March 2013 - Springtime Clutter and Space Clearing

Spring is a time of new beginnings. In the Northern Rockies, the earth is slowly waking up, the birds are coming back, and the days are getting longer. Its a great time to clear out the winter cobwebs, sort through those stacks of magazines, and move whatever we aren't using out of our living and working spaces.

We have been preparing our popular Sacred Space Sprays and offering hydrosols and oils specifically for the purpose of Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing for over 15 years. These special products help us evolve from a position of being at the mercy of our surroundings to having a positive effect on them. Our vision is to help people create clear and vibrant living and working environments which will benefit everyone who enters them. The apartments, houses and buildings in which we live and work can become beacons of light that radiate out and positively transform our neighborhoods, cities, countries and the world.

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