Let the flowers speak

Do you like working with oracle cards or angel cards? You may like our Flower Energy Cards as well. I like to describe them as '72 flower friends in a treasure box' :-). They connect us to our intuition and provide insight and advice any time of the day or night.

How to use the Flower Energy Cards:
Set a healing intention and select an inspirational card for the day, or use the cards to find answers to questions like:

  • what is the lesson I am learning at this moment?
  • what card will shed light on this situation?
  • which flower will provide the greatest support for me right now?

Choose a card intuitively, either by shuffling the deck and picking one from the middle or from the top, or you can spread them out and select the image you’re most attracted to. Once you select the card, look at the flower and notice how the flower makes you feel. Notice how the energy is working with you.
Read the keywords and the affirmations and allow their meaning to sink in. When you read or speak the affirmations, you are training yourself towards the positive vibrational patterns they represent.
Place the card on your altar, on your desk, or under your pillow, wherever you feel the healing energy can best support you.

Or, try the Past-Present-Future layout! This can provide insight into a specific issue or situation challenging you.
• The first card represents the issue's history with insight into what is needed to resolve it.
• The second card represents the present and the healing and insight available for you at this moment.
• The third card represents the future and the positive resolution you are moving toward.

It is always helpful to read more about the flower’s indications and healing qualities to better understand why it came up. This process may provide some interesting ‘aha’ moments and help you find peace with whatever is going on. You can do this by looking up the flower in our Reference Guide.

Play with the cards and enjoy the magic!

"These beautiful cards are a delight to work with. Sometimes, they reveal very profound insights. I enjoy picking one in the morning as an affirmation and thought for the day." ~ Christina