the illusion
Bog Rosemary - trusting your intuition
Hairy Butterwort - developing a greater trust in spiritual guidance
Jacob’s Ladder - strengthening the connection with the higher self
Lamb’s Quarters - balancing the intuitive with the rational
Lapis Lazuli - understanding guidance and information from higher sources
Lapland Rosebay - looking within for wisdom and a deeper perspective
Rainbow Hematite - developing the innate abilities of the 6th chakra (3rd eye)
Scepter Amethyst - strength and support to follow one’s spiritual path