March 2019 – Empowering Yourself in Growing your Business

Whatever you are doing with your life you may realize that you have certain limiting thoughts that may secretly sabotage your succes. You may feel you have found your life purpose, but things may not be working out the way you want them to. Practical things like a good website and advertising are necessary for a business, but they are not the only things to focus on. We also need to check in to see how we are thinking and feeling about the things we are doing. Flower essences help us clearly see what we are thinking and doing, and when we are caught up in old patterns that no longer contribute to our highest good. Using flower essences increases our confidence and helps us find better feeling thoughts and emotions, and that means better vibes are being sent out! This is how real change happens—it comes from within. Once we switch those inner buttons things unfold magically.

This month we are spotlighting six flower essences that will empower you on your journey of manifesting a healthy business.

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